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Toshiba Electromagnetic Flowmeter LF470/LF612 Specification Sheet

Electromagnetic flowmeter.
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Field Intelligent Device Series
Electromagnetic Flowmeter
The electromagnetic flowmeter uses Faraday's Law of
electromagnetic induction to measure the process flow.
The device consists of two units: a detector, through
which the fluid to be measured flows and in which
low-level signals proportional to flow rates are obtained;
and a converter, which supplies excitation current to the
detector, and amplifies the signals from the detector and
then processes and converts the signals into the 4–20
mA dc current signal. The LF470 is a small meter size
detector designed to measure a small amount of fluids
containing substances such as chemicals.
The wetted materials for the LF470 are corrosion
resistant ceramic and platinum electrods and are
applicable to almost any kind of fluids. The LF470 is a
multi-functional converter LF612 (separate type) and
(separate type) equipped with its patented
Noise-Sentry original noise-suppression circuit and
advanced algorithms. The LF470 is highly resistant to
noise and provides a stable output even for fluids
containing slurries. IR (Infrared) switches enable
parameter setting of the converter without removing the
cover. Flow direction can be set in either way, and its
unique 128 x 128 dot matrix LCD display allows the
LCD to be rotated electronically to be rotated to 90, 180
and 270 degrees without opening the cover
The AF900 hand-held terminal (HART*
can be used to communicate with the flowmeter from a
remote place. PROFIBUS-PA*
as an option.
*1: Please refer to the document "TIC-LF232".
*2: HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote
Transducer) is a communication protocol for industrial
sensors recommended by the HCF (HART Communication
*3: PROFIBUS is the communication protocol for factory
and process automation that the PROFIBUS Organization
recommends. Instead of analog control with a
conventional analog signal (4-20mA), it is the fieldbus
which digitizes all signals. Flowmeters support
Fluid to be
Signal cable
Excitation cable
Figure 1. Configuration Diagram
interface is available
Power supply
4-20mA dc output
and pulse output
LF612 or LF232
Figure 2. Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Certification number


Overall Specifications
Measurement range in terms of flow velocity:
0–1.0ft/s to 0–32.8ft/s (0–0.3 m/s to 0–10 m/s )
Accuracy: The overall accuracy combined with the
LF612 or LF232 converter is shown in the
following table.
Flow rate as a
percent of range
(0.3-1.0m/s )
50 ∼ 100 %
± 0.8% of FS
0 ∼ 50 %
± 0.8% of FS
Note: The accuracy is measured under standard
operating conditions at Toshiba's calibration facility.
Fluid conductivity: 50µS/cm minimum
Fluid temperature:
Pipe connection material
Stainless steel and other metals
Polyvinyl chloride
Ambient temperature: 14 to 140 °F (–10 to +60 °C )
Structure: IP67
Power consumption:
・When combined with the LF612 converter:
approximately 12W (20VA)
・When combined with the LF232 converter:
approximately 14W (25VA)
1/10",1/6",1/4" (2.5,4,6mm )
(1.0-10m/s )
± 0.8% of rate
± 0.4% of FS
Fluid temperature
14 to 248 °F
14 to 140 °F


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  • Page 1: Specifications

    Flow rate as a interface is available percent of range 50 ∼ 100 % Note: The accuracy is measured under standard operating conditions at Toshiba's calibration facility. Fluid conductivity: 50µS/cm minimum Fluid temperature: Pipe connection material Stainless steel and other metals...
  • Page 2 TIC-LF470B Model LF470 Detectors Fluid pressure: - 15 to 150 psi, or - 1.0 to 10 bar (-0.1 to 1 MPa) Principal materials: Measurement tube – Alumina ceramics Electrodes – Platinum Pipe connection port: Standard – 316 stainless steel Option – Ti (titanium), Polyvinyl chloride (shock-resistant)+ Ta (Tantalum) for grounding plate, Polyvinyl chloride (shock-resistant)+...
  • Page 3 Mag-Prover “Field re-verification” Zero span calibration tool allows unit to be re-calibrated and verified using an internal software program. (For more information contact Toshiba International Corp.) Conditions when power fails: Parameter setting values are stored in non–volatile memory and the values will be restored when the power returns to normal condition.
  • Page 4 TIC-LF470B Installation Dimensions 2.20(56) Signal cable Excitation cable φ0.28(φ7) φ0.28 (φ7) This length becomes 78mm if the pipe connection port thread is Rc(PT)1/2 and Rc(PT)3/4. 2-M4 (Mounting screw holes) Figure3. LF470 Dimensions 4 –φ0.43(φ11) 4-φ 11 5.94(151) Attachment 取付金具 2.91(74) 74 ±0.3 IR Switc h 赤外線スイッチ...
  • Page 5 Separate type LF470/LF612 flowmeter Terminal board Thick walled steel conduit Signal cable (2-wire shielded hard-rubber sheathed cable) Connected detector Excitation cable (3-wire shielded hard-rubber cable) Figure 6. Separate type LF470/LF612 flowmeters wiring Diagram Symbol L1 (+) L2 (-) + - Power cable Digital input cable (CVV)
  • Page 6 Flow calibration data: (required or not) 6. Other items Unit:L/min Specifications other than standard items 3m/s 10m/s 0.884 2.945 Consult a Toshiba representative before ordering when 2.262 7.540 choosing materials of the wetted parts such as lining, 5.090 16.967 electrodes, and grounding rings.
  • Page 7 Table 4. Specification Code ( LF470 Detector ) Model Specification Code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 L F 4 7 0 Note 1: Please refer to document number “TIC-LF232” about converter LF232. Description LF470 Flowmeter Meter size...
  • Page 8 PROFIBUS communication (Current output is not usable) Power supply 100Vac-240Vac, 50/60Hz 24Vdc 110Vdc Instruction manual English : Standard : Option Contents Specifications are subject to change without notice. Printed in Japan 2008-5 (TDOC) © TOSHIBA Corporation 2008 All Rights Reserved. LF612 type...

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