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Control Panel - Samsung DMT300 Series User Manual

Dmt300 series
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setting up your dishwasher

control panEl

dmT300 Series
ChIld lOCK
8_ setting up your dishwasher
The three Progress Lights turn on to show the progress of the current wash.
To the right of the Progress Lights, the Child Lock Light turns on when you
activate the Child Lock and the Rinse Aid Dispenser Light turns on when you
need to refill the Rinse Aid Dispenser.
The temperature rises to 162 ˚F (72 ˚C) in the final rinse cycle for high
temperature sanitization.
If you select the Sanitize option, the "Sanitize" indicator blinks when the water
temperature meets the sanitary temperature (over 155 ˚F (68 ˚C)), and then
illuminates for 10 minutes at the end of the cycle while it sanitizes.
The Sanitize feature is in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 184
for Residential Dishwashers. Certified residential dishwashers are not
intended for licensed food establishments. Your dishwasher is NSF
Certified. The cycle that is NSF certified is the Normal Cycle with the
sanitize option selected.
This option allows you to lock the buttons on the control panel.
Children will not be able to accidently start the dishwasher by pressing the
buttons on the control panel when this option is selected.
When this option is selected, you can only operate Power button when
no cycle is running.
Activating/deactivating - If you want to activate or deactivate this option,
hold down the Sanitize button for three(3) seconds.

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