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Using Your Dishwasher; Basic Guidelines - Samsung DMT300 Series User Manual

Dmt300 series
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using your dishwasher


1. Open the door and load your dishes (see page 16).
Place dishes into the upper and lower racks.
Remove any food remains from the dishes before placing them in the rack(s).
After placing the dishes into the racks, rotate the nozzles by hand to check whether any of the
dishes will interfere with them. Push the racks back so that they are in place.
2. Add detergent to the dispenser (page 18).
Make sure to use only automatic dishwasher detergent.
Refer to "Using the dispenser" on how to add detergent.
3. Press the power button.
When the power button is pressed, the entire display turns on and off and the most recently
finished cycle light lights up.
If "Rinse Refill" is illuminated, you should refill the rinse aid to improve the washing and drying
4. Close the door & select a cycle button (see pages 10 and 22).
Press the appropriate cycle button depending on the soil level of the dishes
When a cycle is selected, the cycle light is illuminated. If the cycle button is pressed again, the light
turns off and the cycle is canceled.
On selecting a cycle according to the soil level of the dishes, see "Cycle Selector".
5. Press the Start/pause button.
After you close the door and press the start button, the dishwasher starts the selected cycle after a
few seconds.
The door must be firmly closed. If the door is slightly ajar, the selected cycle will not start
6. When the wash cycle is completed.
The Clean indicator light illuminates and the dishwasher sounds a chime.
The power is automatically turned off.
When you want to load more dishes or pause the dishwasher while it is already running, press the
Start/pause button and make sure to open the door slowly and carefully as there is a possibility of
injury from the hot steam inside the dishwasher. (If the door is opened while the dishwasher is running,
a safety mechanism is activated and stops the cycle.)
You should use rinse aids for better drying performance. You can further increase the drying
performance by additionally selecting the Sanitize option and increasing the water temperature.
12_ using your dishwasher

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