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Samsung DMT300 Series User Manual page 2

Dmt300 series
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features of your new samsung
Your new Samsung Dishwasher will change the way you feel about doing
dishes. From its extra large capacity to its energy efficiency, your new Samsung
dishwasher has all the features to make your chores much less mundane.
1. Extra large capacity
The upper rack is slanted for larger dishes. The space has been maximized to accommodate
a variety of dish sizes.
2. Extremely quiet operation
Efficient noise control technology is used for the quietest possible operation. Your new
Samsung dishwasher will be quieter than ever.
3. Self-cleaning filter
Cleaning the filter yourself is a thing of the past! This product keeps food waste internally
while operating, then drains it automatically with the water.
4. Smart Digital leakage sensor
Samsung dishwasher is equipped with a unique Digital Leakage Sensor designed to detect
even the smallest traces of water. Located below the dishwasher, the sensor immediately
shuts off the electrical connection after detecting a leak saving you from the expensive
aftermath of a water-related emergency.
This manual contains important information regarding the use and care of your new Samsung
dishwasher. Refer to it for descriptions of the control panel, instructions on how to use the
dishwasher, and tips for making the most of its state-of-the-art features and technologies. The
cycle chart on page 22 offers an overview of the different cycles and the troubleshooting section
on page 23 tells you what to do if something goes wrong.
2_ features of your new samsung dishwasher

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