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Filling The Rinse Aid Dispenser - Samsung DMT300 Series User Manual

Dmt300 series
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filling the rinse aid dispenser

Your dishwasher has been designed to use liquid rinse aid.
The use of a rinse aid greatly improves the drying performance after the final rinse.
1. Turn the dispenser knob counterclockwise to open the
2. Pour rinse aid into the opening until the indicator points to
"MAX." Avoid overfilling the dispenser.
3. Adjust the amount of rinse aid released during the rinse
You can adjust the amount over four levels (1~4). The
greater the number, the larger the amount of rinse aid
released. The factory default is 3.
When the rinse dispenser is filled up, it is good for about 40
4. Close the cover.
Turn the dispenser knob clockwise.
We strongly recommended using only liquid rinse aid.
Avoid overfilling the
using your dishwasher _19

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