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Samsung DMR78 Series User Manual

Samsung dishwasher user manual
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DMR78 Series
user manual
the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
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  Summary of Contents for Samsung DMR78 Series

  • Page 1 DMR78 Series Dishwasher user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at
  • Page 2 Cleaning the filter yourself is a thing of the past! This product keeps food waste internally while operating, then drains it automatically with the water. This manual contains important information regarding the use and care of your new Samsung dishwasher. Refer to it for descriptions of the control panel, instructions on how to use the dishwasher, and tips for making the most of its state-of-the-art features and technologies.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    It is your responsibility to use and caution when installing, maintaining, and operating your dishwasher. Samsung will not be liable for damages resulting from improper use. Important SafEty InStructIonS...
  • Page 4 Do not tamper with the controls. Do not abuse, sit on, or stand on the door, lid, or dish racks of the dishwasher. Do not push or place pressure on the door when it is open, as this may damage the dishwasher or cause harm.
  • Page 5: Before Using Your Dishwasher

    Do not install the dishwasher near electrical components. Keep the dishwasher away from open flames. If the dishwasher is left unused for an extended period of time, turn off the water supply. This dishwasher is intended for residential use only.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Loading the lower rack Loading the upper rack Using the cutlery basket Using the dispenser Cleaning the exterior Cleaning the interior Cleaning the nozzles Storing your dishwasher CyCleS Cycle chart Check these points if your dishwasher… Information codes AppeNdIx Helping the environment Specifications...
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Dishwasher

    When your dishwasher has been unpacked, make sure you’ve received all the parts shown below. If your dishwasher was damaged during shipping, or if you do not have all the parts, contact Samsung customer Service at 1-800-SamSung(726-7864) drain hose...
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    The Sanitize feature is in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 184 exTRA dRy for Residential Dishwashers. Certified residential dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments. Your dishwasher is NSF Certified. The cycle that is NSF certified is the Heavy Cycle with the sanitize with extra dry option selected.
  • Page 9 (3) seconds. This option allows you to lock the buttons on the control panel. Children will not be able to accidently start the dishwasher by pressing the buttons on the control panel when this option is selected. We recommend activating this feature while cleaning or wiping the control panel.
  • Page 10: Cycle Selector

    1. When the door of the dishwasher is open, the top and front displays (PLURAL) are illuminated. When closed, only the front display is illuminated. . When Delay Start, Sanitize with Extra Dry, Half Load, or Child Lock are selected, the respective indicators are illuminated.
  • Page 11: Meeting Installation Requirements

    20 psi (140 kPa) may cause water supply valve failure, not allowing the water supply valve to shut off completely. Or, it may take the dishwasher longer to fill than what the controls allow, resulting in your dishwasher turning off. (A fill-time limit, designed to prevent overflowing/flooding if an internal line becomes loose, is built into the controls.)
  • Page 12: Using Your Dishwasher

    - The power is automatically turned off. When you want to load more dishes or pause the dishwasher while it is already running, make sure to open the door slowly and carefully as there is a possibility of injury from the hot steam inside the CAUTION dishwasher.
  • Page 13 • If you have children or you want to clean the control Interface, we recommend activating the child-lock feature to lock the control buttons. Children will not be able to accidently start the dishwasher by touching the controls with this option selected.
  • Page 14: Adjusting The Angle Of The Plate Supports

    In the upper rack, the plate support can also be removed. Lift up the handles ‘A’ to remove the plate support. To refit the plate support, align it so it is in place and then push down the handles ‘A’. movable tines 14_ using your dishwasher...
  • Page 15: Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Rack

    This Samsung dishwasher uses a rack able to accommodate larger sized plates. By adjusting the height of the upper rack, you can make room for different size dishes. You can place dinner plates with a diameter of 14 in.
  • Page 16: Loading The Lower Rack

    The upper rack has been designed for small plates, mugs, glasses and plastic items marked “dishwasher safe”. Load your plates into the dishwasher so their open sides face forward. If a number of cups or cookware items need to be washed, you can adjust the angle of the movable tines or remove them to make more room.
  • Page 17: Using The Cutlery Basket

    Large spoons and forks Medium-sized forks The cutlery basket can be used with the cover either open or removed. Refer to the illustration below to remove the cover. Take care not to break the plastic hinge. using your dishwasher _1...
  • Page 18: Using The Dispenser

    The cover opens automatically to dispense the detergent during the wash. CyCle Normal, Delicate, Quick, Smart Auto Heavy Rinse The numbers inside the dispenser refer to grams. 1_ using your dishwasher AmOUNT OF deTeRGeNT main wash dispenser 0.5 oz (15 g) 0.7 oz (20 g) No detergent Cover latch ‘Click’...
  • Page 19: Filling The Rinse Aid Dispenser

    Your dishwasher has been designed to use liquid rinse aid. The use of a rinse aid greatly improves the drying performance after the final rinse. 1. Turn the dispenser knob counterclockwise to open the cover.
  • Page 20: Cleaning And Maintaining Your

    ExtErIor It’s best to clean spills on the outside of your dishwasher as they occur. Use a soft damp cloth on the control panel to gently wipe away spills and dust. Do not use benzene, wax, thinner, chlorine bleach, or alcohol.
  • Page 21: Storing Your Dishwasher

    StorIng your dIShwaShEr If you need to store your dishwasher for an extended period of time, first drain and disconnect it, as your dishwasher may be damaged if water is left in the hoses and internal components before storage.
  • Page 22: Cycles

    cycles cyclE chart : Basic, : Flexible step)   pre- pre- pre- Cycle wash1 wash wash3   normal    heavy  delicate rinse  quick    Smart auto • The numbers in parentheses in the Last Rinse column represent the temperature when Sanitize with Extra Dry is selected.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    If your dIShwaShEr… pROblem pOSSIble CAUSe will not start. The door is not closed completely. No cycle is selected. The power cable is not connected. The water supply does not work. A circuit is tripped or a fuse is open.
  • Page 24 Add a water softener. This is normal operation. Ensure the dishwasher is level. Rearrange the dishes. Underload the dishwasher and use a rinse aid to minimize this. Remove the marks on the dishes using a low sensitivity cleaner. Remove the soils using a spot cleaner.
  • Page 25: Information Codes

    InformatIon codES Information codes are displayed to help you better understand what is occurring with your dishwasher. If occured the below codes, you should select the Cancle&Drain option and follow the below instruction. COde SymbOl meANING Thermistor error Heater error Heater error...
  • Page 26: Appendix

    EnvIronmEnt • Your dishwasher is manufactured from recyclable materials. If you decide to dispose of it, please observe local waste disposal regulations. Cut off the power cable so that the appliance cannot be connected to a power source.
  • Page 27 2nd year is customer’s responsibility), and Lifetime Stainless Door Liner & Tub for leakage. Samsung will replace your unit with same or current model (that is better or equivalent in functionality) (Labor related to replacement is customer’s responsibility).
  • Page 29 memo...
  • Page 30 Questions or Comments? Country CANADA CAll 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) OR vISIT US ONlINe AT Code No. DD68-00036A_EN...

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