Pyle PLD71MU Owner's Manual

Car dvd/vcd/cd/mp3 player with mpeg4.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Precautions ... Safety Information... Disc Notes ... Installation ... Detaching the control panel ... Changing the control panel ... Electric Connection ... Remote Control ... Control Panel ... Touch Panel Unit Keys ... Basic Operations TFT Monitor Adjustment ... Rear View Camera Audio Quality Adjustments Setting Audio Mode ...

  • Page 3: Precautions

    Precautions THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING THIS CAR DVD PLAYER . Before operating the unit, read this manual thoroughly and keep it handy for future reference . To avoid injury or accident , read the following precautions before installing and operating the unit . ON INSTALLATION DO NOT install any receiver in locations where;...

  • Page 4: Safety Information


  • Page 5: Disc Notes

    Disc Notes Disc formats supported by this player Audio and Video Disc size 12 cm Audio and Video Disc size 12 cm Audio Disc size 12 cm Audio Disc size 12 cm Discs which cannot be played with this player DVD-RAM Handling and Cleaning Dirt, dust, scratches and warping disc...

  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation NOTES: 1. Choose the mounting location where the unit will not interfere with the normal driving function of the driver. 2. Before finally installing the unit, connect the wiring temporarily and make sure it is all connected up properly and the unit and the system work properly. 3.

  • Page 7

    Installation Installation the unit HEX NUT SPRING WASHER PLAIN WASHER TAPPING SCREW 3. Remove the PLASTIC COVER of the both sides away PLASTIC COVER 4. Insert the two KEY PLAT into the grooves at both sides of the unit as shown in figure until they click . KEY PLATE 5.

  • Page 8: Detaching The Control Panel

    Installation How To Remove And Install The Front Panel When detaching or attaching the control panel, be careful not to damage the connectors on the back of the control panel and on the panel holder. Detaching The Front Panel Before detaching the control panel, be sure to turn off the power. 1).

  • Page 9: Changing The Control Panel

    Panel Angle Adjustment CHANGING THE CONTROL PANEL ANGLE When you want to change the viewing angle of the operating unit to play, you can touch the on the front panel) repeatedly to select the desired angle as follows: ANGLE 1 - ANGLE 2 - ANGLE 3 - ANGEL 4 - ANGLE 1 . ANGLE 1 ANGLE 4 Caution:...

  • Page 10: Electric Connection

    Electric Connection WIRING CONNECTION RADIO ANTENNA JACK FUSE IGNITION SWITCH(B+) MEMORY YELLOW BACK-UP(B+) CHOKE BLACK GROUND(B-) FUSE AUTO BLUE ANTENNA FRONT Lch SPK. REAR Lch SPK. Note: the earth connection cable (parking brake B-) must be connected in order for DVD pictures to be played back to the monitor.

  • Page 11: Remote Control

    Remote Control Ref # Button Press it briefly to view the clock time , Press again to return to CLOCK normal display mode . Press longer to set the time . Press repeatedly to cycle through the various modes: MODE RADIO >...

  • Page 12

    Remote Control Button Ref # Press it button to begin playback at a moment in the program you GOTO designate. Use number buttons to enter the data that is needed. Press these buttons to skip ahead or back one track. (Note: In DVD mode, press continually the Press this button repeatedly to cycle through the various audio and video adjustments you can make: Volume, Bass, Treble,...

  • Page 13: Preparing The Remote Control

    Remote Control Button Ref # These buttons are used for numeric entry in many different menus. In addition, in Radio Mode (when RDS is engaged), 0 serves as the TA button and 9 serves as the AF button. This button is used with the other number buttons for use with two-digit number entries.

  • Page 14: Control Panel, Touch Panel

    Control Panel Key Functions Touch Panel CH1-6 AUX IN Touch Screen Key : MODE Operating mode selection MUTE ON To switch of the sound Select EQ function Loading and ejecting the DVD/CD Turning pre-switching for traffic announcements ON and OFF . (Only for RDS) Switch ON and OFF and alternative frequency .

  • Page 15: Unit Keys

    Control Panel Unit Keys : CH1-6 AUX IN AUX Input JACK For information about connecting a AUX device, please see page 25 . IR SENSOR VOL+/ VOL- KNOB In normal mode, this knob is used to increase or decrease the volume. It is also used as an UP/DOWN knob when audio or video settings are being adjusted when accessed using the SELECT button.

  • Page 16

    Control Panel REL BUTTON Press this button to release the front panel for removal . Refer to see page 7. /CH 1-6 (RADIO PRESET) In Disc Playback Mode Press this button to pause playback, press it again to resume playback. In Radio Mode you can store 30 stations in memory: 18 FM stations and 12 AM(MW) stations, each band stores up to six preset stations .

  • Page 17: Basic Operations

    Basic Operation POWER On/Off Press it to switch the device ON, press and hold about 2 seconds to switch the device OFF. Ejecting The Disc Use your finger to touch the range on touch screen , the control panel of the unit will swing downwards .

  • Page 18: Tft Monitor Adjustment, Rear View Camera, Audio Quality Adjustments

    Basic Operation TFT Monitor Adjustment During DISC playback, use your finger to touch briefly the SEL section on the screen (or press SEL button on front panel to access the Picture selection menu, by repeatedly touch the SEL section, and then touch the VOL+/- (or rotate the VOL+/-) to adjust the selected mode .

  • Page 19: Setting Audio Mode, Reset Factory Settings, Alternate Audio/video Source

    Basic Operation Balance: R 0-10 to L 0-10 . Adjust sound balance between left and right speakers by using VOL + / - Fader: F 0 10 to R 0 -10 . Adjust sound balance between front and rear speakers by using VOL + / VOL - . Setting Audio Modes Touch the screen the DSP range (or press the EQ button on the...

  • Page 20: Radio Operations, Listening To The Radio 1

    Radio Operation Listening to the Radio Switching To Radio Mode Touch the screen of MODE range (or press the MOD button on the front panel ) repeatedly to select the RADIO mode. the following information will appears as below: FLAT 12:06 NO-DISC 87.60...

  • Page 21: Storing Stations In Memory 1, Rds Function

    Radio Operation Storing Stations In Memory With this system, a total of 30 stations can be stored in the memory of six buttons. Each band stores up to six preset stations. The stations might be FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1(MW1), and AM2(MW2) band.

  • Page 22: Radio Operation

    Radio Operation When the TA function is switched on , the FM traffic automatically interrupt CD operation(the word TRAFFIC appears in the display). The volume level is increased to the minimum value for the transmission of traffic announcements. After the traffic announcements has finished, the program that was previously running is resumed.

  • Page 23: Disc Operations 2, Basic Operations

    DISC Operation Basic Operation During DISC playback, you can touch the screen to display the following: FLAT 12: 16 DISC-IN 1-0:00:16 MODE MUTE ON VOLUME- VOLUME+ FLAT 12: 16 DISC-IN 1-0:00:16 RANDOM REPEAT INTRO AUDIO SUBTITLE ZOOM SETUP TITLE FLAT 12: 16 DISC-IN 1-0:00:16...

  • Page 24: Disc Operation

    DISC Operation Skipping Track During DISC playback, Touch the section on the touch screen to skip to next/back one track. (You can also press the the front panel to skip to next /back one track.) Note : 1. In DVD mode, touch the continually twice to back one track .

  • Page 25

    DISC Operation Each playing, the order is different . (Depend on the disc used for VCD). Touch it again to cancel this function . Note : in random mode, the not available . 3). INT Function FOR CD : Touch the screen of the (or longer press the 3/INT remote control ) to play the previous 6...

  • Page 26: Aux Operation

    DISC Operation Note: Touch and hold the the touch screen , you can select the title or chapter of DVD . (Only for the DVD with title /chapter.) AUX Operation On the front panel of this unit, there is an AUX IN jack, follow the diagram below t connect analogue replay devices.

  • Page 27

    DISC Operation ON-SCREEN DISPLAY FUNCTION During playback, touch the screen the OSD section (or press the OSD on the remote), it will display the following as below : 1. DVD: A.Touch or Press TITLE ELAPSED T 01/01 C 01/38 0:02:06 Title Number, Total Title Number, Chapter Number, Total Chapter Number of this Title of the disc currently being...

  • Page 28: Disc Special Functions, Title Menu Function

    DISC Special Functions DVD/VCD Special Function FLAT 12: 16 DISC-IN 1-0:00:16 REPEAT INTRO RANDOM AUDIO SUBTITLE ZOOM SETUP TITLE Touch to select 1. Multi-subtitle Language Function (for DVD Only) During DVD playback. Touch SUBTITLE SUBTITLE section on touch screen(or press the SUBTITLE on the remote) .

  • Page 29: Setup, General Setup

    Setup USING THE MENU DOLBY ...GENERAL SETUP PAGE... TV Display Angle Mark OSD Lang Spdif Output Captions Screen Saver Last Memor y Go To General Setup Page 1. Touch the screen of or press the SETUP button on remote . 2.The SETUP menu is displayed.

  • Page 30: General Setup

    Setup GENERAL SETUP DOLBY ...GENERAL SETUP PAGE... TV Display Angle Mark Angle Mark OSD Lang Spdif Output Captions Screen Saver Last Memor y Set Angle Mark ANGLE MARK DISPLAY SETUP If it is set to ON, when the multi-angle DVD disc is playing, mark) will appears on the screen;...

  • Page 31: Speaker Setup, Dolby Digital Setup

    Setup GENERAL SETUP DOLBY ...GENERAL SETUP PAGE... TV Display Angle Mark OSD Lang Spdif Output Captions Screen Saver Screen Saver Last Memor y Screen Saver 6.SCREENSAVER SETUP If the screen displays a static image for too long, some "burn-in" may occur, leaving a permanent trace of the image behind.

  • Page 32

    Setup --- PREFERENCES PAGE --- DOLBY ...Preference Page... TV Type TV Type Audio OSD Lang Subtitle Disc Menu Parental Password Default Set TV Standard 1. TV TYPE SETUP This player is capable of playing discs recorded in either PAL or NTSC formats. Make the selection based on whether you are connecting the unit to a PAL TV or an NTSC TV.

  • Page 33: Defaults Table

    Setup --- PREFERENCES PAGE --- Age control DOLBY ...Preference Page... TV Type Audio OSD Lang Subtitle Disc Menu Parental Parental Password Default Set Parental Control 5.PARENTAL Select suitable parental guidance with the cursor buttons and confirm it by pressing the ENTER button. DOLBY ...Preference Page...

  • Page 34: Other Main Operations, Usb Operations

    Other Main Operation USB Operation Following the diagram below, connect your USB device to the front panel USB port . If it is properly connected, the device will be mounted and start playing automatically. In USB Playback mode Use the UP, DOWN, RIGHT or LEFT buttons to navigate to and select files to play, and press ENTER to begin playback (or viewing, in the case of...

  • Page 35: Sd/mmc Card Operations

    Other Main Operation SD/MMC card OPERATION The unit can support playback MP3/WMA/JPEG/MP4 and Divx format which are stored into SD and MMC memory card . Please read below before you start the operation of memory card . Inserting and removing a SD or MMC card on the front panel of unit . Inserting the SD or MMC card .

  • Page 36

    Other Main Operation MP3/WMA/JPEG/MPEG4 DISC PLAY When you insert a disc which contains MP3, WMA or JPEG files, the different file types are detected, and a list of the files are produced, as shown in the diagram below. 00:56 04:07 003/112 woman 1 new ton...

  • Page 37: Specifications

    Specification Generall : Supply Voltage: Current Consumption: Signal System: Discs Played: Audio Signal Output: Characteristics: RADIO Section: Frequency Coverage: Sensitivity (S/N = 30 dB): Frequency Coverage: Sensitivity (S/N = 20 dB): TFT Monitor: Monitor Screen Size: Number of Pixels: Color System: NOTE: Specifications and design are subject to modification, without notice, due to improvements in technology.

  • Page 38: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble Shooting Before going through the check list, check wiring connection. If any of the problems persist after check list has been made, consult your nearest service dealer. SYMPTOM The car ignition switch is not on No power The fuse is blown Presence of disc inside the player.

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