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Helpful Hints - Oster 4749 Instruction Manual And Recipe Book

Oster instruction manual and recipe book home soft servetm ice cream and frozen yogurt machine 4749
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• Temperatures from freezer to freezer differ. If your freezer is set at a middle to warm setting,
the Canister will not freeze. The Canister freezes at 7ºF. If your ice cream is too soft or has
not hardened, check your freezer temperature and adjust settings to maintain freezer
temperatures below 5ºF (coldest setting).
• The Mixing Canister must be pre-frozen in the freezer for at least 24 hours prior to use.
If the Canister is used with less than the 24-hour freeze time, the ice cream may not freeze.
• The valve has been pre-lubricated during manufacture to ensure smooth operation.
If the valve is washed in a dishwasher, it may become tight. Smooth operation can be
restored by a light application of liquid or spray-on cooking oil.
• There is a circular ridge on the back side of the face panel assembly. The large, black gasket
should be placed on that circular ridge. If the gasket is not on the circular ridge, it will make
the assembly of the Mixing Canister to the Face Panel Assembly difficult and may result in
ice cream leaking out.
• Make sure the gasket is dry before assembling the Face panel Assembly to the
Mixing Canister. If the gasket is wet it will freeze very quickly and will make the assembly
of the unit difficult. Additionally, if assembly of the face panel onto the canister ever
becomes difficult, smooth operation can be restored by a light application of liquid
or spray-on cooking oil on the black gasket.
• The Valve must be inserted until it rests firmly at the bottom of the face panel assembly
to assure proper sealing.
• Ice cream in the Mixing Canister thickens with time. If the Soft Serve
unattended for more than 30 – 35 minutes, the ice cream could thicken too much and
potentially stall the machine. If the machine stalls, it will not dispense ice cream.
• Make sure the Mixing Canister is completely dry after washing it. If the Canister is wet
when it is put in the freezer, the Canister gears may freeze and prevent the auger from
turning inside the unit.
• VERY IMPORTANT: The ice cream maker must be turned "ON" prior to pouring in the
ice cream mix. If the ice cream mix is poured into the Canister before the unit is turned on,
it will freeze rapidly, causing the Auger not to turn.
• If the Canister does not latch when inserted into unit, take the Canister out of the unit
and turn the gear behind the Canister slightly and insert back into ice cream maker.
This should allow proper engagement.
• The metal rod has a slight bend. Make sure that the bend is oriented toward the middle of
the Auger. If the bend is facing the outside of the Auger, the rod will hit the Auger as the
Auger turns making a rattling/clicking sound.
• Make sure the metal rod is on the Face Panel Assembly before assembling the unit together
to make ice cream. If the rod is left out, the unit will not mix and the ice cream will settle to
the bottom of the Canister.


Machine is left on



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