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Motorola MOTO Q 6802935J46 User Manual

Motorola cell phone user guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MOTO User Guide...
  • Page 3 Anytime Entertainment Load video and music files to make a media library that goes anywhere. Working Remotely Check e-mail and edit Microsoft® Office documents anywhere in the world. Help & QuickStart Tour On-phone help is available anytime. Just press Start > Help and Quickstart. For more:
  • Page 4 Introducing your new MOTO Q™ 9h wireless phone! Here’s a quick anatomy lesson. Navigation Key Navigate menus. Left Soft Key Web Browser Key Call/Answer Key Make & answer calls. Home Key Hold to open a quick list of options. Alt Key Calendar Key Contacts Key Note: All the illustrations, simulated screen and related images used in this manual are for reference only.
  • Page 5 Storage Card Slot Insert MicroSD memory card Micro USB Port Charge and connect phone accessories To avoid damaging your phone, carry it in an approved holster or case rather than a pocket, purse, or bag. Note: All the illustrations, simulated screen and related images used in this manual are for reference only. There may be slight difference between the handset and keys and content of display used in this manual and those of your handset.
  • Page 6 Start Contacts If you need help while using your phone, see the Motorola Support Web site at Note: All the illustrations, simulated screen and related images used in this manual are for reference only. There may be slight difference between the handset and keys and content of display used in this manual and those of your handset.
  • Page 7 Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    contents start menu ... . 8 Safety Information ..9 FCC Notice ... 14 use and care..15 EU Conformance .
  • Page 9 Motorola reserves all rights to revise and change this user's manual without obligation to notify any person of such revisions or changes.
  • Page 10: Start Menu

    main menu To open the menu from the home screen, press (the left soft key). Start Opera Google Tasks Windows Media Calendar Call History Messaging • Text Messages • MMS * • New E-mail Account Contacts ActiveSync * This is the standard menu layout. Your phone’s menu may be different.
  • Page 11: Safety Information

    Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human beings to RF energy.
  • Page 12: Hearing Aids

    2.5 centimeters (1 inch) from your body. Using accessories not supplied or approved by Motorola may cause your mobile device to exceed RF energy exposure guidelines. For a list of Motorola-supplied or approved accessories, visit our Web site at:
  • Page 13: Batteries And Chargers

    If your mobile device or battery has been submerged in water, punctured, or subjected to a severe fall, do not use it until you take it to a Motorola Authorized Service Center. Do not attempt to dry it with an external heat source, such as a microwave oven.
  • Page 14: Glass Parts

    defined as follows: Symbol Definition Important safety information follows. 032374o Do not dispose of your battery or mobile device in a fire. 032376o Your battery or mobile device may require recycling in accordance with local laws. 032375o Contact your local regulatory authorities for more information.
  • Page 15: Caution About High Volume Usage

    use if you are very tired. Caution About High Volume Usage Listening at full volume to music or voice through a headset may damage your hearing. Repetitive Motion When you repetitively perform actions such as pressing keys or entering finger-written characters, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of your body.
  • Page 16: Fcc Notice

    FCC ID in the format FCC-ID:xxxxxx on the product label. Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. Any changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. See 47 CFR Sec. 15.21.
  • Page 17: Use And Care

    Use and Care use and care To care for your Motorola phone, please keep it away from: liquids of any kind Don’t expose your phone to water, rain, extreme humidity, sweat, or other moisture. extreme heat or cold Avoid temperatures below -10°C/14°F or above 45°C/113°F.
  • Page 18: Eu Conformance

    European Union Directives Conformance Statement Hereby, Motorola declares that this product is in compliance with EU Conformance • The essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC • All other relevant EU Directives The above gives an example of a typical Product Approval Number.
  • Page 19: Recycling Information

    Recycling Information Caring for the Environment by Recycling This symbol on a Motorola product means the product should not be disposed of with household waste. Disposal of your Mobile Telephone and Accessories Please do not dispose of mobile telephones or electrical accessories, such as chargers or headsets, with your household waste.
  • Page 20: Essentials

    essentials about this guide Press the left and right soft keys to open menus and select options. Use the navigation key S to scroll to items, and press the center key s to select them. Left Soft Key Web Browser Call/Answer Home Navigation...
  • Page 21: Sim Card

    symbols This means a feature is network/subscription dependent and may not be available in all areas. Contact your service provider for more information. This means a feature requires an optional accessory. SIM card Caution: Don’t bend or scratch your SIM card. Keep it away from static electricity, water, and dirt.
  • Page 22: Battery

    battery battery installation essentials battery charging New batteries are not fully charged. Plug the battery charger into your phone and an electrical outlet. Your phone might take several seconds to start charging the battery. When finished, your display shows a full battery icon ^.
  • Page 23: Battery Tips

    Select the program and press Menu > Kill. battery tips Battery life depends on the network, signal strength, temperature, features, and accessories you use. • Always use Motorola Original batteries and chargers. The warranty does not cover damage caused by non-Motorola batteries and/or chargers.
  • Page 24: Turn It On & Off

    • Never expose batteries to temperatures below -10°C (14°F) or above 45°C (113°F). Always take your phone with you when you leave your vehicle. • It is normal for batteries to gradually wear down and require longer charging times. If you notice a change in your battery life, it is probably time to purchase a new battery.
  • Page 25: Answer A Call

    answer a call When your phone rings and/or vibrates, press N to answer. To “hang up, ” press O. • If you are busy when a call comes in, press Ignore to send the call directly to voicemail. • To put a call on hold, press N. To return to the call, press N again.
  • Page 26: Call A Stored Number

    call a stored number Find it: Press Start > Contacts 1 Scroll to the number. 2 Press N. Your phone calls the contact’s default number. Tip: If you stored more than one number for a contact, select the contact to see the other numbers.
  • Page 27: Tips & Tricks

    tips & tricks From the home screen (shown on page 25), you can use the following shortcuts: To... Do this... Press and hold X to open lock phone the quick options menu, then select Lock. open Icons for your most recently recently used features appear across used...
  • Page 28: Basics

    basics See page 1 for a basic phone diagram. display The home screen appears when you turn on the phone. To dial a number from the home screen, press number keys and N. Note: Your home screen may look different than this one.
  • Page 29 Status indicators can appear at the top of the home screen: 1 Voicemail Indicator – Shows when you have new voicemail. 2 Message Indicator – Shows C when you receive a new e-mail or text message. 3 Bluetooth™ Indicator – Shows E when Bluetooth power is on.
  • Page 30: Text Entry

    7 Profile Indicator – Shows when your ring style is set to Silent (Q) or Vibrate (<). No indicator appears when the ring style profile is Normal, Outdoor, or Automatic. Note: A % appears when the speakerphone is on (see page 31). 8 Battery Level Indicator –...
  • Page 31 Press b in a text entry view to select an entry mode: entry modes Enters the letter shown on a key (such as Q). Ã Enters the small symbol or number on the next key pressed (such as !), then returns to the previous text entry mode.
  • Page 32: Volume

    text prediction As you enter letters, your phone might try to predict the word. For instance, it might predict “program” when you enter “prog” . To accept the prediction, press S right. To see alternate predictions, hold S down. To enter a space after your characters (such as “prog”), press f.
  • Page 33: Handsfree Speaker

    handsfree speaker Note: The use of wireless phones while driving may cause distraction. Discontinue a call if you can’t concentrate on driving. Additionally, the use of wireless devices and their accessories may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products.
  • Page 34 2 Choose a password type that is either simple (4-digit number) or strong alphanumeric (a hard-to-guess password with at least 7 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation). 3 Enter and confirm your password. 4 Press Done. To unlock the phone, press Unlock. When you see the unlock prompt, enter your password and press Unlock.
  • Page 35: Customize

    customize profiles Each profile uses a different set of sounds, ring styles, earpiece volume settings, or vibrations for incoming calls and other events. For example, the Outdoor profile volume is much louder than the Normal profile. Here are the profiles you can choose: Normal Vibrate Silent...
  • Page 36: Time & Date

    1 Scroll and highlight the sound you want to change, then press the navigation key S right or left to change it. 2 Press the Done key to save the sound setting. Note: If you download a sound file for a ring tone, it does not automatically save in the Sounds location.
  • Page 37: Home Screen

    You can specify the date and time style by changing the regional settings. Press Start > Settings > Regional Settings. home screen Set a photo or picture as a wallpaper (background) image or change your layout and color scheme on your home screen. Find it: Press Start >...
  • Page 38: Backlight

    3 In ActiveSync on your PC, select Explore and double-click My Windows® Mobile device. 4 Double click My Documents, then double click My Pictures and paste the image into that folder. Note: If you download a picture file for a wallpaper, it might not automatically save in the My Pictures folder.
  • Page 39: Third-Party Applications

    Compatible commercial and free applications are available on the Internet. For more information, see the downloads catalog on the Motorola Support Web site at:, or see your service provider’s Web site. Note: Applications written for previously...
  • Page 40: Calls

    calls To make and answer calls, see page 22. turn off a call alert You can use the side scroll keys to turn off the ringer before answering the call. recent calls Your phone keeps a list of incoming and outgoing calls, even for calls that didn’t connect.
  • Page 41: Redial

    options Delete/ Delete this call from the Delete List Call History. Save to Save this number to a contact. Contacts Send MMS Send a message to this number. Filter Filter all calls in the Call History list. For example, if you filter the list for all Missed Calls, it will only show the incoming phone calls that you did not answer.
  • Page 42: Emergency Calls

    Your phone shows the caller’s name and picture when they’re stored in your contacts, or Incoming Call when caller ID information isn’t available. You can set your phone to play a distinctive ringer ID for specific entries stored in your contacts (see page 75).
  • Page 43: Speed Dial

    speed dial You can use speed dialing in two ways: quick access for up to 98 phone numbers and shortcuts to features found in the Start menu including e-mail, calendar, and Bluetooth™ Manager. To access speed dial entries, press and hold the single-digit speed dial number for one second.
  • Page 44: Voicemail

    menu shortcuts You can set a shortcut to open an application on your phone: 1 Press Start. 2 Scroll to the icon of the application you want a shortcut for and press Menu > Add Speed Dial. 3 In the Keypad Assignment, select the shortcut number to use.
  • Page 45: Three-Way Calling

    three-way calling While connected to a call: 1 Place your current call on hold by pressing N. 2 Enter the number of the other person you wish to connect to a three-way call and press N. 3 Once you are connected to the other phone, you can press Swap to switch between the calls, or press Menu >...
  • Page 46: E-Mail & Messages

    To set up e-mail on your MOTO Q™ 9h, refer to your MOTOSTART Guide. If you have problems setting up email or synchronizing, please visit or call the Motorola Customer Support Center at (852)2506-3888. receive & read messages When you receive a message your...
  • Page 47: Message Options

    Download the attachment, then select the file and follow the prompts to open it. When the document opens, you can move around the page using the navigation key S. • Excel spreadsheets: Select cells and enter numbers or text. Press Menu for options like save, cut, copy, paste, find, delete, and more.
  • Page 48: Send A Message

    Tip: Need to check your e-mail right now? Press Start > Messaging. Select the account to send and receive messages and press Menu > Send/Receive. The phone connects to your Internet e-mail server and sends and receives your messages. To stop this process, press Menu >...
  • Page 49: Global Address

    3 Use the keypad to compose a message. 4 Press Send. Tip: In an e-mail or MMS message, you can insert a picture, voice note or file in the message, on the message area press Menu > Insert > Picture or Voice Note or File. Note: If you select to insert a voice note into the message, you will also need to record it.
  • Page 50: Messaging Quick Reference

    3 Enter search criteria and press Search. 4 Scroll through the list of entries that appears. When you locate your contact, press N to make a call. Note: Although the entire GAL cannot be stored on your phone, once the contact is found, you can add the single contact to your contact list.
  • Page 51 features create and send e-mail Press Start > Messaging > (e-mail account), then press New Note: You must have your e-mail set up to send an e-mail (see page 62). To add a picture, voice note, or file to an e-mail message, open the message area and press Menu >...
  • Page 52 features view attachment While viewing the message, use the center key s to select the attachment. Note: You can view attachments only for file types that are supported by the phone. read old messages Press Start > Messaging > (e-mail account) Icons next to each message show if it is unread J, read H, urgent K, or has an attachment R.
  • Page 53 features download message objects If an e-mail message includes an attachment, when you open the message, the name of the attachment will appear highlighted. To download the attachment, select the highlighted attachment name. The attachment is downloaded the next time you synchronize or connect to your e-mail server.
  • Page 54 features mark a folder for synchronization When you synchronize your e-mail account with your PC, the same Inbox folders that are in Outlook on your PC are created on your phone. Press Start > Messaging > (e-mail account), then press Menu > Folders > Menu >...
  • Page 55 features manually send and receive e-mail Press Start > Messaging > (e-mail account), then press Menu > Send/Receive. call a phone number in e-mail Highlight a phone number in a message and press N. move e-mail to personal folder After you’re done reading the e-mail, press Menu >...
  • Page 56: Connections

    connections Bluetooth™ wireless Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless pairing (also called linking or bonding). You can pair your phone with a Bluetooth headset or car kit, or pair your phone with a computer to exchange and synchronize files. Note: The use of wireless devices and their accessories may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas.
  • Page 57: Send Objects To Another Device

    pair with a headset or handsfree device Before you try to pair your phone with a device, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth power is on and the device is on and ready in pairing or bonding mode (see the device user’s guide). You can pair your phone with multiple devices, but only use it with one headset device at a time.
  • Page 58: Use Your Phone As A Pc Remote

    Tip: To select an item, press the center key s. 3 Press Send. 4 Select the name of the device to send the file. 5 To cancel sending an item, press Cancel. use your phone as a PC remote You can use Bluetooth wireless and your phone as a remote control for your computer.
  • Page 59: Advanced Bluetooth Features

    7 In the next window, make sure that “Show all devices” is chosen in the pull-down menu. Your computer should find your “SmartPhone. ” Make sure the box “Allow other Bluetooth devices to see this phone” is checked. Select your phone, and select Next.
  • Page 60: Synchronize

    Microsoft® Exchange Server (running the appropriate version software). For more information about this set-up, see the support information on page 84 and the Motorola support Web site at: You can also contact your system administrator to set up this synchronization.
  • Page 61: Sync With A Computer

    Note: If you are out of network coverage, and your phone tries to sync 3 times without finding a network, you will receive a notification. For more information, select View Status. Synchronization will resume when there is network coverage. sync with a computer Note: For information about connections (Bluetooth™...
  • Page 62 2 Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Note: For more detailed information, see “Connecting a mobile device to a PC” in ActiveSync Help on your PC, the Microsoft Web Site for ActiveSync or the Motorola support Web site at
  • Page 63 sync with a Bluetooth™ connection Once Microsoft® ActiveSync or Windows® Mobile Device Center is installed on your PC, you can connect it to your phone and sync with a Bluetooth connection. Note: In order to use this feature, your PC must be equipped with Bluetooth wireless or a Bluetooth PC adaptor accessory.
  • Page 64: Modem-Link

    modem-link You can use your phone as a modem to dial in to a network. To do this, you need a Bluetooth™ wireless or USB cable connection. Note: When you activate your phone as a modem-link, your phone’s e-mail, Web browsing, Microsoft®...
  • Page 65 Note: If you do not have the Getting Started Disc, or want the latest version of the device and computer drivers, go to 2 In the Getting Started Disc application, go to the Additional Tools screen and select the Dial-Up Networking Software.
  • Page 66 4 On your phone, press Start > Settings > Connections > USB Device Type > Modem, and press Done. 5 Using the USB data cable, connect the phone to your PC. The driver is installed on your computer and ready for setting up a network connection.
  • Page 67 • Internet Connection: Connect using a dial-up modem • Connection Name: Enter a unique identifier for ISP name. • Number to Dial: *99# • Connection Availability: Anyone's Use • User Name: get this information from your service provider as required •...
  • Page 68: Web Browser

    disconnect modem-link To disconnect modem-link, you’ll need to perform steps on your computer and your phone. On your computer: 1 Go to task bar and right-click on the Network Connection icon. 2 Select Disconnect. Your computer disconnects the modem-link. On your phone, to return your phone to ActiveSync mode for USB connections, press Start >...
  • Page 69 Note: Not all Web file formats are supported. • To go to a Web page, press Action > Go to. Enter the address and press OK. • To go to a link in a Web page, use the navigation key S to highlight the link and then press the center key s.
  • Page 70: Entertainment

    entertainment take & send a photo Press e to open the camera viewfinder: Pictures & Videos IMAGE AREA Thumbnails Tip: In the camera viewfinder, press Menu to adjust picture settings such as mode, brightness, resolution, zoom, white balance, and flash. entertainment 1 Point the camera lens at the photo subject.
  • Page 71 • To send the photo in a multimedia message, select Send > MMS. • To send the photo with E-mail, select Send > E-mail. • To send the photo with Bluetooth™ wireless, select Send via Bluetooth. • To use the picture as the home screen, select Use as Home Screen.
  • Page 72: Record & Play Video Clip

    picture options In the picture viewfinder press Menu > Options to open the Picture Options Menu. This menu can include the following options: option General Determine default picture sizes for e-mail and rotating picture settings. Slide Show Select default slide show settings.
  • Page 73: Video Options

    1 Point the camera lens at the photo subject. 2 Press e or the center key s to begin recording a video. The viewfinder shows what the video is recording. 3 Press Stop to end recording the video altogether, or press Pause to pause recording and Resume to continue recording.
  • Page 74: Play A Video Clip

    play a video clip For more video playback and Windows® Media Player features, see your MOTOSTART Guide. Find it: Press Start > Pictures & Videos > video clip > Play The video clip plays in the Windows Media Player. Windows Media 00:00 Now Playing Tip: To play video in full screen mode, press...
  • Page 75 option Video Options for showing in full screen and when to scale to fit window. Network Selects default network settings for streaming media. Library Determines if the player starts on the Library view. Skins Determine Windows® Media Player skin theme. Buttons Set playback button mapping.
  • Page 76: Other Features

    other features Note: To open the main menu from your home screen, press Start. To scroll through the pages of menu options, press the navigation key S down. To select a menu option, press the center key s. advanced calling features call forwarding Set up or cancel call forwarding:...
  • Page 77: Contacts

    contacts To store and call contacts, see page 23. features search for contact Enter the first few letters of the contact's name. The phone searches through the contact list and shows the name. edit contact Press Start > Contacts, scroll to a contact, then press Menu >...
  • Page 78: Personalizing

    features set category view Press Start > Contacts, then press Menu > Filter send contact to another device Use a Bluetooth™ connection to send a contact to another phone, computer, or device: Press Start > Contacts, scroll to a contact, and press Menu >...
  • Page 79 features ring volume Press Start > Settings > Profiles Highlight the desired profile, then press Menu > Edit Under Ring Volume, press the navigation key S left or right to adjust the volume for that profile. Shortcut: In the home screen, press and hold the back key on the right side of the phone (see page 2) to show the ring volume, then press the side scroll keys to...
  • Page 80: Call Times

    features owner information It’s a good idea to enter and check your owner information. It lets someone return the phone to you if you lose it: Press Start > Settings > Owner Information master reset To return your phone to original settings: Press Start >...
  • Page 81: Handsfree

    The amount of network connection time you track on your resettable timer may not equal the amount of time for which you are billed by your service provider. For billing information, contact your service provider. features see call timers Show call timers: Press Start >...
  • Page 82: Calendar

    calendar features add new calendar event Press Start > Calendar, then press Menu > New Appointment Note: To schedule an all-day event, select the All day event check box under End time. All-day events do not occupy blocks of time in the calendar;...
  • Page 83: Calculator

    features calendar event reminder The default reminder time for tasks and calendar items is 15 minutes. To change this default: Press Start > Calendar, then press Menu > Tools > Options > Set Reminders send calendar event to another device Use a Bluetooth™...
  • Page 84: Security

    security features manage certificates Enable or disable Internet access certificates stored on your phone: Press Start > Settings > More > Security > Certificates Certificates are used to verify the identity and security of Web sites when you download files or share information. phone information features software version...
  • Page 85 features access video clips Press Start > Pictures & Videos For more information about Windows® Media, see your MOTOSTART Guide. play games on your phone Press Start > Games start Web browser Press Start > Opera For more information about Internet Explorer Mobile, see page 83.
  • Page 86: Sar Data

    The limit incorporates a substantial margin for safety to give additional protection for the public and to account for any variations in measurements. Additional related information includes the Motorola testing protocol, assessment procedure, and measurement uncertainty range for this product.
  • Page 87: Who Information

    Information from the World Health Organization Present scientific information does not indicate the need for any WHO Information special precautions for the use of mobile phones. If you are concerned, you may want to limit your own or your children’s RF exposure by limiting the length of calls or by using handsfree devices to keep mobile phones away from your head and body.
  • Page 88: Microsoft License

    (1) copy of such component(s) on the DEVICE or a single computer with which you use the DEVICE. 1.3. Back-up Copy. If Motorola has not included a back-up copy of the DEVICE Software with the DEVICE, you may make a single back-up copy of the DEVICE Software.
  • Page 89 (1) computer to use, exchange data, share data, access and interact with the DEVICE, and (ii) the EULA for Microsoft Outlook® 2002 is between Motorola and the end user - not between the PC manufacturer and end user. 2. Speech/Handwriting Recognition. If the Software includes...
  • Page 90 If the SOFTWARE provides links to third party sites, those links are provided to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply an endorsement of the third party site by Motorola, Licensor, or their affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • Page 91 SOFTWARE after the date you obtain your initial copy of the SOFTWARE ("Supplemental Components"). 14.1. If Motorola, or its subsidiaries or affiliates, provides or makes available to you Supplemental Components and no other EULA terms are provided along with the Supplemental Components, then the terms of this EULA shall apply.
  • Page 93: Index

    index access 85 accessibility 78 accessories 19, 81 accessory connector port 2, ActiveSync 61 alarm 79 alert set 34 turn off 31, 39, 68 animation 84 answer a call 23, 37 attachments 51 auto-lock phone 32 background 36 backlight 37 battery 20 extending battery life 21 battery indicator 28...
  • Page 94 conference calls 43 contacts 41, 76 copy files 57 date, 35 delete program 38 dial a phone number 23 dialed calls 39 display 26, 37 download e-mail messages download message objects e-mail 45, 49, 50 attachment 51 signature 50 emergency number 41 end a call 23 index end key 2, 3, 23...
  • Page 95 make call 76 manage files 85 master clear 80 master reset 79 media player 79 menu icons 26 menu indicator 26 menu key 2, 3 menu shortcuts 42 message 49, 50, 51 message indicator 27, 28 message reminders 79 messages 45, 49 e-mail 45 text 45 missed call 40...
  • Page 96 remote control 58 remove program 38 reply 51 return a call 40 ring style indicator 28 ring style, setting 34 ring tone 84 ringer ID 41, 76 ringer volume 78 roam indicator 28 safety information 9 security lock 32 send and receive messages send key 2, 3, 23 shortcuts 42 side scroll keys 2, 3...
  • Page 97 voicemail message indicator volume 31, 78 volume keys 2, 3 wallpaper 36 warranty 88 web 85 phone number 76 web browser 85 disconnet 85 web page 85 your phone number 24 U.S. patent Re. 34,976 index...
  • Page 98 6802935J46 2007 Printed in China...

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