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Surround Play - Kenwood VR-9050 Instruction Manual

Kenwood instruction manual audio video surround receiver vr-9050
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Ambience effects
DSP mode
The DSP mode lets you add the atmosphere of a live concert or hall
to almost any type of program source. These modes are particu-
larly effective when used with stereo program sources, like CD,
television, and FM radio. You might enjoy trying the ARENA, JAZZ
CLUB, THEATER, STADIUM or DISCO mode the next time you
watch a concert or sporting event!
What's DSP mode?
DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor.
The way a sound is heard in an actual environment depends on a
variety of different factors. One of the most important is rever-
beration (the act of decaying elements of sound echoing in various
places). The DSP modes produce the feeling of presence by using
the DSP to create reverberation, without spoiling the sound
quality of the original signal.
DVD 6-channel mode
Using a DVD player or the like equipped with six (5.1) output
channels and this model, you can enjoy multi-channel encoded
DVD source material in all its splendor. Since the source signals
are digital and each channel is input independently, the resulting
sound quality, sense of spaciousness, and dynamic range are
The indication "6CH INPUT" appears in the display during DVD 6-
channel mode selection.

Surround play

The DTS compatible models can reproduce a CD, DVD, or LD carrying the
DTS mark.
Dolby Digital can be used when playing DVD or LD software bearing the
mark and Dolby Digital format digital broadcasts (etc.). Dolby
Pro Logic can be used when playing video, DVD, or LD software bearing
Input Selector keys
Input Selector
• Turn ON related components.
• Complete "Preparing for surround sound" (speaker settings).
• Use the Input Selector keys to select the component you wish to play
back with surround sound.
• Use the INPUT MODE key to select the input mode (analog or digital)
for the source you wish to play back.
• Noise will be produced when a DTS source is played by selecting the
analog input.
Start playing the video software.
Use the LISTEN MODE knob or LISTEN MODE % / fi keys to
select the listening mode.
The listening mode settings are stored separately for each input. If
the input mode is set to full auto ("AUTO DETECT" lights), the
receiver selects the optimal listening mode automatically based on
the type of input signal and the speaker settings.
Each turn of the LISTEN MODE knob or press of the LISTEN
MODE % / fi keys switches the setting as listed below.
The listening mode settings are different depending on the type
of input signal.
Dolby Digital Surround EX compliant disc :
Dolby Digital Surround EX compliant disc contains identification
signals. When you choose FULL AUTO during "Input mode set-
tings" (8), this amplifier detects the identification signals and
selects an optimum LISTEN mode automatically.
Sometimes we find some discs which are Dolby Digital Surround EX
compliant discs but do not contain the identification signals. In this
case, select one of the LISTEN modes which are for 6.1 or 7.1
channel surround mode.



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