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Convenient Functions - Kenwood VR-905 Instruction Manual

Kenwood instruction manual audio video surround receiver vr-906 vr-905 krf-v6090d krf-v5090d
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Ambience effects

Convenient functions

Adjusting the sound
You can make further adjustments to the sound while listening to
playback in the surround mode.
1 Press the SOUND key until the desired item appears in the
Each time you press the button, the menu changes as follows:
Note that some items are not displayed depending on speaker
settings and listening modes.
1 C (Center speaker level adjustment)*
2 RS (Surround Right speaker level adjustment)*
3 RB (Surround Back Right speaker level adjustment)*
4 BS (Surround Back speaker level adjustment)* (VR-906/
KRF-V6090D only)
5 LB (Surround Back Left speaker level adjustment)*
6 LS (Surround Left speaker level adjustment)*
7 SW (Subwoofer level adjustment)*
8 INPUT (input level adjustment - analog mode only)
9 NIGHT (midnight mode ON/OFF - Dolby Digital and DTS
mode only)
0 PANORAMA (panorama mode ON/OFF)**
- DIMENSION (dimension adjustment)**
= CENTER WIDTH (center width adjustment)**
* The adjustment is only temporary for the current input selection.
The value will return automatically to the original setup value
when the power is turned on/off or when the input selection is
** Pro Logic IIx and Pro Logic II Music mode only.
(VR-906/KRF-V6090D only)
• If you have selected "SPEAKER" as the Surround Back setting,
"RB" and "LB" are not appeared but "BS" is appeared.
2 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or MULTI CONTROL %/fi keys to
adjust the setting as desired.
Midnight mode (Dolby Digital and DTS mode only)
When watching movies at night, you might not be able to raise the
volume as loud as normal. Midnight mode compresses the dynamic
range of previously specified heavy sound passage of the Dolby Digital
and DTS sound track (like scenes with sudden increases in volume) to
minimize the difference in volume between the scenes with heavy
sound passage and scenes with normal sound passage. This makes it
easy to hear all of the sound track, even when listening at low volumes.
1 Press the SOUND key repeatedly until "NIGHT" appears on the
• This can be selected only if CD/DVD, DVD/6CH (KRF-V6090D/KRF-
V5090D), DVD (VR-906/VR-905) or VIDEO2 is selected as the source
and the listen mode is set to "DOLBY DIGITAL" or "DTS".
2 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or MULTI CONTROL %/fi keys to
select the ON or OFF setting.
• Some Dolby Digital or DTS software may not be compatible with the
Midnight mode.
Panorama mode (Pro Logic II x Music mode and Pro Logic II
Music mode only)
When listening to music, you will be able to enjoy the "wraparound"
sound effect when you adjust the panorama mode.
1 Press the SOUND key repeatedly until "PANORAMA" appears on
the display.
• The PANORAMA setting indication scrolls across the display.
"PANORAMA" will be scrolled from right to left.
2 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or MULTI CONTROL %/fi keys to
select PANORAMA ON or OFF.
1 ON : PANORAMA mode is ON.
2 OFF : PANORAMA mode is OFF.



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