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Electrolux N7E Installation And Operating Manual

Pasta cooker


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Pasta Cooker
Installation and operating manual *
59589FN00- 2018.06
*Original instructions


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Electrolux N7E

  • Page 1 Pasta Cooker N7E/N9E Installation and operating manual * 59589FN00- 2018.06 *Original instructions...
  • Page 2 Foreword The installation, use and maintenance manual (hereinafter Manual) provides the user with information necessary for correct and safe use of the machine (hereinafter “machine“ or “appliance“). The following must not be considered a long and exacting list of warnings, but rather a set of instructions suitable for improving machine performance in every respect and, above all, preventing injury to persons and animals and damage to property due to im- proper operating procedures.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents A WARNING AND SAFETY INFORMATION....................5 General information ........................5 Personal protection equipment ......................5 General safety ..........................6 General safety rules ........................7 Transport, handling and storage ...................... 8 Installation and assembly ....................... 9 Electrical connection ........................9 Water connection..........................
  • Page 4 ELECTRIC MODELS – Tank heating ....................22 F.4.1 Lightning on ........................22 F.4.2 Cooking .......................... 22 F.4.3 Switching off ........................22 At the end of work ........................22 ELECTRIC MODELS with ELECTRONIC CONTROL ................. 22 F.6.1 Switch on and temperature control ..................23 F.6.2 Automatic Lifting programs....................
  • Page 5: Awarning And Safety Information

    WARNING AND SAFETY INFORMATION General information To ensure safe use of the machine and a proper understanding of the manual it is necessary to be familiar with the terms and typographical conventions used in the documentation. The following symbols are used in the manual to indicate and identify the various types of hazards: WARNING Danger for the health and safety of operators.
  • Page 6: General Safety

    Summary table of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to be used during the various stages of the machine's service life. (cont'd.) Stage Protective Safety Gloves Glasses Safety garments footwear helmet — ● ○ — — Unpacking — ● ○ — —...
  • Page 7: General Safety Rules

    • Do not use products (even if diluted) containing chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric or muriatic acid, etc.) to clean the appliance or the floor under it. • Do not use metal tools to clean steel parts (wire brushes or Scotch Brite type scouring pads).
  • Page 8: Transport, Handling And Storage

    – well lit. For the Customer's complete information, the residual risks remaining on the machine are indicated below: such situations are deemed improper and therefore strictly forbidden. Residual risk Description of hazardous situation Slipping or falling The operator can slip due to water or dirt on the floor Burns/abrasions (e.g.
  • Page 9: Installation And Assembly

    Installation and assembly • The operations described must be carried out by personnel qualified (refer to D.1 Characteristics of personnel trained for normal machine use) in compliance with the current safety regulations, regarding the equipment used and the operating procedures. •...
  • Page 10: Reasonably Foreseeable Improper Use

    • Prevent the areas where the machine is installed to be polluted with corrosive substances (chlorine, etc.). In case such prevention cannot be guaranteed, the entire stainless steel surface has to be coated by a paraffin protective film spread by using a rag soaked with paraffin.
  • Page 11: Machine Cleaning And Maintenance

    A.12 Machine cleaning and maintenance • Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance, disconnect the appliance from the power supply and carefully unplug it (if present). • During maintenance, the cable and plug must be kept in a visible position by the operator carrying out the work.
  • Page 12: Btechnical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Dataplate position IMPORTANT This instruction manual contains information relevant to various appliances. See the dataplate located under the control panel to identify the appliance (see picture below). IMPORTANT When installing the appliance, make sure the electrical connection is carried out in compliance with that specified on the dataplate.
  • Page 13: Technical Data

    Pmbar Electrolux Professional SpA Viale Treviso 15 33170 Porde- manufacturer none Italy Technical data Gas appliances N9E MODELS Data +9PCGD1MF0 +9PCGH2MF0 400mm 800mm ⌀ Connection ISO 7/1 1/2” 1/2” 16,5 kW – Max Nominal heat output kW – Min.
  • Page 14: Copyright

    His professionalism covers the Electrolux Professional SpA declines any liability for inaccur- mechanical, electrotechnical and elec- acies contained in the manual, if due to printing or translation tronics fields etc.
  • Page 15: Einstallation And Assembly

    • adequate general basic education and technical knowledge In case of a significant anomaly (e. g. short circuits, wires for reading and understanding the contents of the manual, coming out of the terminal block, motor breakdowns, worn including correct interpretation of the drawings, signs and electrical cable sheathing, etc.) the operator for normal pictograms;...
  • Page 16: Sealing Gaps Between Appliances

    E.4.3 Sealing Gaps Between Appliances E.6.4 Connection (depending on the appliance and/or model) Follow the instructions supplied with the optional sealing paste pack. Monoblock models 1. See the installation diagram for the position of the gas Gas, electricity and water connections connection on the bottom of the appliance.
  • Page 17: Conversion To Another Type Of Gas

    2. Position aerator “E“ at distance “H“ given in Table “B“ (see • 2.65 KPa for Propane gas. Appendix); 3. Retighten screw “A“ and seal with paint. Models N7E • 1.0 KPa for Natural gas E.7.3 Replacing the main burner nozzle •...
  • Page 18 6. Replace the seal cap and gasket and screw tightly closed; 7. Remove the pressure gauge and close the test point pressure; 8. Prior to operation, test the gas pressure regulator for leaks.
  • Page 19: E.10 Electrical Connections

    WARNING Before connecting, make sure the mains voltage and frequency match those indicated on the appliance dataplate. N7E / N9E 1. Open the module door to access the terminal board (see detail 1 — FIG. 1). FIG. 1 FIG. 2 FIG.
  • Page 20: E.10.2 Power Cable

    N7E with electronic control In these models the power cable is already connected to the terminal block by factory setting (see FIG. 5 and FIG. 6). FIG. 5 — view from above FIG. 6 — bottom view Relay boiler Cable clip...
  • Page 21: Water Connection

    E.11 Water connection temperatures exceed a set value, shutting off the gas supply (gas appliances) or the electricity (electric appliances). CAUTION The appliance must be connected to the IMPORTANT Resetting of the safety thermostat must be carried water system in compliance with the out by specialised personnel;...
  • Page 22: Cooking

    With the pilot flame lit: Therefore it is advisable to use salt in the proportion of 1% with respect to the water in the tank (e.g. cooking 1 kg of • Turn knob “C“ to position pasta = 10 litres of water +100 g of salt. F.3.4 Cooking NOTE!
  • Page 23: Switch On And Temperature Control

    PROG Resume program buttons Free button (factory operations) Quick water filling start/stop button Slow water filling start/stop button Temperature display up to 99℃ - Energy level display over 99℃ (standard mode)/Time display (programming mode only) Active program display F.6.1 Switch on and temperature control 2.
  • Page 24: External Parts

    WARNING External parts Do not use steel wool, metal SATIN-FINISH STEEL SURFACES (daily) • Clean all steel surfaces: dirt is easily removed when it has object and / or products contain- just formed. ing chloride which could damage • Remove grime, fat and other cooking residuals from steel surfaces when cool using soapy water, with or without the stainless steel surface.
  • Page 25: Maintenance And Schedule

    The main burner does not light • Loss of pressure in gas pipe. • Blocked nozzle or faulty gas valve. • Burner with gas outlet holes clogged. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPLACING COMPONENTS (to be carried out only by specialised personnel) Remove the front panel to access: Gas valve •...
  • Page 26: Repair And Extraordinary Maintenance

    • During disassembly and handling of the various parts, the minimum height from the floor must be maintained. Repair and extraordinary maintenance • Electrolux - Tom Stoddart Pty Ltd — 39 Forest Way, Karawatha QLD 4117 — call 1-300-307-289 NOTE! •...
  • Page 28 Electrolux Professional SPA Viale Treviso 15 33170 Pordenone

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