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Memory Contents - Casio CTK-671 User Manual

Casio musical instrument user's guide ctk-671
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Memory Contents

In addition to the above settings, data stored in the Registra-
tion Mode and Song Memory Mode is also retained when
keyboard power is turned off.
Electrical Power
The settings and memory data described above are retained
as long as the keyboard is being supplied with electrical pow-
er. Unplugging the AC adaptor when batteries are not load-
ed or when loaded batteries are dead cuts off the keyboard's
electrical power supply. This causes all settings to be initial-
ized to their factory defaults and clears all data stored in
Power Requirements
Note the following precautions whenever you want to en-
sure that current keyboard settings and memory contents are
not lost.
• Make sure the keyboard is being supplied power through
the AC adaptor before replacing its batteries.
• Before unplugging the AC adaptor, make sure that fresh
batteries are loaded in the keyboard.
• Make sure that keyboard power is turned off before replac-
ing batteries or unplugging the AC adaptor.
Initializing the Keyboard
Use the procedure on page E-65 to initialize the keyboard,
which clears all memory data and returns settings to their
initial factory defaults.

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