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Auto Power Off; Settings And Memory Contents - Casio CTK-573 User Manual

Casio ctk-573: users guide
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Auto Power Off

When you are using battery power, keyboard power turns off auto-
matically whenever you leave it on without performing any opera-
tion for about 6 minutes. When this happens, press the POWER but-
ton to turn power back on.
Auto Power Off is disabled (it does not function) when you are using the
AC adaptor to power the keyboard.
To disable Auto Power Off
Hold down the TONE button while turning on the keyboard to dis-
able Auto Power Off.
• When this function is turned off, the keyboard does not turn off
automatically no matter how long it is left with no operation being
• Auto Power Off is enabled again when you manually turn off power
and then turn it back on again.

Settings and Memory Contents

Tone, rhythm, and other "main keyboard settings" in effect when
power is turned off manually with the POWER button or automati-
cally by Auto Power Off remain in effect when you next turn power
back on.
Main Keyboard Settings
Main keyboard settings are: tone number, layer, split, split
point, touch response, rhythm number, tempo, accompani-
ment volume, General MIDI mode on/off, accomp MIDI
OUT on/off, Assignable jack setting, keyboard channel, and
tune number.
Memory Contents
In addition to the above settings, data stored using the memory func-
tion is also retained.
Electrical Power
The settings and memory data described above are retained as long
as the keyboard is being supplied with electrical power. Unplugging
the AC adaptor when batteries are not loaded or when loaded batter-
ies are dead cuts off the keyboard's electrical power supply. This caus-
es all settings to be initialized to their factory defaults and clears all
data stored in memory.
Power Requirements
Note the following precautions whenever you want to ensure that
current keyboard settings and memory contents are not lost.
• Make sure the keyboard is being supplied power through the AC
adaptor before replacing its batteries.
• Before unplugging the AC adaptor, make sure that fresh batteries
are loaded in the keyboard.
• Make sure that keyboard power is turned off before replacing bat-
teries or unplugging the AC adaptor.

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