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Summary of Contents for GE Alliance AL-2017

  • Page 1 Security Alliance Control Panel Installation Manual Models: AL-2017 AL-3017...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ......................22 © 2009 GE Security. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means – electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise – without the prior written permission of GE Security.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction This manual covers the information needed to install and set up the Alliance AL-2017/AL-3017 control panels including system wiring and basic programming steps. See the Alliance System Programming Manual for complete planning and programming details for the Alliance system, including a programming map and a system glossary.
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Each Alliance system control panel is shipped with the following hardware: • Two and three position terminal blocks that can be combined to provide a variety of terminal block configurations • Clip-in and screw-in male/female standoffs • Mounting screws •...
  • Page 5 Figure 2. Enclosure Enclosure mounting screws PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) AL-2017/ Ferrites AL-3017 Chassis ground Board connection Optional accessory boards Chassis ground Earth Tamper switch ground access hole connection 12 V battery, refer to Battery calculation worksheet for appropriate 120 VAC battery type.
  • Page 6: System Wiring

    System Wiring All panel wiring should be kept well away from other wiring, avoiding parallel wire runs with other wires. Where parallel wires are unavoidable, keep wires a minimum of 2 inches apart, or in EMT. We recommend that Alliance system components that use direct wire transformers be wired into a dedicated circuit breaker and those that use plug-in transformers be plugged into an unswitched outlet.
  • Page 7: Shielded Cable Routing

    Shielded cable routing The shielding of all shielded cables used in the system should only be connected at ONE side to one common earthing point in a building. If a shielded bus cable is routed via more than one plastic device, the shielding from incoming and out-going cable has to be connected. Note: Metal chassis must be earth grounded.
  • Page 8: Pstn Wiring

    PSTN wiring Figure 7 shows how to wire the control panel to PSTN connection. This equipment complies with FCC Part 68 rules. US: GEIAL07B3- 4000 Note: We recommend that the system be wired to a dedicated PSTN line. Figure 7. PSTN Wiring Diagram RJ11/12 RJ31X Premises (Tip)
  • Page 9: Al-2017/Al-3017 Wiring

    AL-2017/AL-3017 Wiring Keep non-power limited wiring away (1/4” minimum) from power limited wiring as shown in Figure 8. Disconnect the AC mains power via a dedicated circuit breaker before servicing. Figure 8. Non-power and power limited wiring PSTN connection Power limited wiring AL-2017/ AL-3017 Non-power...
  • Page 10 Figure 10. AL-2017/AL-3017 control panel wiring connections 24 VAC, AL-1290 transformer kit ≈ Note: Do not short circuit. Use ferrites ≈ on AC input wires. Note: Refer to Battery Calculation BATT Worksheet for appropriate battery type. Note: Total AUX POWER output 300mA, including +12 on COMMS.
  • Page 11: Basic Programming

    Basic Programming When you have finished installing the control panel, you can clear the panel memory, apply power and start programming. Clear panel memory Before programming, the panel memory needs to be cleared. To clear the memory, do the following: 1.
  • Page 12 Default the panel This option resets all programming to the factory default. All programming will be erased and all options will have the standard values. To default the panel, do the following: Press MENU, enter 1278, and press ENTER to access the system menu. Enter 19 and press ENTER to access installer programming.
  • Page 13: Programming Steps

    Programming Steps The following programming steps are meant as an overview. For more information on each programming area, see the Alliance System Programming Manual. Text words Program any needed text words that are not included in the word library. See the Alliance System Programming Manual to view the word library.
  • Page 14: Alarm Groups

    Alarm groups Press MENU, enter 1278, and press ENTER to access the system programming. Enter 19 and press ENTER to access installer programming. Press MENU (advanced menu). Enter 5 and press ENTER to access alarm group programmaning. Enter the alarm group number to be programmed and press ENTER. Note: Care should be taken when programming this function because it can be linked to users, doors, and remote arming stations.
  • Page 15: Zone (Inputs)

    Zones (inputs) Program zones to determine how the zone will function in given circumstances. There are over 50 types of zones. Refer to the Alliance System Programming Manual for more detailed information. Press MENU, enter 1278, and press ENTER to access system programming. Enter 19 and press ENTER to access installer programming.
  • Page 16: Communication Options

    Communication options Program communication options to set up the telephone numbers and communication formats for central station reporting. Reporting options can be set for both system and area reporting. PBX number (public branched exchange) Use this option when connection to the PSTN (public switch telephone network) is made via a PBX by dialing a number sequence. For example, you must dial 9 to get an ouside line.
  • Page 17: Relays (Outputs)

    Relays (outputs) Output controllers are used to expand the number of relays (outputs) on a DGP or control panel. Each output controller expands the outputs by eight. A DGP can have two output controllers connected, increasing the outputs to a maximum of 16 per DGP. An Alliance System can have up to 32 output controllers, which allows a system maximum of 255 outputs.
  • Page 18: Battery Capacity

    Battery Capacity The battery capacity calculations must be performed separately for each part of the system that has a separate AC supply and standby battery. Use the following steps to determine the correct battery capacities for your system: Determine the exact configuration of your system. A separate battery calculation worksheet should be used for each part of the system that has a separate power supply and standby battery.
  • Page 19: Battery Calculation Worksheet Example

    Battery calculation worksheet example 16.2 1. __________mA X .001Amp/mA X _____________ hours: ________________ Ah standby Amp-hours Total standby Conversion Required number of current factor hours in standby .2505 1000 2. __________mA X .001Amp/mA X ____________ minutes X .0167 hours/min _____________ Ah alarm Amp-hours Conversion Conversion Required number of...
  • Page 20: Battery Calculation Worksheet

    Battery calculation worksheet Alliance Standby Total standby Alarm current Total alarm Active Total active components current current per device current current current AL-2017 200mA Aux power 300mA Ext siren 1000mA Int siren 1000mA Strobe 1000mA AL-3017 200mA Aux power 300mA Ext siren 1000mA Int siren...
  • Page 21: Fcc Compliance

    If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair or warrenty information, please contact GE Interlogix technical support at 800 648-7424. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telphone company may request that you disconnect the equip- ment until the problem is solved.
  • Page 22 Alarm sounding device must be powered by the control unit and the siren test must be programmed “YES” (see the Alliance System Programming Manual). Safe and vault supervision circuits must be programmed for 24-hour operation (see the Alliance System Programming Manual). The system must be programmed for 24-hour test reports to be sent to the control station (see the Alliance System Programming Manual).
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Specifications Control panel (no accessories) specifications Note: Do not mix EOLs on the same panel. Current consumption 200 mA nominal Ω, End-of-line (EOL) resistors 10.0 k 5%, 0.25W Ω 4.7 k , 5 %, 0.25W Ω, 2.0 k 5%, 0.25W Enclosure dimensions (L x W x D) 21”...
  • Page 24 Tech Support 888-437-3287 Security 12345 SW Leveton Dr. FaxBack: 800-483-2495 Tualatin, OR 97062 503-885-5700 1052109 B 03/09...

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