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Version: V1.00.000
Revised date: 11-16-2020
Statement: LAUNCH owns the complete intellectual property rights for the
software used by this product. For any reverse engineering or cracking actions
against the software, LAUNCH will block the use of this product and reserve the
right to pursue their legal liabilities.


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  • Page 1 Statement: LAUNCH owns the complete intellectual property rights for the software used by this product. For any reverse engineering or cracking actions against the software, LAUNCH will block the use of this product and reserve the right to pursue their legal liabilities.
  • Page 2 LAUNCH is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other units. Neither LAUNCH nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this unit or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or...
  • Page 3 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Important Safety Precautions Important: To avoid personal injury, property damage, or accidental damage to the product, read all of the information in this section before using the product.  Never collide, throw, or puncture the tool, and avoid falling, extruding and bending it.
  • Page 4 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual while testing.  Keep the tool dry, clean, free from oil, water or grease. Use a mild detergent on a clean cloth to clear the outside of the equipment as necessary.  Do not drive the vehicle and operate the tool at the same time. Any distraction may cause an accident.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION ..................... 1 1.1 P ..................1 RODUCT ROFILE 1.2 P ................... 2 ACKAGE 1.3 C & C ............... 2 OMPONENTS ONTROLS 1.3.1 Display Tablet ..................3 1.3.2 VCI (Only applies to 12V cars) ............4 1.4 T...
  • Page 6 ................. 39 EMOTE IAGNOSIS 5.3.1 Interface Layout ................40 5.3.2 Add Friends ..................41 5.3.3 Start Instant Messaging ..............43 5.3.4 Launch Remote Diagnosis (Device-To-Device) ....... 44 5.3.5 Launch Remote Diagnosis (Device-To-PC) ........47 5.4 D ................50 IAGNOSTIC ISTORY 6 SPECIAL (RESET) FUNCTION ..............
  • Page 7 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 6.13 AFS (A ........57 DAPTIVE RONT LIGHTING YSTEM ESET 6.14 S ................ 57 UNROOF NITIALIZATION 6.15 S ..............57 USPENSION ALIBRATION 7 SOFTWARE UPDATE ................... 58 7.1 U & APP ........... 58 PDATE...
  • Page 8 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 10.1.1 Connect to PC ................69 10.1.2 Run on PC ..................69 10.1.3 Install an application ..............69 10.2 C ..................69 LEAR ACHE 11 FAQ ......................70...
  • Page 9: Introduction

    X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 1 Introduction 1.1 Product Profile X-431 V V4.0 adopts a higher performance-price ratio display tablet, which is equipped with Android operating system and 8” HD capacitive touch screen. It inherits from LAUNCH’s advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful functions, and providing precise test result.
  • Page 10: Package List

    For connecting the VCI connector and OBD I adaptor box (Optional) non-16pin adaptor cable. Non-16pin adaptor To connect to the vehicle equipped (Optional) cable kit with non-OBD II management system. 1.3 Components & Controls There are two main components to the X-431 V V4.0 system:...
  • Page 11: Display Tablet

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual  Display Tablet – the central processor and monitor for the system (See Chapter “1.3.1”).  VCI Device – the device for accessing vehicle data (See Chapter “1.3.2”). 1.3.1 Display Tablet The tablet acts as the central processing system, which is used to receive and analyze the live vehicle data from the VCI device and then output the test result.
  • Page 12: Vci (Only Applies To 12V Cars)

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual In Off mode, press it for 3 seconds to turn the tablet on. In On mode: • Press it to wake it up if the screen is black. POWER Key • Press it to enter sleep mode if the screen lights up.
  • Page 13: Technical Parameters

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual To connect on vehicle’s OBD II DLC(Data Link OBD-16 diagnostic connector Connector) socket.  It illuminates red when the VCI device is connected to the vehicle’s DLC. Mode LED  Blue indicates the VCI device is working in wireless (BT) communication mode.
  • Page 14 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5.0MP camera Working temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃ Storage temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃ VCI device: Working voltage 9 ~18V Working temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃ Relative humidity 20% ~ 90%...
  • Page 15: Initial Use

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 2 Initial Use 2.1 Charging the Tablet 1. Plug one end of the included charging port of the tool, and the other end to the power adaptor. 2. Connect the other end to the AC outlet.
  • Page 16: Basic Gestures

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Basic Gestures Single-tap: To select an item or launch a program. Double-tap: To zoom in so that the text on a webpage appears in a column that fits your device’s screen. Long press: Tap and hold on the current interface or area until a contextual menu pops up on the screen, and then release it.
  • Page 17: Set Standby Time

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 2.6 Set Standby Time If no activities are made within the defined standby period, the screen will be locked automatically and the system enters sleep mode to save power. 1. On the home screen, tap Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Sleep.
  • Page 18: Network Setup

    The tablet has built-in WLAN module that can be used to get online. Once you’re online, you can register your tool, surf the Internet, get apps, send email, launch the remote diagnosis, and check for software updates etc.
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    Register & Activate Select diagnostic software version Select test function Select test system 4.2 Register & Download Diagnostic Software Tap the application icon on the home screen to launch it, and then tap “Login” to enter the login interface of diagnosis software.
  • Page 20 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual (If you are a new user, follow to proceed.) (If you have registered to be a member, go to to login the system directly.) (In case you forgot password, refer to to reset a new password.) A.
  • Page 21 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Input the Serial Number and Activation Code, which can be found in the password envelope. Product SN Product SN Activation code Note: To exit and activate it later, tap “Skip”. In this case, you can activate your VCI module by tapping “Activate VCI”...
  • Page 22: Job Menu

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual On download page, tap “Update” to start downloading. To pause downloading, tap “Stop”. To resume it, tap “Continue”. Once download is complete, the system will install the software package automatically. Note: In process of download, please make sure it is properly connected to the WLAN network.
  • Page 23 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Name Description This module allows you to obtain vehicle data from the cloud server to perform quick test via reading VIN, Intelligent which provides a perfect solution to various defects Diagnose resulting from step-by-step menu selection. In addition, user can also check the historical repair records online through this module.
  • Page 24: Diagnostics Toolbar

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Other Modules Includes product manual and FAQ etc. 4.4 Diagnostics toolbar The diagnostics toolbar contains a number of buttons that allow you to print the displayed data or make other controls. It is displayed on the upper right corner of the screen and goes through the whole diagnostic session.
  • Page 25: Vehicle Connection

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual ashtray and the ashtray must be removed to access the connector. If the DLC cannot be found, refer to the vehicle’s service manual for the location. 4.5.3 Vehicle connection The method used to connect the VCI device to a vehicle’s DLC depends on the vehicle’s configuration as follows:...
  • Page 26: Communication Setup

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 1. Locate vehicle’s DLC socket. 2. Select the corresponding non-16pin connector. 3. Plug the non-16pin end of the connector into the DLC socket, then connect the other end to the OBD I adaptor, and then tighten the captive screws.
  • Page 27 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual These codes identify a particular problem area and are intended to provide you with a guide as to where a fault might be occurring within a vehicle. DO NOT replace parts based only on DTCs without first consulting the vehicle’s service manual for proper testing procedures for that particular system, circuit or component.
  • Page 28 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual P0201 - Injector circuit malfunction, Cylinder 1...
  • Page 29: Diagnosis

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5 Diagnosis 5.1 Intelligent Diagnosis Through simple Bluetooth communication between the display tablet and VCI, you can easily get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) information of the currently identified vehicle. Once the VIN is successfully identified, the system will retrieve it from the remote server and then guide you to vehicle information page without the necessity of step-by-step manual menu selection.
  • Page 30 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Note: If the VCI is not paired up with the tablet before doing this step, a prompt message box will appear on the screen. Check all the possible reasons of Bluetooth connection failure carefully, and then tap OK to enter the following screen.
  • Page 31 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual • Tap “Diagnostic” to start a new diagnostic session. • Tap “Scan History” to view its historical repair record. If there are records available, it will be listed on the screen in sequence of date. If no records exist, the screen will show “No Record”.
  • Page 32 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual • Tap the input field to directly, tap OK. If the VIN exists on the remote server, the system will enter the diagnostic function selection screen. • Tap to launch the VIN recognition module.
  • Page 33: Local Diagnosis

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual • Tap to input the VIN manually if the tablet has failed to identify the VIN of the vehicle. • Tap to scan the VIN barcode. If the VIN barcode cannot be recognized, please manually input the VIN.
  • Page 34 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual On-screen Buttons: Testable models: Tap to view the vehicle models that the current diagnostic software covers. Update instruction: Tap to view the optimized items and enhancements. Software introduction: Tap to check the software function list.
  • Page 35: Health Report (Quick Test)

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5.2.1 Health Report (Quick Test) This function varies from vehicle to vehicle. It enables you to quickly access all the electronic control units of the vehicle and generate a detailed report about vehicle health.
  • Page 36 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Fig. 5-14 The tested system with fault code appears in red and the system with OK displays in black (normally). On-screen Buttons: Clear DTCs: Tap to clear the existing diagnostic trouble codes. Note: Diagnostic Trouble Codes or Fault Codes can be used to identify which engine systems or components that are malfunctioning.
  • Page 37 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Fig. 5-15 Note: Diagnostic report is classified into three categories: Pre-Repair report, Post-Repair report and Diagnostic Scan. No matter which type you saved the report as, the report type will be appended as a tag on the upper right corner of the diagnostic report for easier identification.
  • Page 38: System Scan

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5.2.2 System Scan This option allows you to quickly scan which systems are installed on the vehicle. On the test item selection screen, tap “System Scan”, the system start scanning the systems. Once the scanning is complete, the screen will display the result.
  • Page 39 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Swipe the screen from the bottom to view the vehicle system on the next page. Tap the desired system (take “ECM” for example) to enter the test function selection screen. Note: Different vehicle has different diagnostic menus.
  • Page 40 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual This function is used to read the version information of system mode, vehicle VIN, software and ECU. B. Read Fault Code This function displays the detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the vehicle’s control system.
  • Page 41 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual to as freeze frame data. Freeze frame data includes a snapshot of critical parameter values at the time the DTC is set. Help: Tap to view the help information. Code Search: Tap it to search for more information about the current DTC online.
  • Page 42 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual provide insight on overall vehicle performance. It can also be used to guide vehicle repair. Caution: If you must drive the vehicle in order to perform a troubleshooting procedure, ALWAYS have a second person help you. Trying to drive and operate the diagnostic tool at the same time is dangerous, and could cause a serious traffic accident.
  • Page 43 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual OK: Tap it to confirm and jump to the next step. After selecting the desired items, tap “Confirm” to enter the data stream reading page. Notes: 1. If the value of the data stream item is out of the range of the standard (reference) value, the whole line will display in red.
  • Page 44 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual  Combine – this option is mostly used in graph merge status for data comparison. In this case, different items are marked in different colors. On-screen Buttons: Graph(Single): Tap it to view the waveform.
  • Page 45 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual • Combine: This option is mostly used in graph merge status for data comparison. In this case, different items are marked in different colors (maximum 4 items can be displayed on the same screen simultaneously).
  • Page 46 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Report: To save the current data in text format. All reports are saved under the tab “Diagnostic Report” in “My Report”. For details on report operations, please refer to Chapter 9.1 “My Report”. Record: Tap to start recording diagnostic data for future playback and analysis.
  • Page 47: Remote Diagnosis

    5.3 Remote Diagnosis This option aims to help repair shops or technicians launch instant messaging and remote diagnosis, making the repair job getting fixed faster. Tap “Remote Diagnosis” on the Job menu, the screen appears blank by default.
  • Page 48: Interface Layout

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5.3.1 Interface Layout Home button Tap it to navigate to the Job menu screen. Directly input the registered username of the tool to start Search bar searching, and then tap the desired one to add it into your friend list.
  • Page 49: Add Friends

    In the search bar, input the partner’s username and tap “Search” button next to the search bar to starts searching from Launch’s golo business database. The partner must be the users who have registered their Launch’s diagnostic tools. They may be the following: ...
  • Page 50 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Tap “Add friend”, a dialog box pops up: Tap “CONFIRM” to send your request. Once the partner receives the request, a beep will sound. Tap the “Message” tab: • Once the partner agreed your request, he/she will automatically be listed in the Contact tab.
  • Page 51: Start Instant Messaging

    X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5.3.3 Start Instant Messaging Note: The I/M (Instant Messaging) function is open to all users who had Launch’s diagnostic tool equipped with this module. After adding your friends, tap the desired one’s photo to enter a screen similar to...
  • Page 52: Launch Remote Diagnosis (Device-To-Device)

    5.3.4 Launch Remote Diagnosis (Device-To-Device) The tool is allowed to initiate remote diagnosis with other diagnostic tools (including but not limited to the X-431 V V4.0) of Launch family, which are equipped with this module. Note: Before performing this operation, please make sure the following no matter which side sends the remote request: ...
  • Page 53 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual  Once vehicle diagnosis is complete, a report will be created. Input your comments on this report, and then tap “Send Report” to send it to the partner. Tap “Request control remote device” Wait for partner’s confirmation...
  • Page 54 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Tap “Invite remote diagnostic assistant” Choose the desired diagnostic software Wait for partner’s confirmation Start connecting after request confirmed Start Diagnosis Generate diagnostic report Cancel To cancel this operation.
  • Page 55: Launch Remote Diagnosis (Device-To-Pc)

    X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 5.3.5 Launch Remote Diagnosis (Device-To-PC) Except that the remote diagnosis can be done between different Launch’s diagnostic tools that come loaded with the module, user also can ask for remote control from PC client technician.
  • Page 56 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 1. Slide the switch “Allow device to be connected to the WEB client remote diagnostic device” to ON so that the partner can find and connect to this device while using the PC. 2. Notify the partner of the PC client website When the...
  • Page 57 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 3. Tell the partner to input his own official technician account and password, and then tap “Login” to navigate to the following figure. 4. Tell the partner to check the box “Serial number” and enter the Serial Number provided by you, and then tap “Start remote diagnosis”...
  • Page 58: Diagnostic History

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 1) You are not suggested to execute any actions. 2) The partner is not allowed to save any diagnostic reports or records on your tablet. The operations in remote diagnosis are same as those in local diagnosis. Once the session is complete, a remote diagnostic report will be automatically generated.
  • Page 59 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual • Tap certain vehicle model to view the details of the last diagnostic report. • To delete certain diagnostic history, select it and then tap “Delete”. To delete all historical records, tap “Select All” and then tap “Delete”.
  • Page 60: Special (Reset) Function

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 6 Special (Reset) Function In addition to amazing & powerful diagnostic function, the tool also features various service functions. The most commonly performed service functions contain:  Oil Reset Service  Electronic Parking Brake Reset ...
  • Page 61: Oil Reset Service

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Follow the instructions on the screen to operate Select the service mode Select “Reset” (The available mode varies from vehicle to vehicle) Select the desired reset item (e.g. oil lamp reset Select the car brand etc.)
  • Page 62: Steering Angle Calibration

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 6.3 Steering Angle Calibration To reset the steering angle, first find the relative zero point position for the car to drive in straight line. Taking this position as reference, the ECU can calculate the accurate angle for left and right steering.
  • Page 63: Immo Service

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual learning for the car. After tooth learning is successful, the MIL turns off. After the engine ECU, crankshaft position sensor, or crankshaft flywheel is replaced, or the DTC 'tooth not learned' is present, tooth learning must be performed.
  • Page 64: Battery Maintenance System Reset

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 6.9 Battery Maintenance System Reset This function enables you to perform a resetting operation on the monitoring unit of vehicle battery, in which the original low battery fault information will b e cleared and battery matching will be done.
  • Page 65: Gearbox Matching

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 6.12 Gearbox Matching 1. This function can complete the gearbox self-learning to improve gear shifting quality. 2. When the gearbox is disassembled or repaired (after some of the car battery is powered off), it will lead to shift delay or impact problem. In this case, this...
  • Page 66: Software Update

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 7 Software Update This module allows you to update the diagnostic software & App and set frequently used software. If you did not download the software in process of product registration or a pop-up message prompting you that some new software can be updated, you may use this option to download it or keep it synchronized with the latest version.
  • Page 67: Set Frequently Used Software

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual connection failure occurs, tap “Retry” to try again. Once download is finished, the software packages will be installed automatically. 7.2 Set Frequently Used software To easily locate and quickly update some frequently used software, you c an use the “Common Software”...
  • Page 68 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Tap “Renewal” to navigate to the payment screen. There are two ways available for you to make payment: PayPal and Subscription Renewal Card (*need to buy it from the local dealer where you purchased the tool).
  • Page 69: Feedback

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 8 Feedback This function allows you to feedback your diagnostic problems to us for analysis and troubleshooting. Tap “Feedback”, a pop-up message will appear: Tap “Confirm”, the following 3 options will be displayed on the left column of the screen.
  • Page 70: User Info

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 9 User Info This function allows users to manage personal information and VCI. 9.1 My Report This option is used to view, delete or share the saved reports. Tap “My Report”, there are total 3 options available.
  • Page 71 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual • Select the desired report and then tap “Delete” to delete it. • To revise the filename of the report, tap “Rename”. If user records the running parameters while reading data stream, it will be saved as .x431 file and appear under Diagnostic Record tab.
  • Page 72: Vci

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual Once it is in frame playback mode, this button changes into “Auto Playback”. Remote Diagnostic Report lists all diagnostic reports generated in process of remote diagnosis. 9.2 VCI This option allows you to manage all your activated VCI devices.
  • Page 73: Firmware Fix

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 9.5 Firmware Fix Use this item to upgrade and fix diagnostic firmware. During fixing, please do not cut power or switch to other interfaces. 9.6 My News This option allows you to receive some commercial and promotional activity messages.
  • Page 74: Change Password

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual software. 9.10 Change password This item allows you to modify your login password. 9.11 Settings It enables you to make some application settings and view software version information etc. 9.11.1 Units of Measurement It is designed to configure the measurement unit. Metric System and English System are available.
  • Page 75 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual A. If it is the first time you have operated this printer, please proceed the following: 2. For initial use, you are suggested to reset the printer: Press and hold [MODE] & [FEED] for 8 seconds, the following resetting command will be printed out:...
  • Page 76: Orientation

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual a). If the local network remains as it is, tap “Test Print” directly to test the printing. b). If the local network changes, you have to reset the printer. 9.11.4 Orientation The option is used to set the screen display orientation.
  • Page 77: Others

    LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 10 Others 10.1 Synchronization You can transfer media files and APK between the PC and the tablet. 10.1.1 Connect to PC 1. Use the USB cable to connect the tablet to your PC. 2. Swipe from the top, a message “Connected as a media device” appears.
  • Page 78 LAUNCH X-431 V V4.0 User Manual 11 FAQ 1. How to save power?  Please turn off the screen while the tool keeps idle.  Set a shorter standby time.  Decrease the brightness of the screen.  If WLAN connection is not required, please turn it off.
  • Page 79 Note: Before registration, please make sure the network is properly connected. After the tablet has been successfully reset, follow the steps below to download the App: 1. Launch the browser and the default official Launch website opens (If a blank page pops up, just type in in the input bar).
  • Page 80 The exclusive remedy for any automotive meter found to be defective is repair or replacement, and LAUNCH shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages.
  • Page 81 Launch website: http://www. Statement: LAUNCH reserves the rights to make any change to product designs and specifications without notice. The actual object may differ a little from the descriptions in the manual in physical appearance, color and configuration. We...

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