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Fujitsu Siemens D1160 Additional Technical Manual


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S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0
S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0
S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0
S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0


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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Siemens D1160

  • Page 1 S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0 S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0 S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0 S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 1 6 0 ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL...
  • Page 2 Our Hotline: Mo-Fr: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Tel.: ++49 (0) 180 3777 005 • your sales outlet The latest information on our products, tips, updates, etc., can be found on the Internet under:
  • Page 4 Este manual ha sido impreso sobre papel reciclado. Questo manuale è stato stampato su carta da riciclaggio. Denna handbok är tryckt på recyclingpapper. Dit handboek werd op recycling-papier gedrukt. Herausgegeben von/Published by Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH A26361-D1160-Z180-5-7619 A26361-D1160-Z180-5-7619 A26361-D1160-Z180-5-7619 A26361-D1160-Z180-5-7619 Bestell-Nr./Order No.:...
  • Page 5 English System Board D1160 Additional Technical Manual January 2000 edition...
  • Page 6 All other trademarks referenced are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, whose protected rights are acknowledged. Copyright ã Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH 2000 All rights, including rights of translation, reproduction by printing, copying or similar methods, even of parts are reserved.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction............................1 Notational conventions ......................1 Features ............................2 Mechanics ............................3 Connectors and jumpers......................5 Power supply monitoring....................5 Power supply ATX connector.....................5 Front panel connector......................6 Fan 2 ..........................6 Chipcard reader port (internal) or serial port 2 (external via optional cable) .......7 Fan 4 ..........................7 Wake on LAN (WOL) connector..................7...
  • Page 9: Introduction

    Utilities" or "ServerStart" CD. For detailed information please look at chapter "Installing drivers". The latest BIOS version or drivers can be found on the internet under Notational conventions The meanings of the symbols and fonts used in this manual are as follows: Pay particular attention to texts marked with this symbol.
  • Page 10: Features

    Features Features The table shows an assembly version of this system board as example. Function Version D1160-A1x Processor socket 2 x slot 1 Processor Intel Pentium II or Pentium Formfactor Front Side Bus in MHz 66/100/133 Chipset i 820DP Memory sockets 2 RIMM ISA slots PCI slots...
  • Page 11: Mechanics

    Mechanics Mechanics Layout ATX 12"' x 8'' (304,8 mm x 203,2 mm) Some of the following connectors are optional and may therefore not be included on your system board. 9a 9b 9c 1 = PS/2 keyboard port 7 = LAN port 2 = PS/2 mouse port 8 = Game/Midi port 3 = Parallel port...
  • Page 12 Mechanics 1 = Power supply monitoring 12 = IrDA 2 = Power supply 13 = I²C (primary SMBus) 3 = IDE drives 3 and 4 (secondary) 14 = AUX-In 4 = Connector for front panel 15 = CD-In 5 = IDE drives 1 and 2 (primary) 16 = Fan 1 for CPU 0 (processor 0) 6 = Fan 2 for CPU 1 (processor 1) 17 = Fan 3 (e.
  • Page 13: Connectors And Jumpers

    Mechanics Connectors and jumpers Some of the following connectors are optional! Power supply monitoring Signal AC Outlet (high asserted) PS Fan Control (high asserted) PS FAN pulse PS FAN pulse SMB CLK SMB DATA VCC EEPROM (+3.3 V) Power supply ATX connector Signal Signal +3.3 V...
  • Page 14: Front Panel Connector

    Mechanics Front panel connector Power On/Off Message LED HD-LED Power On LED Reset Sleep SCSI LED Input Speaker 1) Cable is not included in the delivery scope. 2) The same interface. Signal Signal Not connected Speaker Standby LED (Anode) PON_LED (Anode) VCC or GND PON_LED (Anode) Key pin...
  • Page 15: Chipcard Reader Port (Internal) Or Serial Port 2 (External Via Optional Cable)

    Mechanics Chipcard reader port (internal) or serial port 2 (external via optional cable) Signal Signal DCD (low asserted) DSR (low asserted) SIN (high asserted) RTS (low asserted) SOUT (high asserted) CTS (low asserted) DTR (low asserted) PC_ON_Strobe VCC auxiliary EXT SMI (low asserted) Not connected Fan 4 Signal...
  • Page 16: Intrusion Connector For Case Open Detect For Optional Push Button (Opener)

    Mechanics Intrusion connector for case open detect for optional push button (opener) Signal Case open (low asserted) Intrusion switch present (low asserted) IrDA (internal) Signal IRRX_H IRTX_H C connector (primary SMBus) for optional temperature sensor (e.g. LM75) Signal 3.3 V standby Clock Data A26361-D1160-Z180-5-7619...
  • Page 17: Auxiliary (Mpeg, Tv) Audio Connector (Internal)

    Mechanics Auxiliary (MPEG, TV) audio connector (internal) Signal Left AUX audio input Analog GND Analog GND Right AUX audio input CD-ROM audio connector (internal) Signal Left CD audio input CD GND CD GND Right CD audio input Fan 1 Signal Controlled fan voltage (0 V, 6 ...
  • Page 18: Fan 3

    Mechanics Fan 3 Signal Controlled fan voltage (0 V, 6 ... 12 V) FAN sense USB chipcard reader Signal Signal +3.3 V standby Data negative up Data positive up Data negative down Data positive down Not connected +5 V auxiliary +3.3 V Power OK (high asserted) Chipcard reader On (low pulse)
  • Page 19: Configuration

    Mechanics Configuration Functions controlled by the switch block Function Password Skip Recovery BIOS Floppy write protect RTC - Reset and Clear CMOS* * RES is the onboard inscription for RTC RES switch must not be in ON position during normal operation! Supported ACPI system states •...
  • Page 20: Usb Power Jumper Function Description

    Mechanics USB power jumper function description Signal USB power connection VCC_AUX Jumper 2-3 Default setting: If the power supply supports auxiliary voltage the USB interface is permanently powered except when the main supply is plugged off. Wakeup from ACPI S1-S4 state possible. Jumper 1-2 The USB interface is only powered in operating state.
  • Page 21: Power

    Mechanics Power Power requirement Source Voltage Maximum Maximum Comment variation current Main power supply +5.0 V ±5 % 15 A Main power supply +12 V ±10 % 350 mA Main power supply -12 V ±10 % 150 mA Main power supply +3.3 V ±5 % Auxiliary power supply...
  • Page 22: Installing Drivers

    Documentation Documentation Ê Insert the "Drivers & Utilities" CD. Ê If the CD does not start automatically, run the START.EXE file in the main directory of the CD. Ê Select your system board or your device. Ê Select Documentation. Ê Select - Technical Manuals Ê...
  • Page 23: Upgrading Main Memory

    Upgrading main memory Upgrading main memory These slots are suitable for 64 to 512 Mbyte RDRAM memory modules of the RIMM format. The permissible total size of the main memory is 1 Gbyte. Memory modules with different memory capacities can be combined. All locations must always be occupied.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Message BIOS update The System BIOS provides optimum support for the processor you have chosen. If the message BIOS update for installed CPU failed appears the microcode required for the processor inserted must still be loaded. Further information on this is available in the "BIOS Setup"...

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