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   Summary of Contents for Fujitsu D1031

  • Page 1

    S Y S T E M B A U G R U P P E D 1 0 3 1 S Y S T E M B A U G R U P P E D 1 0 3 1 S Y S T E M B A U G R U P P E D 1 0 3 1 S Y S T E M B A U G R U P P E D 1 0 3 1 S Y S T E M B O A R D D 1 0 3 1...

  • Page 2

    • Ihre Verkaufsstelle Die Adressen Ihrer Servicepartner finden Sie im Garantieheft oder im Service-Adressenheft. Aktuelle Informationen zu unseren Produkten, Tipps, Updates usw. finden Sie im Internet: Is there ..any technical problem or other question you need clarified? Please contact: •...

  • Page 4

    Este manual ha sido impreso sobre papel reciclado. Questo manuale è stato stampato su carta da riciclaggio. Denna handbok är tryckt på recyclingpapper. Dit handboek werd op recycling-papier gedrukt. Herausgegeben von/Published by Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH A26361-D1031-Z120-1-7419 A26361-D1031-Z120-1-7419 A26361-D1031-Z120-1-7419 A26361-D1031-Z120-1-7419 Bestell-Nr./Order No.:...

  • Page 5

    Deutsch English Systembaugruppe D1031 System board D1031 Technisches Handbuch Technical Manual Ausgabe Januar 2000 January 2000 edition...

  • Page 6

    Copyright ã Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH 2000 Intel und Pentium sind eingetragene Warenzeichen und MMX und OverDrive sind Warenzeichen der Intel Corporation, USA. Microsoft, MS, MS-DOS und Windows sind eingetragene Warenzeichen der Microsoft Corporation. PS/2 und OS/2 Warp sind eingetragene Warenzeichen von International Business Machines, Inc.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Write protection for floppy disk drive - switch 4 ................8 Clock speed - switch 5, 6, 7 and 8 .....................9 Add-on modules ..........................10 Upgrading main memory......................11 Replacing the processor ......................11 Replacing the lithium battery....................13 Glossary ............................14 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 9: Introduction

    Please note the information provided in the chapter "Safety" in the Operating Manual of the device. Incorrect replacement of the lithium battery may lead to a risk of explosion. It is therefore essential to observe the instructions in the chapter „Add-on modules“ - „Replacing the lithium battery“. English - 1 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 10: Information On Boards

    The equipment and tools you use must be free of static charges. • Pull out the power plug before inserting or pulling out boards containing ESDs. • Always hold boards with ESDs by their edges. • Never touch pins or conductors on boards fitted with ESDs. 2 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 11: Features

    Features Features • Dual processor system (D1031 dual: second processor optional) • Pentium II, 350 up to 450 MHz and Pentium III, 500 MHz with 100 MHz bus frequency, with integrated 2x16 Kbyte first-level cache and 512 Kbyte second-level cache •...

  • Page 12: Interfaces And Connectors

    24 = Serial interface 1 and 2 11 = Loudspeakers 25 = USB port (external) 12 = Fan 2 26 = Parallel port 13 = USB port (internal) 27 = Monitor port 14 = SCSI indicator 4 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 13: Possible Screen Resolution

    IRQ6 free IRQ15 Parallel interface LPT1 IRQ7 Real-time clock (RTC) IRQ8 "assigned IRQ" = interrupts assigned as shipped Note that an interrupt cannot be used by two ISA boards or onboard controllers at the same time. English - 5 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 14: Scsi Bus Termination

    Ultra 2. If even one device is connected which only supports the Ultra SCSI mode, all connected devices will automatically be switched into the Ultra SCSI mode (SE). The SCSI BIOS and the drivers for the SCSI controller are described in the manual "PCI SCSI Device Management System SMDS 4.0". 6 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 15: Settings On The System Board

    Switch 2 = must be set to off Switch 4 = write protection for floppy disk drive Switch 5, 6, 7, 8 = clock frequency The switch settings apply both to the dual-processor system and to the monoprocessor system. English - 7 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 16: Recovering System Bios - Switch 1

    BIOS setup must be disabled (in menu Security, the field Diskette Write must be set to Enabled). Read, write and delete floppy disks is possible (default setting). The floppy disk drive is write-protected. 8 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 17: Clock Speed - Switch 5, 6, 7 And 8

    Processor with 100 MHz system bus clock frequency processor switch 5 switch 6 switch 7 switch 8 350 MHz 400 MHz 450 MHz 500 MHz 550 MHz 600 MHz 650 MHz 700 MHz 750 MHz 800 MHz English - 9 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 18: Add-on Modules

    PCI slots 1, 2 and 3 are connected to the PCI bus 0. PCI slots 4, 5 and 6 are connected to the PCI bus 2. The AGP slot is connected to PCI bus 1. The PCI slot 1 and the ISA slot are shared. 10 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 19: Upgrading Main Memory

    You may only use processors of the same type on the system board (e.g. only Pentium II or only Pentium III). The second processor must have the same clock rate as the first. A suitable multiprocessor operating system must be used if dual operation is required. English - 11 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 20

    Press the clamps (2) on either side of the processor outwards and pull the processor up and out. Use a screwdriver if necessary. Ê Insert the terminating board into the slot if necessary. » Ê Pull the voltage converter for the second processor. 12 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 21: Replacing The Lithium Battery

    Brukte batterier kasseres i henhold til fabrikantens instruksjoner. Ê Lift the contact (1) a few millimeters and remove the battery from its socket (2). Ê Insert a new lithium battery of the same type in the socket (3). English - 13 A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 22: Glossary

    SDRAM......Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory SGRAM ....... Synchronous Graphic Random Access Memory SMBus ......System Management Bus SVGA......Super Video Graphic Adapter USB ......Universal Serial Bus VGA ......Video Graphic Adapter WOL ......Wake On LAN 14 - English A26361-D1031-Z120-10-7419...

  • Page 23

    Information on this document On April 1, 2009, Fujitsu became the sole owner of Fujitsu Siemens Compu- ters. This new subsidiary of Fujitsu has been renamed Fujitsu Technology So- lutions. This document from the document archive refers to a product version which was released a considerable time ago or which is no longer marketed.

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