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Yamaha Seascooter Scout User Manual page 6


• Always inspect the swimming area to ensure
it is free of hazards or obstacles such as
boats and swimmers before using the
• Particular care should be exercised when
using the SEASCOOTER™ near anybody
with long hair. Users with long hair should tie
it up or wear a swimming cap when using the
• Never stick body parts, clothing or other
objects in the vicinity of the Propeller. Do not
wear loose or flowing clothing or equipment
that could be drawn into the propeller.
• Only to be used in water in which the child is
within its depth and under supervision.
• Be aware of appropriate water levels, tidal
changes, dangerous currents, weather
change and strong offshore winds. ALWAYS
scout unfamiliar water before venturing out.
• ALWAYS ensure sufficient charges remains
in the battery to return to the poolside, shore
or surface before using the Seascooter™.
• Do not use alcohol or drugs prior to and
during use of this product.
• Do not attach your body, clothing, other
equipment to the seascooter in any way.
• An adult must be responsible for battery safety at all
times, during use, storage and charging.
• Use in a pool or in calm water and close to shore –
DO NOT use in the open sea.
• Always charge battery to its maximum before using the
SEASCOOTER™. After charging is complete the battery
will continue to emit gas. Wait at least 30 minutes after
charging before removing the battery from the charger or
placing the battery into the battery housing. Failure to do
so could result in an explosion.
• ALWAYS remove the battery from the unit when not in
• ALWAYS keep the SEASCOOTER™ out of direct
sunlight when not in use. HEAT KILLS BATTERIES AND
• DO NOT store the battery in the unit.
• In different waters (seawater, lake, pool) and conditions
such as currents, temperature and pressure can affect the
buoyancy of the unit which may cause the unit to sink if
accidentally released.
• DO NOT release or leave the Seascooter in the water.
Always take the unit out of water when not in use.

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