Kenwood STZ-RF200WD Instruction Manual

Kenwood STZ-RF200WD Instruction Manual

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Motorsports CAM
©2021 JVCKENWOOD Corporation
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Summary of Contents for Kenwood STZ-RF200WD

  • Page 1 STZ-RF200WD Motorsports CAM INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUEL D’INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES English ......3 Français ...... 29 Español ....... 55 ©2021 JVCKENWOOD Corporation B5A-3944-20...
  • Page 2 Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you can upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. Model STZ-RF200WD...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    English Motorsports CAM STZ-RF200WD INSTRUCTION MANUAL Read this manual thoroughly before installation wiring and use. Install and wire the unit correct- ly in accordance with the Safety Precautions (p.  4 - p.  7 ). Please store this manual in a secure location and refer to it as needed.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions These symbols denote explanations to prevent injuring yourself and others, and prevent damage to property. ■ Safety icons used in this guide Warning Describes information that could result in death or serious injury if not followed. Caution Describes information that could result in bodily injury or damage to property. This icon indicates important cautions (and warnings).
  • Page 5 • Store SD cards, packing materials or unused accessories such as screws in a lo- cation away from small children. • Plug in the power cable correctly • Hold the in-line connectors when unplugging the power cable • Disconnect the in-line connector for power cable when not using the Motorsports CAM for extended periods of time •...
  • Page 6 Handling near electronic medical equipment If used near electronic medical equipment such as implantable pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, keep the unit at least 22 cm (8.664″) from such equipment. The radio waves may negatively affect the operations of medical devices. Contact for malfunctions If a malfunction occurs, stop use immediately and contact the office listed in this manual.
  • Page 7: Precautions For Use

    Precautions for Use • Our company bears no responsibility for the ac- Installation curacy, completeness, or suitability of recorded • Only install the unit with the key removed from content. the vehicle’s ignition so that the engine does not • Please regularly check that the unit is recording start unexpectedly.
  • Page 8 Recommended SD cards • Always make sure to back up (copy) important files saved on SD cards to a computer or other microSDHC unit as soon as possible. Data may be lost de- Type microSDXC pending on how SD cards are used. Capacity 16 GB to 256 GB Please be aware that our company is in no way...
  • Page 9: Fcc/Ic

    20 cm (7.874″) or more away from a person’s body. Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: KENWOOD Product: Dashboard Camera Complies with Model Name: STZ-RF200WD Responsible Party: IMDA Standards JVCKENWOOD USA CORPORATION DB02771 2201 East Dominguez Street, Long Beach, CA 90810, U.S.A.
  • Page 10: Check The Items Included In The Package

    Check the Items Included in the Package Check that all items are included before installing the unit. Switch GPS antenna (with double-sided (with double-sided Main unit Camera (×2) tape attached) tape attached) Power cable Double-sided tape microSDHC card Instruction manual (For cameras) (×2) Zip ties (×4) Hex key...
  • Page 11: Installation

    SD card • Always turn the unit off before inserting or removing an SD card. • We strongly recommend using the unit to format SD cards before using them. See the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM Operations Guide when formatting an SD card.
  • Page 12 Installing the unit Installation layout In order to correctly display the Main unit orientation of the G sensor chart of the PC viewer software*, attach the main unit with the cable side GPS antenna facing the front of the vehicle. Switch * Front and back (GX), left and right (GY), top and bottom (GZ).
  • Page 13   A fter installation, use the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM App to check the video feed and adjust the camera. See p.  1 8 “Adjusting the field of view” for more details.
  • Page 14 • Power cable Each wire in the power cable assembly connects to the bike battery.   U nscrew the battery’s negative/ground terminal. Then unscrew the positive terminal.   P lace the round terminal on the power cable (red wire) on the battery’s positive terminal, then tight- en with the original terminal screw.
  • Page 15: Motorsports Cam Functions

    Continuous recording The unit will start continuous recording when it powers on. The default setting is for each recorded minute to be saved as a separate video file. The recording time can be changed with the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM App.
  • Page 16 LED status display Blue Orange State LED display pattern System check at start-up (from Blue lit and orange blinks once per Blue Orange startup to the start of recording) second • Continuous recording (unsynchronized time) Blue Blue lit, orange unlit Orange •...
  • Page 17: Using The Cell Phone App

    Using the Cell Phone App You can use the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM App to view and download videos recorded and saved to the SD card. You can also change the unit settings. Installing the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM App Minimum system requirements (cell phone) •...
  • Page 18 Adjusting the field of view 1. Open the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM and tap “Image angle adjustment” on the main menu. It will start with the live feed from the front camera. Guide lines • Tap “Rear” to switch to the live feed from the rear camera.
  • Page 19: Using The Computer Viewing Program

    4. The unit will automatically restart once the update is complete and the blue LED will light up. 5. Check the firmware version. Connect to the unit with your cell phone, go to “Settings”  “Firmware” from the KENWOOD Motor- sports CAM main menu, and check that the latest version is installed.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Issue Cause / Solution The indicator does not light y Is the fuse blown? up even though the vehicle 3 Address the cause of the blown fuse and replace the fuse. ACC is ON. (Always use fuses of the specified capacity) y Is the in-line connector for the power cable or switch cable disconnected? 3 Check the connections of the in-line connectors.
  • Page 21 Issue Cause / Solution Recorded video isn’t clear. y Is video quality set to FINE? 3 Change the video quality setting to FINE. y Is the camera lens dirty? 3 Wipe the lens with a lens cleaner or soft cloth dampened with water. Video from the front and y Are the camera cables connected to the correct connection points on rear camera are swapped.
  • Page 22: Appendix

    Appendix Wireless Link Specifications Standard IEEE802.11ac (Default Settings) IEEE802.11n (Optional Settings) Security WPA2 WPA2 Frequency Range 5735-5835 MHz 2400-2473 MHz Transfer Rate 433 Mbps (802.11ac) 150 Mbps (802.11n) Output Power 12 dBm ±2 dB (802.11ac) 12 dBm ±2 dB (802.11n) On Wireless Link Security Since the Wireless Link communicates over radio waves, there is the benefit that you are able to access the Link freely as far as the radio waves reach.
  • Page 23 Receiving positioning satellite (GPS, GLONASS) information • Positioning will begin when the unit powers on. Positioning may take 5 minutes to complete depending on the positioning status of satellites. • Satellite signals cannot pass through solid matter (except for glass). Positioning will not work inside tun- nels or buildings.
  • Page 24 File and folder organization Files saved on SD cards are saved in individual folders. File names are automatically created based on the date and time of the video or recording. • Do not use computers, etc. to change or delete files on SD cards. Files may not play correctly in the unit or the computer program.
  • Page 25: Important Software Notifications

    GNU General Public License or Lesser General Public License (hereafter “GPL/ KENWOOD Motorsports CAM licensee infor- LGPL”). As a result, the source code of those soft- mation ware components must be made available when 1.
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Storage Water- Class 10 UHS-I Cameras IP66/67 media proofing, 16 GB to 256 GB IP66/67 Dustproofing KENWOOD Motorsports CAM Switch IP66/67 Image 2 megapixels (effective - iOS 11 or later sensors pixels: 1.86 megapixels) Recorded - Android 7 or later...

Table of Contents