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Miele 11 919 010 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions
30 Inch Dual Fuel Range
(electric oven and gas cooktop)
To prevent accidents and damage to the range, you must read all
instructions supplied before installing or using the appliance.
en-US, CA
M.-Nr. 11 919 010


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Operating Instructions 30 Inch Dual Fuel Range (electric oven and gas cooktop) To prevent accidents and damage to the range, you must read all instructions supplied before installing or using the appliance. en-US, CA M.-Nr. 11 919 010...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  WARNING Children and adults can tip over the range if has not been secured. This may lead to fatal injuries.  This range must be secured and connected using the anti-tip device according to the installation instructions. ...
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  WARNING: If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury, or death. - Do not use or store gasoline or other combustible liquids or vapors in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    PerfectClean treated surfaces ................37 Self-Clean-ready accessories ................37 Before first use ....................38 Miele@home ......................38 Basic settings ...................... 39 Cleaning the cooktop before heating it up for the first time........ 40 Heating up the oven for the first time and rinsing the steam injection system ... 40...
  • Page 5 Display......................... 57 Volume......................... 58 Units of Measurement ..................58 Booster ........................ 58 Rapid cooling ...................... 58 Keep warm ......................59 Recommended temperatures................59 Self clean......................59 Cooling fan run-on ....................59 MotionReact (MotionReact) ................60 Safety ........................60 Miele@home ......................61...
  • Page 6 Contents Remote Control ....................62 Activating MobileStart ..................62 SuperVision ......................62 RemoteUpdate ....................63 Calibrate temperature..................63 Electrical version ....................64 Probe ........................64 Software version....................64 Legal information....................64 Showroom Program .................... 64 Factory default..................... 64 Lift-up panel ......................64 Alarm + Timer ....................
  • Page 7 Contents Broiling ....................... 95 Tips for broiling....................95 Notes on the operating modes................96 Gas cooktop cleaning and care ............... 97 Cleaning and care of the oven ................. 99 Unsuitable cleaning agents ................. 99 Removing normal soiling ..................100 Removing stubborn soiling.................. 100 Cleaning the oven compartment with Self clean..........
  • Page 8: Important Safety Instructions

    Both documents contain important information about installation, safety, use and maintenance. Miele cannot be held liable for damage occurring as a result of non-compliance with the instructions. Keep these installation instructions and operating instructions in a...
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Appropriate use  This range is intended for domestic use and use in other similar environments.  This appliance is not intended for outdoor use.  Use the range exclusively under normal domestic conditions: - Use the oven for baking, roasting, broiling, defrosting, canning and drying food.
  • Page 10 This appliance must be installed and connected in compliance with the installation instructions.  Unauthorized installation, maintenance, and repairs can cause considerable danger for the user. Installation, maintenance, and repairs should only be carried out by a Miele authorized technician.
  • Page 11 EN 50160 or an equivalent standard. The function and operation of the protective measures provided in the domestic electrical installation and in this Miele product must also be maintained in isolated operation or in operation that is not synchronized with the grid power supply, or these measures must be replaced by equivalent measures in the installation.
  • Page 12 Any repairs not performed by a Miele authorized service technician will void the warranty.  Miele can only guarantee the safety of the appliance when original Miele parts are used. Faulty components must only be replaced with genuine Miele parts.
  • Page 13 - The appliance is properly installed (electric and water). - A damaged appliance is dangerous. Contact Miele to have it repaired immediately. - Turn off the water supply when the appliance is not in use for an extended period (e.g., vacation).
  • Page 14 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Do not let food sit in the oven for an extended period of time before or after cooking. Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness.  Loose fitting or hanging garments present a fire hazard. Wear proper apparel while operating the appliance.
  • Page 15 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.  This oven must only be used for cooking food. Corrosive chemicals and vapors as well as fumes, vapors or heat given off by glues, plastics or flammable liquids and materials could be hazardous.
  • Page 16 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Some foods dry out very quickly and can be ignited by high broiling temperatures. Do not use broiling modes for crisping rolls or bread, or to dry flowers or herbs. Instead use the Convection Bake/ Convection Roast  or Surround  modes. ...
  • Page 17 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Risk of injury caused by steam. During cooking processes with moisture injection and during the residual moisture evaporation process, steam is produced, which can lead to severe scalding. Never open the door when bursts of steam are being injected. ...
  • Page 18 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should not be placed on the cooktop surface since they can get hot.  Wet sponges or clothes can cause burns due to hot steam if they are used to wipe spilled food off a hot burner.
  • Page 19 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Remove all grease splatters and other flammable (food) residues on the cooktop. They are a fire hazard.  Using of a gas cooktop causes heat, moisture and products of combustion to build up in the room in which it is installed. Make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated, especially when the appliance is in use: keep any natural means of ventilation open or install a mechanical ventilation system (e.g.
  • Page 20 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Not any cookware of glass, glass ceramic, ceramic, clay or other glass cookware is suitable for use on a burner. It can be damaged due to sudden temperature change.  The wireless roast probe antenna on the top right of the oven interior is at risk of damage when sliding in accessories.
  • Page 21 Miele cannot accept liability.  Only use the Miele probe supplied with the appliance. If it is faulty, it must be replaced with a new original Miele probe.  The plastic on the probe can melt at very high temperatures. Do not use the probe when using the broiling operating modes.
  • Page 22: Guide To The Range

    Guide to the range Gas cooktop a Control knob e Extra large burner Rear left burner f Island trim b Control knob g Grates Front left burner h Power burner c Control knob Front right burner d Control knob Rear right burner...
  • Page 23: Oven

    Guide to the range Oven a Gas cooktop i Wireless precision probe b Controls j Side runners with 6 shelf levels c Door lock k Oven floor with bottom heat element underneath it d Steam inlet openings l Data plate e Air inlets for the blowers with ring The data plate is located behind the heating elements behind them toe-kick panel...
  • Page 24: Controls For The Range

    Controls for the range Controls for the gas cooktop a Control knob Rear left burner b Control knob Front left burner c Control knob Front right burner d Control knob Rear right burner...
  • Page 25 Controls for the range The knobs are illuminated with a light ring. The control knob for each burner is used to ignite the burner and regulate the strength of the flame. The burners can be variably adjusted between the lowest and highest flame settings.
  • Page 26: Oven Controls

    Controls for the range Oven controls a Recessed  On/Off button e Optical interface For turning the oven on and off (for Miele Service only) b Remote sensor button f Back sensor button For controlling the oven via your To go back a step mobile device g Timer sensor button...
  • Page 27: On/Off Button

    Controls for the range On/Off button The  On/Off button is recessed and reacts to touch. Use this button to turn the oven on and off. Proximity sensor (MotionReact) The proximity sensor is located under the touch display next to the Back sensor button.
  • Page 28: Sensor Buttons

    MobileStart function is available. As long as this sensor button is illuminated, you can control the oven via your mobile device (see “Settings – Miele@home”). Back Depending on which menu you are in, this will take you back a level or back to the main menu.
  • Page 29: Touch Display

    Controls for the range Touch display The sensitive surface of the touch display can be scratched by pointed or sharp objects, e.g., pens. Only touch the display with your fingers. Make sure that water cannot get behind the touch display. The touch display is split into multiple areas.
  • Page 30: Symbols

    The system lock or sensor lock is on (see “Settings – Safety”). The controls are locked.  Core temperature when using the probe  Remote control (only appears if you are in the Miele@home system and have selected the  |  setting) Remote Control ...
  • Page 31: Using The Appliance

    Using the appliance You operate the oven via the touch Entering numbers with the roller display by tapping the menu option you  Swipe the roller up or down until the want. desired value is displayed in the center. Each time you tap a possible option, the relevant characters (word and/or ...
  • Page 32: Entering Letters

    The Remote sensor button lights up.  Keep your finger on the highlighted You can operate your oven remotely field and drag it to the location you with the Miele app. want. Directly operating on the oven takes priority over operating it via the remote control function on the app.
  • Page 33: Features

    Range. designed for Miele Ranges. Have this information available if you These can be ordered from the Miele need to contact Miele so that any web store, Miele Customer Service, or issues can be rectified as quickly as from your Miele dealer.
  • Page 34 Features Universal tray and Wire Rack with FlexiClips with Wire Rack anti-tip safety notches HFCBBR 30-2 The wireless roast probe antenna on the top right of the oven interior is at risk of damage when sliding in accessories. When sliding in accessories, take care not to bang them against the wireless roast probe.
  • Page 35 Features The perforated round baking pan HBFP 27-1 has been specially developed for baked goods made from fresh yeast dough, and for baking bread and rolls. The tiny perforations assist in browning the underside of baked goods.  Insert the FlexiClips with Wire Rack They can also be used for dehydrating onto the level (1.) and slide them or drying food.
  • Page 36 HUB Gourmet Casserole Dishes Accessories for cleaning and care HBD Gourmet Casserole Dish lids - Opener Miele Gourmet Casserole Dishes can be The opener is used for removing the placed directly on the wire rack. The cover from the oven lighting.
  • Page 37: Gas Cooktop Safety Features

    Features Gas cooktop safety features PerfectClean treated surfaces PerfectClean surfaces have very good Automatic re-ignition non-stick properties making them Your gas cooktop features automatic exceptionally easy to clean. re-ignition. If a gas flame is Food can be easily removed from these extinguished, e.g., by food boiling over surfaces.
  • Page 38: Before First Use

    - a Wi-Fi network Therefore, the availability of featured functions cannot be guaranteed. - the Miele app - a Miele user account You can create Miele@home availability a user account via the Miele app. The ability to use the Miele app...
  • Page 39: Basic Settings

    Setting up Miele@home The appliance is now ready for use. will appear on the Set up Miele@home? display.  To set up Miele@home immediately, select Continue  To set it up at a later date, select Skip See “Settings – Miele@home” for information on setting up at a later date.
  • Page 40: Cleaning The Cooktop Before Heating It Up For The First Time

    Before first use Cleaning the cooktop before Heating up the oven for the heating it up for the first time first time and rinsing the steam injection system The metal components have a protective coating. The cooktop may New ovens may have a slight odor have a slight odor and give off vapor when they are heated up for the first when heated up for the first time.
  • Page 41 Before first use  Set the highest possible temperature. Cleaning the oven compartment after heating it up for the first time  Select Continue  Risk of injury caused by hot  Select Automatic surfaces.  Select Continue The oven gets hot during operation. You could burn yourself on the The oven heating, lighting, and cooling heating elements, oven...
  • Page 42: Using The Gas Cooktop

    Using the gas cooktop - Unlike cookware that is used on an Energy-saving tips electric cooktop, the bottom of - Cook in covered pots and pans if cookware used on a gas cooktop possible. Doing so will prevent does not have to be flat to deliver unnecessary heat loss.
  • Page 43: Switching On The Burner

    Using the gas cooktop Switching on the burner Switching on during a power failure Do not turn the control knob clockwise past the Off position.  If there has been a power failure, the automatic re-ignition feature will When a control knob is activated, a not work properly.
  • Page 44: Adjusting The Flame

    Using the gas cooktop Appearance of the gas flames Adjusting the flame The burners can be variably adjusted Yellow flames between the lowest and highest flame Contact settings. Customer Service. As the outer part of the flame is much hotter than the center, the tips of the flames should stay beneath the pan Yellow tips on base.
  • Page 45: Using The Oven

    Using the oven - Most food can be cooked using Energy-saving tips Convection Bake/Convection Roast  . Cooking programs Because the blower distributes the heat in the oven compartment - If possible, use the automatic straight away, it allows you to use a programs for cooking food.
  • Page 46 Using the oven Residual heat utilization Settings - The temperature in cooking programs - Select the Display  | QuickTouch  | using temperatures above 285°F  setting for the control elements in (140°C) which take longer than order to reduce energy consumption. 30 minutes to cook can be turned - Select the  |...
  • Page 47: Changing Values And Settings For A Cooking Program

    Using the oven  Turn the oven on. Changing values and settings for a cooking program The main menu will appear. Depending on the operating mode, as  Place the food in the oven. soon as a cooking program is in ...
  • Page 48: Setting Additional Durations

    Using the oven  Select  or  Setting additional durations Timer  Set the required times. Cooking results can be adversely  Confirm with OK. affected if there is a long delay between the food being placed in the Changing set durations oven and the start of cooking.
  • Page 49: Preheating The Oven

    Using the oven Canceling a cooking program without - Cakes and pastries with a short a set cooking duration cooking duration (approx. 30 minutes or less) as well as delicate items (e.g.,  Select Finish sponge) with the Surround   The main menu will appear. operating mode (without the Booster  function)
  • Page 50: Preheat

    Using the oven Turning Booster on or off for a Turning Preheat on cooking program Preheat  function can be used with If you have selected the  | any operating mode and has to be Booster  setting, you can turn the function off turned on separately for each cooking separately for a cooking program.
  • Page 51: Keep Warm

    Using the oven On the other hand, you can also turn on compartment temperature for keeping the function separately for a cooking food warm will be approx. 70°F (20°C) program if you have selected the greater than the core temperature. Rapid cooling  |...
  • Page 52: Crisp Function

    Using the oven Keep warm Turning Crisp function on Rapid cooling  functions are turned on. Crisp function function can be used Once the cooking program has finished, with any operating mode and has to be the door opens a little automatically. turned on separately for each cooking The cooling fan cools the food and the program.
  • Page 53: Settings

    Settings Settings overview Menu option Available settings ... |  |  | ... Language  deutsch english Location Time Display * |  | Night dimming Clock type * | Analog Digital Clock format 24 h  | 12 h (am/pm) Date Lighting “On” for 15 seconds Start screen Main menu Operating modes...
  • Page 54 * | always on  | Switch the appliance on  | Acknowledge buzzer * | Safety System Lock   | Sensor Lock  | Miele@home Activate Deactivate Connection status Set up again Reset Set up Remote Control SuperVision SuperVision display  | Display in standby * |...
  • Page 55 Settings Menu option Available settings RemoteUpdate         Calibrate temperature Electrical version 208V / 60Hz 220V / 60Hz 240V / 60Hz Probe Software version Legal information Open Source Licenses Showroom Program Demo Mode  | Factory default Appliance settings Favorites...
  • Page 56: Opening The "Settings" Menu

     |  setting, all sensor WiFi network and signed into the buttons will react to touch straight Miele app, the time will be away and the proximity sensor will synchronized based on the location automatically detect when you setting in the Miele app.
  • Page 57: Date

    Settings Date Display Set the date. Brightness The display brightness is represented When the oven is turned off, the date by a segment bar. will only appear on the display if the Time  | Clock type  | Digital  setting has - ...
  • Page 58: Volume

    Settings Volume Booster  function is automatically Buzzer Tones turned on during the preheating phase of a cooking program. The If audible signals are turned on, an browning/broiling element, ring audible signal will sound when the set heating element, and fan all preheat temperature is reached and at the end the oven compartment to the of a set time.
  • Page 59: Keep Warm

    Settings Recommended temperatures Rapid cooling  function is turned If you often cook with temperatures that off. The door remains closed at the differ from the default, the end of the cooking program. The recommended temperatures can be cooling fan cools the food and the changed.
  • Page 60: Motionreact (Motionreact)

    Settings Time controlled The cooling fan turns off after a The proximity sensor does not period of about 25 minutes. respond when you approach the touch display. Press the Light sensor Condensation can damage the button to turn the oven interior cabinet carcase and the countertop. lighting on for 15 seconds.
  • Page 61: Miele@Home

    The system lock is now deactivated. This setting is only visible if You can use the oven as normal. Miele@home is activated. Miele@home remains set up; the WiFi Sensor Lock function is turned off. The sensor lock prevents the cooking...
  • Page 62: Remote Control

    Miele@home. right-hand corner of the display. Remote Control  function is turned off. SuperVision If you have installed the Miele app on your mobile device, have access to the Display in standby Miele@home system, and have SuperVision  function is also...
  • Page 63: Remoteupdate

    Please note the following information Miele@home have been met (see about the RemoteUpdate function: “Before using for the first time – - You will only receive a message when Miele@home”).
  • Page 64: Electrical Version

    The oven is factory set to automatically detect the probe. Factory default If you have purchased a new Miele Appliance settings probe, you must enter a 12-digit code Any settings that have been altered for this setting. You can then start using will be reset to the factory default the probe.
  • Page 65: Alarm + Timer

    Alarm + Timer Using the Timer sensor button, you can Changing an alarm set a timer (e.g., for boiling eggs) or an  Select the alarm on the display or alarm for a specific time. select the Timer sensor button and the alarm you want. Two alarms, two timers, or an alarm and a timer can be set simultaneously.
  • Page 66: Using The Timer Function

    Alarm + Timer If you are cooking at the same time or if Using the Timer function you are in a different menu, the timer The  timer can be used to time other duration and  will appear in the top activities in the kitchen, e.g., boiling right-hand corner of the display.
  • Page 67: Main And Submenus

    Main and submenus As different countries have different preferences when it comes to preparing food, the temperatures in °F and °C may not match. The temperatures are defined as they are specified in the table. Menu Recommended Range temp.   Operating Modes Convection Bake/Convection Roast  ...
  • Page 68 Main and submenus Menu Recommended Range temp. Convection Broil   400°F (200°C) 200–500°F (100–260°C) Automatic Programs   Special Modes   Defrost 100°F (25°C) 75–150°F (25–50°C) Dehydrate 150°F (60°C) 85–175°F (30–70°C) Warm-up Cookware 175°F (80°C) 125–225°F (50–100°C) Proof Proof for 15 minutes –...
  • Page 69: Moisture Plus

    Moisture Plus Your oven is equipped with a steam Suitable food injection system for cooking with One burst of steam takes about 5– moisture. When baking, roasting, and 8 minutes. The number of bursts of cooking with the Moisture steam and when they are injected will   operating mode, optimized Plus depend on the type of food being...
  • Page 70: Starting A Cooking Program With Moisture Plus

    Moisture Plus Selecting the bursts of steam Starting a cooking program with Moisture Plus The oven automatically draws in water and triggers the bursts of steam at It is normal for condensation to form specific times. You will hear the pump on the inside of the door during steam briefly during this process.
  • Page 71 Moisture Plus  Set the times for the bursts of steam Manual as required. You can release the bursts of steam as soon as Burst of steam appears and Start  Select Continue is shown in green. The oven heating and cooling fan will turn on.
  • Page 72: Automatic Programs

    Automatic Programs With the wide range of automatic Usage notes programs, you can achieve excellent - After cooking, allow the oven results with ease. compartment to cool down to room temperature again before starting a Categories automatic program. The automatic programs  are sorted - Some automatic programs require a into categories to provide a better preheating phase before food can be...
  • Page 73: Search

    Automatic Programs Search (Depending on language) Under Automatic Programs , you can search by the name of the categories and the automatic programs. This search is a full-text search and can also be used to search for parts of words. From the main menu: ...
  • Page 74: Special Modes

    Special Modes Tips This section provides information on the following applications: - Remove the packaging and place the - Defrost frozen food on the universal tray or in a suitable bowl or dish. - Dehydrate - Use the universal tray with the wire - Warm-up Cookware rack placed on top of it for defrosting - Proof...
  • Page 75: Dehydrate

    Special Modes Dehydrate Food for  °F [°C]  [h] drying Dehydrating or drying is a traditional 140-160 method of preserving fruit, certain Fruit  2–8 (60–70) vegetables, and herbs. 130-150  Vegetables 4–12 It is important to check that fruit and (55–65) vegetables are fresh, ripe and 115-125...
  • Page 76: Warm-Up Cookware

    Special Modes Warm-up Cookware Proof By preheating the dishware, the food This mode is designed specifically for does not cool down as quickly. proofing dough.  Select Special Modes  . Use heat-resistant dishware.  Select Proof  Place the wire rack on shelf level 3 and place the dishware to be heated ...
  • Page 77: Slow Roasting

    Special Modes  As soon as the cooking program has Slow Roasting finished, you can carve the meat Slow Roasting  method is ideal for straight from the oven. It does not cooking beef, pork, veal, or lamb when need to rest. you want a tender result.
  • Page 78 Special Modes Using the Slow Roasting Special Using the Surround operating mode Mode Use the universal tray with the wire Observe the information under rack placed on top of it. “Roasting – Precision Probe”. Turn off the  function for the Booster preheating phase. ...
  • Page 79 Special Modes Cooking durations/core temperatures Always observe USDA/CFIA food safety guidelines. Meat Cooking Core temperature duration Beef tenderloin, approx. 2.2 lbs (1 kg) - rare 60–80 min 113–119°F (45–48°C) 75–85 min 129–135°F (54–57°C) - medium 110–130 min 145–151°F (63–66°C) - well done Prime rib, approx. 2.2 lbs (1 kg) - rare 70–80 min 113–119°F (45–48°C)
  • Page 80: Sabbath Program

    Special Modes After around 1 hour, this information will Sabbath Program turn off from time to time. You can open Sabbath Program Yom-Tov the door when this message is not Special Modes help to support religious shown. observance.  Place the food in the oven. The oven heats up to the temperature Special Mode ends Sabbath Program...
  • Page 81: Canning

    Special Modes Preparing fruit and vegetables Canning The instructions are for 6 jars with a  Risk of infection from bacteria. capacity of 1 liter each. The spores of the botulinum bacterium are not sufficiently killed Only use special jars for canning by canning legumes and meat only (preserving jars or jars with a screw once.
  • Page 82 Special Modes Canning fruit and vegetables Removing the jars after canning  Set the specified post-canning  Risk of injury caused by hot warming temperature as soon as surfaces. bubbles are visible in the jars, then The jars will be very hot after leave the jars in the warm oven for canning.
  • Page 83: Frozen Food/Ready Meals

    Special Modes Preparing frozen food/ready meals Frozen food/ready meals Handling and cooking food correctly Tips for cakes, pizza, and baguettes is essential for maintaining good - Bake cakes, pizza, and baguettes on health. parchment paper on the wire rack. Cakes, pizzas, and French fries - Use the lowest temperature should be cooked until golden, not dark brown.
  • Page 84: Mymiele

    MyMiele Under MyMiele  , you can save Deleting entries frequently used applications.  Select MyMiele  . It is particularly useful with the  Touch the entry you want to delete automatic programs as you do not need and keep your finger on it until the to work through every screen in order to context menu appears.
  • Page 85: Favorites

    Favorites You can create and save up to 20 of If you select the Preheat  function, use your own programs. to add another cooking stage where you set a cooking duration. - You can combine up to 10 cooking Only then can you save or start the stages to accurately program your program.
  • Page 86 Favorites Starting a Favorite Use   Info to display information such as how to place or turn the food  Place the food in the oven. depending on the cooking program.  Select Favorites  . During the cooking program, you can ...
  • Page 87 Favorites Renaming Favorites Moving Favorites  Select  Select Favorites  . Favorites  .  Touch the program you want to  Touch the program you want to move change and keep your finger on it and keep your finger on it until the until the context menu appears.
  • Page 88: Baking

    Baking Using parchment paper Handling and cooking food correctly is essential for maintaining good Miele accessories, e.g., the universal health. tray, are treated with PerfectClean (see Cakes, pizzas, and French fries “Features”). Surfaces treated with should be cooked until golden, not PerfectClean generally do not need to dark brown.
  • Page 89: Notes On The Operating Modes

    Baking Using Moisture Plus  Notes on the operating modes Use this operating mode with your You can find an overview of all the preferred type of heating for cooking operating modes with their with moisture injection. recommended values in “Main and submenus”.
  • Page 90: Roasting

    Roasting - Do not add too much liquid during Always observe USDA/CFIA food cooking as this will hinder the safety guidelines. browning process. Browning only occurs towards the end of the Tips for roasting cooking duration. Remove the lid - You can use all dishware made from about halfway through the cooking temperature-resistant materials, e.g., duration if you want a more intensive...
  • Page 91: Notes On The Operating Modes

    Roasting Selecting the  cooking duration Convection Roast   operating mode allows you to use a lower  Check whether the food is cooked temperature than you would with the shortly before the end of the specified Surround   operating mode, because cooking duration. the heat is immediately distributed throughout the oven compartment.
  • Page 92: Probe

    Roasting The core temperature can be set up to Probe 210°F (99°C). Information on food and Risk of injury. The metal tip of the respective core temperatures can be probe can cause injury. found in “Special Modes – Slow Roasting”. The cooking duration will be similar for cooking processes with or without the probe.
  • Page 93 Roasting When to use the probe  Risk of breakage! Some automatic programs and Special Do not use the wireless probe to lift Modes will prompt you to use the or carry the food. probe. In addition please note: You can also use the probe with Favorites and with the following - The meat can be placed in a pot or operating modes:...
  • Page 94 Roasting - The wireless probe can only be  Danger of injury caused by hot inserted horizontally into flat foods surfaces. such as fish. The handle of the probe can get hot. You can burn yourself on the handle. If the wireless probe is no longer Wear pot holders when removing the recognized during cooking, a message probe from its socket.
  • Page 95: Broiling

    Broiling - The tray under the insert will collect  Risk of injury caused by hot the meat juices and stop them from surfaces. burning so that they can be used for If you broil with the door open, the making gravy and sauces.
  • Page 96: Notes On The Operating Modes

    Broiling Selecting the  cooking duration Using Maxi Broil   Broil thinner cuts of meat/slices of Use this operating mode to broil flat thin fish for approx. 6–8 minutes per side. cuts in large quantities and for browning It is best to broil food of a similar large baked dishes.
  • Page 97: Gas Cooktop Cleaning And Care

    Gas cooktop cleaning and care Unsuitable cleaning agents  Danger of injury caused by hot burners. To avoid damaging the surfaces of your The burners will be hot after use. appliance, do not use: Turn off the cooktop. - cleaning agents containing soda, Allow the burners to cool down alkali, ammonia, acids, or chlorides before cleaning the cooktop.
  • Page 98 Gas cooktop cleaning and care Tip: Food which boils over on a hot Cleaning the normal/power burners cooktop can cause discoloration of the The burner cap is not dishwasher- burner components. Remove any safe. soiling and salt and sugar splashes immediately.
  • Page 99: Cleaning And Care Of The Oven

    Cleaning and care of the oven - Abrasive cleaning agents  Risk of injury caused by hot (e.g., powder cleaners and cream surfaces. cleaners) The oven gets hot during operation. - Solvent-based cleaning agents You could burn yourself on the heating elements, oven - Stainless steel cleaning agents compartment, or accessories.
  • Page 100: Removing Normal Soiling

    Cleaning and care of the oven Tip: Soiling caused by spilled fruit Removing stubborn soiling juices and cake mixtures is best Do not line the oven (e.g., with removed while the oven is still warm. aluminum foil) and do not use Use caution and make sure the oven is standard oven cleaners unless they not too hot.
  • Page 101: Cleaning The Oven Compartment With Self Clean

    Cleaning and care of the oven Preparing for Self Clean Cleaning the oven compartment with Self clean Accessories that are not suitable for the Self Clean program will be Instead of cleaning the oven damaged by the high temperatures. compartment by hand, you can run the   function.
  • Page 102 Cleaning and care of the oven Starting Self Clean Starting Self Clean at a later time  To start the Self Clean program later,  Danger of injury caused by hot select Start at surfaces.  Confirm with OK. The oven gets much hotter during the Self Clean program than during ...
  • Page 103 Cleaning and care of the oven  There is a fiberglass seal around the Risk of injury caused by hot oven compartment which seals the surfaces. inside of the glass oven door and At the end of the Self Clean program, can be damaged by rubbing and the oven will still be very hot.
  • Page 104: Removing The Door

    Cleaning and care of the oven Removing the door You could damage the oven if you remove the door incorrectly. The door weighs approx. 39.7 lbs Do not pull the door horizontally off (19 kg). its retainers, as they will spring back against the oven.
  • Page 105: Installing The Door

    Cleaning and care of the oven  Open the door fully. Installing the door If the locking clamps are not locked, the door could become loose, resulting in damage. Ensure that the locking clamps are locked after reinstalling the door. ...
  • Page 106: Side Rack Removal

    Cleaning and care of the oven Side rack removal  Danger of injury caused by hot surfaces. The oven gets hot during operation. You could burn yourself on the heater elements, oven compartment, or accessories. Allow the heating elements, oven compartment, and accessories to cool before removing the side racks.
  • Page 107: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions With the help of the following guide minor faults in the performance of the machine, some of which may result from incorrect operation, can be remedied without contacting the Service Department. This guide may help you to find the reason for the fault, and how to correct it. Problem Possible cause and solution The burners do not ig-...
  • Page 108 The ignitor does not The breaker in the building’s wiring system has function properly. tripped.  Contact a qualified electrician or Miele Customer Service if necessary. There is food residue stuck between the ignitor and the burner cap.  Remove any soiling (See “Gas cooktop cleaning and care”).
  • Page 109  Check if the breaker has tripped. If it has, contact a qualified electrician or Miele Customer Service. If the display does not respond, there is a fault with the controls.
  • Page 110  Turn off the microwave when you are using the wireless probe. If the probe is still not being recognized, it is faulty. You can purchase a new probe from your Miele dealer or from Miele Customer Service. The steam injection system is faulty.
  • Page 111 Frequently Asked Questions Problem Possible cause and solution The oven has turned it- To save power, the oven turns off automatically if a self off. button is not pressed after a certain amount of time or after a cooking program has ended. ...
  • Page 112 Lighting  | “On” for 15 seconds  setting. The oven interior lighting is faulty.  Contact Miele Customer Service. The oven interior light- The halogen lamp is faulty. ing does not turn on.  Danger of injury caused by hot surfaces.
  • Page 113: Customer Service

    You can register your product and/or Miele dealer or Miele Customer Service. view the manufacturer´s warranty terms and conditions for Miele appliances and You can book a Miele Service Call vacuum cleaners at online at Contact information for Miele Customer Service can be found at the end of this document.
  • Page 114: Caring For The Environment

    Consult with local authorities, dealers or Miele in order to dispose of and recycle electrical and electronic appliances. Miele assumes no responsibility for deleting any personal data left on the appliance being disposed.
  • Page 115: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of conformity Compliance Statement Radio Modules This device complies with Part 15 of the This device contains the following food FCC Rules and contains licence- probe radio module: exempt transmitter(s)/receiver(s) that FCC ID SSVNAEPI02 comply with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s IC ID 5669B-NAEPI02...
  • Page 116: Copyrights And Licenses

    This software/these software components are protected by copyright. The copyrights held by Miele and third parties must be respected. In addition, the integrated communication module contains software components which are distributed under open source licensing terms.
  • Page 119 Customer Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre Princeton, NJ 08540 161 Four Valley Drive Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 Customer Support Phone: 888-99-MIELE (64353) Customer Care Centre
  • Page 120 HR 1924-3 DF en-US, CA M.-Nr. 11 919 010 / 01...

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