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Safety Instructions - LG RC8003C Use And Care Manual

Condensing dryer
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afety instructions
To help reduce any risk of electric shock, fire, or other personal or property injury
when using your dryer, please follow basic safety instructions.
Serious injury or death may occur when not observing the following rules.
Not allowed actions.
• Your dryer is only for 230V.
Before plugging power cord,
make sure cord is grounded
and connected to circuit
No grounding may cause
breakdowns or an electric
• Do not plug with several other
appliances power cords.
Abnormal heating of outlet
may cause a fire.
• Disassembly or revision
should be conducted by an
experienced service person.
It may cause breakdowns, a
fire or an electric shock.
• Keep the dryer away from
electric stove, candle and any
inflammable objects.
It may cause melting of some
parts or a fire.
• Do not a damage power cord
or place heavy objects on the
The damaged power cord
may cause a fire or an
electric shock.
• Do not grasp power cord or
switch with wet hands.
It may cause an electric
• Disconnect the power cord by
grasping the plug, not the
It may cause cutting off
wires so results in hot heat or
a fire.
• Wipe out the dirts and stains
around the power cord and
insert firmly to the socket.
Dirts around it and improper
connection may cause a fire.



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