Caring For Your Dryer - LG RC8003C Use And Care Manual

Condensing dryer
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aring for Your Dryer
How important care and cleaning is~
It's not very difficult to care for your dryer. All you have
to do is to follow the information below.
Clean Lint Filter
Clean lint filter after each use and check it before each
use. It should also be cleaned if the ''Clean Filter'' light
becomes illuminated and the buzzer sounds during
operation of the dryer:
Cleaning or emptying the filter will reduce drying times
and energy consumption and lengthen the dryer life.
1. Open the door.
2. Pull the filter out.
3. Clean the filter by
using a vacuum
cleaner or rinsing
under the tap.
4. Replace the filter.
- Push the filter all
the way down to
Interference with
the door.
5. Close the door.
Wash the lint screen in warm, soapy water.
Dry thoroughly and replace.
Clean lint filter during a cycle
If "Clean Filter " indicator lamp flashes during
operation, clean the filter promptly.
1. Cool the dryer down and follow the mentioned
2. Press the start/Pause button.
Empty water container
Condensed water is collected to water container
You should empty the water container after every
use. Not doing this may result in improper drying
If water container is full, "Empty Water"
Lamp glows and a buzzer sounds while the dryer is
operating. In this case, water container must be
emptied in 1 hour
1. Draw water
container out.
2. Empty water
container to
3. Push it back.
4. Press the Start/Pause button.
High speed spinning, while washing, makes
better energy consumption.
A high surrounding temperature & a small room
might increase the drying time as well as energy
The condensed water is not suitable for
If the laundry is not spun at high speed,
while washing, energy consumption and the
Drying time will increase.
In some case,the laundry lamp flashes
"Empty Water ",then the dryer might stop.



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