Additional Functions - LG RC8003C Use And Care Manual

Condensing dryer
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dditional Functions
This is used to lengthen the cycle time by
decreasing temperature.
Buzzer Off
This is about buzzer sound on/off.
After power is on and you select cycle, buzzer
will sound when you press a certain button on
the panel.
If you don't like to hear that sound, just press
Buzzer Off button. The Buzzer is then turned -off.
Anti-Crease is functioning to prevent creases and
rumples that are formed when the laundry is not
unloaded promptly at the end of drying cycle. In
this function, the dryer repeatedly runs and
pauses to the cycle end.
If the door is open during Anti-Crease process,
this function is cancelled.
Time Delay (
You can use the Time Delay function to delay the
finishing time of drying cycle.
Maximum Time Delay is 19 hours.
Minimum Time Delay is 3 hours.
1. Turn the dryer on
2. Select cycle
3. Set time delay hour
4. Press Start/Pause button
More Time/Less Time
Press More Time or Less Time until the desired
drying time is set.
These buttons are available only with Timed
Drying, before you push Start/Pause button.
Child Lock (
For the safety of your children, press Gentle and
Buzzer off buttons at the same time for about 3
seconds. You can see "
For "
" off, press Gentle and Buzzer off
buttons at the same time for about 3 seconds.
" sign on LED



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