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LG GB7138AEVW1 Owner's Manual page 6

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Important Safety Instruction
Do not use or store
inflammable materials ether,
benzene, alcohol, medicine,
LP gas, spray or cosmetics
near or in the fridge-freezer.
It may cause explosion or fire.
Do not place the lit candle
within the fridge-freezer to
deodorize. Do not use drier to
dry the inside, nor light a
candle to remove odor.
It may cause explosion or fire.
Do not store the medicine or
the academic materials at the
When the material with the strict
temperature control is stored, it
may be deteriorated or it may
make an unexpected reaction to
cause any risk.
Do not use the combustible
spray near the fridge- freezer.
It may cause fire.
Avoid the heating devices.
Install in places away from
the fire such as the place
where flammable gas is
It may cause fire.
Do not place flower vase, cup,
cosmetics, medicine or any
container with water on the
It may cause fire, electric shock or
injury by dropping down.
In case of thunder and
lightning, or not in use for a
long period of time, detach the
power plug.
There is a danger of electric shock
or fire.
Use the submerged fridge-
freezer after checking it.
It may cause electric shock or fire.
When gas is leaked, do not touch the fridge-
freezer or the outlet and ventilate the room
• The explosion by spark may
cause fire or burn.
• Because this fridge-freezer
uses natural gas (isobutane,
The Academic
R600a) as the environment-
friendly refrigerant, even a
small amount (80~90 g) is combustible. When
the gas is leaked by the severe damage during
delivering, installing or using the fridge-freezer,
any spark may cause fire or burn.
Do not spray water at the
outside or the inside of the
fridge-freezer or do not clean
it with benzene or thinner.
Deterioration of insulation of
electric parts may cause electric
shock or fire.
When any strange smell or
smoke is detected from the
fridge-freezer, disconnect
the power plug immediately
and contact to the service
It may cause fire.

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