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LG Refrigerator-freezer Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for LG Refrigerator-freezer

  • Page 1 REFRIGERATOR FREEZER P/No.:MFL63264204...
  • Page 2 Refrigerator compartment Multi-use compartment Energy-Saving Energy-Saving Method Method 220-240V/50Hz.
  • Page 4 The dedicated outlet should be used. • Using several devices at one outlet may cause fire. • The electric leakage breaker may damage food and the dispenser may be leaked. Do not allow the power plug to face upward or to be squeezed at the back of the refrigerator.
  • Page 5 Do not allow the power cord bent or pressed by the heavy object to be damaged. It may damage the power cord to cause fire or electric shock. Do not extend or modify the length of the power plug. It causes electric shock or fire by the electric damage of the power cord or others.
  • Page 6 When the power cord or the power plug is damaged or the holes of the outlet are loosed, do not use them. It may cause electric shock or short circuit to make fire. Wait for 5 minutes or longer when reconnecting the plug.
  • Page 7 Do not place the lit candle within the fridge-freezer to deodorize. Do not use drier to dry the inside, nor light a candle to remove odor. It may cause explosion or fire. Don’t insert the hands into the automatic ice maker. (Only for the model with the automatic ice maker) It may cause injury.
  • Page 8 Use the submerged refrigerator after checking it. It may cause electric shock or fir. In case of thunder and lightning, or not in use for a long period of time, detach the power plug. There is a danger of electric shock or fire. When gas is leaked, do not touch the refrigerator or the outlet and ventilate the room immediately.
  • Page 9 Do not use the refrigerator for non-domestic purpose (storing medicine or testing material, using at the ship, etc.). It may cause an unexpected risk such as fire, electric shock, deterioration of stored material or chemical reaction. When disposing the refrigerator, remove the packing material from the door or take off the doors but leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside.
  • Page 10 When the electricity is off for long time, remove ice from the ice box. · Ice may melt due to long-time power failure. Supply the automatic ice maker only with drinkable water. (Only for the model with the automatic ice maker) .
  • Page 12 Multi-air Flow Duct General shelf (1 or 2) Door rack Door rack Folder shelf (optional) Small drawer Sliding Tray Bottle Door rack Bottle Door rack Water tank Vegetable drawer Multi-use Compartment (1 or 2) Automatic ice maker Freezer Compartment (Top) Ice box Transparent shallow draw in the freezer...
  • Page 13 1. Select a good location.Place your fridge-freezer where Keep it at a it is easy to use. proper distance 2. Avoid placing the unit near heat sources, direct sunlight More than 5cm to back or moisture. 3. To ensure proper air circulation around the fridge -freezer, please maintain sufficient space on both the sides as well as top and maintain at least 2 inches (5cm) from the rear wall.
  • Page 14 Function display board Type-2 Type-1 FRIDGE Temperature FRIDGE adjustment button for Refrigerator compartment REF/FRZ Temperature REF/FRZ Adjustment button for Multi-use compartment FREEZER FREEZER Temperature Adjustment button for freezer compartment Lock Button...
  • Page 15 You can adjust temperature of the freezer compartment, refrigerator compartment and multi-use compartment. How to adjust the Refrigerator compartment temperature adjustment temperature in the refrigerator When you press” “ button, the temperature of FRIDGE compartment refrigerator compartment is repeated in the following FRIDGE order: 4°C →...
  • Page 16 Function Refrigerator In order to save electricity when no food needs to be stored in the refrigerator “ECO” compartment, you can select the Refrigerator ECO function, that is, to turn off the refrigerator compartment. To put the refrigerator in the stop state, press “ ”...
  • Page 17 Function Lock • Pressing this button stops operation of other buttons. • Locking or Unlocking is repeated whenever pressing the “ ” button. (For “Locking” or “UnLocking” press the “ ” button for 2 secs.) • When you use the “ ”...
  • Page 18: Ice Making

    Ice making How to make ice Fill water in the water tank 1. Take out the water tank when its water level is below the water supply line. * It is recommended to wash the water tank once a week. water tank 2.
  • Page 19 Ice making Make ice 6. Turn the switch of the ice maker to ON to start ice making. ¹ Ø ¿ ª 7. When the ice bin is full, the ice comes in touch with the sensing lever and the ice maker stops making ice automatically.
  • Page 20: Refrigerator Compartment

    Refrigerator compartment Basket In order to store tall foods, move the door shelves to change the height between the shelves. Remove the shelf by lifting it upwards, and then install it at desired position. General Shelf In order to store tall foods, move the shelves to change the height between them.
  • Page 21 Sliding Tray The sliding tray can slide freely to avoid the inconvenience of accessing the foods placed at the rear side of the shelf. Multi-use compartment When store vegetables and fruits, set the multi-use compartment temperature to 1-7°C; When store fish and meat for a short time, set the temperature to below 0 .
  • Page 22: Energy-Saving Method

    Energy-Saving Method Energy-Saving Method • Install the fridge in a shady,cool and well-ventilated place. • Do not open and close the door frequently if not necessary. • Please do not keep the door open for a long time, close door in the shortest time.
  • Page 23 Suggestion on food storage Location on foods TYPE-1 TYPE-1 TYPE-2 Suggestions Door rack Bottle door rack on refrigerator Store small packages storage Store water and of milk or spices. beverage. General self (1 or 2) Folder shelf (optional) Store refrigerated food For instructions on (The foods should be how to use, refer to...
  • Page 24 Suggestion on food storage Suggestions Drawer (1 or 2) on multi-use compartment Store refrigerated or frozen foods. Suggestions Drawer (top) Ice maker on freezer For instructions on Store frozen food for a compartment how to make ice, long time. refer to the user guide.
  • Page 25 Suggestion on food storage Note When store vegetables and fruits, set the multi-use compartment temperature Multi-use to 1-7°C. When store fish and meat for a short time, set the temperature to compartment below 0 . Therefore, always check the temperature setting before store foods.
  • Page 26 Care and maintenance Note General shelf • Lift the inside of the shelf and pull it out to and Folder shelf remove the shelf; • Wash the removed shelf with water and wipe it clean using a dry soft cloth; •...
  • Page 27 Care and maintenance The drawer of 1. For some models, small drawer should be taken out beforehand. 2. Pull the drawer all the way out, lift the outside of the whole set of the multi-use drawers and pull out slightly, then lift the white plastic drawer and take it compartment out.
  • Page 28 Care and maintenance The drawer 1. Pull the drawer of the freezer (lower) all the way out; 2. Remove the transparent shallow drawer; (buttom) 3. Lift the whole set of drawer and pull out to remove it; of freezer compartment 4.
  • Page 29 Care and maintenance Be sure to unplug the power. Always remove power cord from the wall outlet prior to cleaning in the vicinity of electrical parts (lamps, switches, controls, etc.). Wipe up excess moisture with a sponge or cloth to prevent water or liquid from getting into any electrical part and causing an electric shock.
  • Page 30: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance

    Care and maintenance When the ice • Discard the water in the water tank; maker is not to • Remove the ice cubes and water in the ice bin; be used for • Turn the switch of the ice maker to OFF position. a long time Replace Lighting specifications of this product: refrigerator compartment lamp power:...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    Care and maintenance Trouble shooting Refrigerator does not run Wait for a while until the refrigerator compartment, multi-use compartment and freezer compartment reach the set temperature. Gaps may be formed on the refrigerator compartment door, multi-use compartment drawer or freezer compartment drawer The gaskets of the refrigerator compartment door, multi-use compartment drawer or freezer...
  • Page 32 Care and maintenance Trouble shooting The freezer compartment Freezer temperature is set too is too cold but the cold. temperatures in other compartments are normal The refrigerator compartment Refigerator temperature is set too is too cold but the cold. temperatures in other compartments are normal The multi-use compartment is too cold but the temperatures...
  • Page 33 Care and maintenance Trouble shooting...
  • Page 34 Care and maintenance Trouble shooting The door or drawer is closed with so Close the door or drawer gently. The door or drawer much force that other drawers and door are opened. is not closed tightly The drawer is stuck by packing bag or Remove the food that blocks the drawer The drawer is hard the food in the drawer is too heavy.
  • Page 35 Memo...