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Ice Making; Defrosting - LG GB7138AEVW1 Owner's Manual

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Ice Making

• Take out the twist ice maker, fill it up and put it
back to it's original location.
• Ice will be dropped into the ice
storage bin by rotating Ice
separation handle of ice making
• You can make ice and also use
this space as a storage space for
Frozen food. Removing (1)
(Twist ice maker) as shown in
the picture.
• Rotating the ice separation handle before ice is
fully frozen may cause the remaining water
drop into the ice storage bin to lump the ice
• Take the ice out of the ice storage bin for use
but do not pour water into the ice storage bin
to freeze the water to ice. The ice storage bin
can be Frozen and broken.
• When the ice is full, it is designed for the ice to
fall to the bottom in case the ice storage bin
can not pulled out. Be careful not to store the
ice too full.
Ice Making
• Take out container with ice tray. Fill the ice tray
to the water level and put it back.
• You can place container with ice tray in upper or
middle drawer of freezing
• If ice cubes are required
fast, press the «EXPRESS
FRZ.» button.
• To remove ice cubes, hold
the tray at its ends and
twist gently.
To remove ice cubes easily, run water on
the tray before twisting.


• Defrosting takes place automatically.
• The defrosting water flows down to the
evaporating tray and is evaporated automatically.

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Table of Contents