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LG GB7138AEVW1 Owner's Manual page 29

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NO WATER Indicator
• NO WATER mark (
display when Water Tank is not equipped with
refrigerator or no water in the Water Tank.
• NO WATER mark disappear on the display if
Water Tank filled water is re-equipped with
refrigerator. But if Water Tank filled no water is
equipped with refrigerator, NO WATER mark
disappear for a moment and NO WATER mark is
displayed again.
• The sound made while the ice is dropping to the
bin is normal. After dispensing, "thump" may be
heard as the pump operate. This is a normal
• When assembling or disassembling the water
tank, be careful not to apply excessive force as
it can damage the water tank.
• If there is no water in the water tank, you will
not able to use the Auto Ice Maker function.
• When the water in the water tank is low, the
size of the ice may be made smaller.
• When you are refilling the water to the water
tank, it is good to empty the water.
• Please fill water tank with water until 1.5L.
) appear on the
w w
• Please use potable water currently circulated
- If you soft drinks, milk and fruit juices or
ground water ( included Ca, Mg, Si, etc...) or
no filtered water, it may cause out of working.
• When you fill water tank with water, please let
hot water cool and put water tank in refrigerator
- Hot water can be caused out of working.
• Because the water tank can get heavy, don't let
children use or hold the water tank, especially
with on hand.

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Table of Contents