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Special Features - Frigidaire CGLMV169 Use & Care Manual

Over-the-range microwave oven
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Table of Contents
1. Scrambled
1 - 9 eggs
2. Bacon*
2 - 6 strips
3. Hot cereal
1 - 6
4. Heat rolls/
1 - 8 pcs.
1 - 8 pcs.
5. Frozen
breakfast foods*
(3 - 6 oz)
Lunch Items
Lunch Items is for cooking/heating foods that take a short amount
of time!
• Suppose you want to use Lunch Items to heat 2 cups of soup.
1. Touch Lunch Items pad.
2. Touch Lunch Items pad three more times to select soup.
3. Touch START pad.
After cooking, follow the directions in display.
1. Lunch Items can be programmed with More or Less Time
1. Meal in a cup
1 cup
2. Hot dogs in buns
1 - 4
3. Soup
1 - 6 cups
4. Microwave pizza
(6 - 8 oz)
5. Frozen sandwich
(3 - 6 oz)
Operating Instructions

Special Features

For each egg, use 1 teaspoon of butter or margarine and 1 tablespoon of milk. Place butter or
margarine in dish, measuring cup or casserole large enough for the egg to expand. Mix egg and milk
together. Pour on to butter or margarine in dish. Place in microwave oven and program. When audible
signals are heard, stir egg mixture moving the cooked portion to the center of the dish and uncooked
portion to the outside. After cooking, stir and let stand, covered, until set. Note that eggs will be slightly
undercooked when removed from the microwave oven.
Place bacon on paper plate, lined with paper towel. Bacon should not extend over the rim of plate. Cover
with another paper towel. Allow bacon to stand a few minutes after removing from the microwave oven to
complete the cooking.
Use individual packets or bulk cereal in your favorite variety: oatmeal, oat bran, cream of wheat, farina or
wheatena. Follow package directions for the correct amount of water or milk. To prevent boilovers, it is very
important to choose a large container because microwave cooking of cereal causes high boiling. When
microwave oven stops, stir and touch START. After cooking, stir and let stand, covered, for 2 minutes.
Use this pad to warm rolls, muffins, biscuits, bagels etc. Large items should be considered as 2 or 3
regular size. Arrange on plate: cover with paper towel.
To warm fresh rolls and muffins, touch Breakfast Items pad 5 times and touch number 1 pad. Then
enter desired quantity and touch START pad. For refrigerated rolls or muffins, it may be necessary to
double the entered amount to ensure the proper serving temperature. For example, enter quantity of 2
for 1 refrigerated muffin.
For frozen rolls and muffins, touch Breakfast Items pad 5 times and touch number 2 pad. Then enter
desired quantity and touch START pad.
This setting works well for frozen breakfast entrees, pancakes, waffles, burritos etc. Follow
manufacturer's directions for how to prepare for microwaving. Allow to stand 1 or 2 minutes after cooking.
This setting is ideal for individual portions of canned food packed in a small microwaveable container,
usually 6 to 8 ounces. Remove inner metal lid and replace outer microwaveable lid. After cooking, stir
food and allow to stand 1 or 2 minutes.
Place hot dog in bun. Wrap each with paper towel or napkin.
Place in bowl or casserole. Cover with lid or plastic wrap. At end, stir, re-cover and let stand 1 to 3 minutes.
Use for frozen microwave pizza. Remove from package and unwrap. Follow package directions for
use of package and/or silver crisping disk.
Use for frozen microwaveable sandwiches. Remove from package and follow directions for placing in
the microwave oven.
Adjustment. See page 17.
2. Each food has a cooking hint. Touch Help pad when the HELP
indicator is lighted in the display.
3. More or less than the quantity listed in the chart should be
cooked following the guidelines in any microwave cookbook.
4. The final cooking result will vary according to the food condition
(e.g. initial temperature, shape, quality). Check food for
temperature after cooking. If additional time is needed, continue
to cook manually.
It is not necessary to enter AMOUNT.
It is not necessary to enter AMOUNT.

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Table of Contents

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