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Other Convenient Features; Memory Cook; Child Lock; Audible Signal Elimination - Frigidaire CGLMV169 Use & Care Manual

Over-the-range microwave oven
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Help provides 4 features that make using your microwave oven easy
because specific instructions are provided in the interactive display.

1. Child Lock

The Child Lock prevents unwanted microwave oven operation such
as by small children. The microwave oven can be set so that the
control panel is deactivated or locked. To set, touch Help, the
number 1 and then touch the START pad. Should a pad be touched,
CHILD LOCK ON will appear in the display.
To cancel, touch Help and Clear/Off pad.

2. Audible Signal Elimination

If you wish to have the microwave oven operate with no audible
signals, touch Help, the number 2 and Clear/Off.
To cancel and restore the audible signal, touch Help, the number 2
and START.

3. Auto Start

If you wish to program your microwave oven to begin cooking
automatically at a designated time of day, follow this procedure:
• Suppose you want to start cooking a stew for 20 minutes on 50%
at 4:30. Before setting, check to make sure the clock is showing
the correct time of day.
1. Touch Help pad.
2. Touch number 3.
3. Enter numbers 4,3,0 for start time.
4. Touch Clock pad.
5. Enter cooking program by touching number 2,0,0,0 and Power
Level pad 6 times.
6. Touch START pad.
1. Auto Start can be used for manual cooking if clock is set.
2. If the microwave oven door is opened after programming Auto
Start, it is necessary to touch the START pad for Auto Start time
to appear in the readout so that the microwave oven will
automatically begin programmed cooking at the chosen Auto
Start time.
3. Be sure to choose foods that can be left in the microwave oven
safely until the Auto Start time. Acorn or butternut squash are
often a good choice.
4. If you wish to know the time of day, simply touch the Clock pad.
As long as your finger is touching the Clock pad, the time of day
will be displayed.
4. Language / Weight Selection
The microwave oven comes set for English and U.S. Customary
Unit-pounds. To change, touch Help and the number 4. Continue
to touch the number 4 until your choice is selected from the table
below. Then, touch START.
Touch number 4 once for English/LB.
Touch number 4 twice for English/KG.
Touch number 4 three times for Spanish/LB.
Touch number 4 four times for Spanish/KG.
Operating Instructions

Other Convenient Features


To set Memory Cook
Memory Cook allows you to set 1 set of cooking instructions in
memory for quick recall.
• Suppose you want to program into Memory Cook your favorite
cooking instructions for Nachos: 1 minute and 45 seconds at 70%
1. Touch Memory Cook pad.
2. Touch Memory Cook pad again to enter cooking time.
3. Touch numbers 1,4,5 to enter cooking time.
4. Touch Power Level pad 4 times for 70% power.
5. Touch Memory Cook pad.
NOTE: It is necessary to touch Memory Cook twice to enter the new
program. Memory Cook cannot be programmed with turntable off.
To use Memory Cook
• Suppose you want to cook Nachos with Memory Cook.
1. Touch Memory Cook pad.
2. Touch START pad.


Your microwave oven can be programmed for up to 4 automatic
cooking sequences, switching from one power level setting to
another automatically.
Sometimes cooking directions tell you to start on one power level
and then change to a different power level. Your microwave oven
can do this automatically.
• Suppose you want to cook roast beef for 5 minutes at 100% and
then continue to cook for 30 minutes at 50%.
1. First enter cooking time. Then touch Power Level pad once for
2. Then enter second cooking time. Touch Power Level pad 6
3. Touch START pad.
1. If Power Level pad is touched, HIGH will be displayed.
2. If 100% is selected as the final sequence, it is not necessary to
Plus 1 Min allows you to cook for a minute at 100% by simply
touching the Plus 1 Min pad. You can also extend cooking time in
multiples of 1 minute by repeatedly touching the Plus 1 Min pad
during manual cooking.
1. To use Plus 1 Min, touch pad within 3 minutes after cooking,
2. Plus 1 Min cannot be used with SENSOR COOKING,
100% power.
times for 50% power.
touch the Power Level pad.
closing the door, touching the Clear/Off pad or during cooking.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents