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Miele PT 7136 Plus Operating And Installation Instruction

Miele PT 7136 Plus Operating And Installation Instruction

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Operating and installation instructions
for vented tumble dryer
PT 7136 Plus
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the machine, it is
essential to read these instructions
before it is installed, commissioned
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 06 975 150


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Miele PT 7136 Plus

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions for vented tumble dryer PT 7136 Plus en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed, commissioned and used for the first time.
  • Page 2: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing It should be unplugged or disconnected from the mains electricity material supply by a competent person. The transport and protective packing has been selected from materials which Energy saving tips are environmentally friendly for disposal and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caring for the environment ......... . 2 Warning and Safety instructions .
  • Page 4 Contents Cleaning and care ..........27 Cleaning the fluff filter .
  • Page 5 Contents Installation - extraction ducting ........42 General .
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Any other applications may be dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable It is essential to read these for damage resulting from incorrect or instructions. improper use or operation.
  • Page 7 Miele cannot be cockroaches or other vermin, pay held liable for the consequences of an particular attention to keeping the tumble dryer and its surroundings in a inadequate earthing system (e.g.
  • Page 8 Warning and Safety instructions The tumble dryer must only be used – by fitting a window contact switch when it is connected to a suitable which ensures that the tumble dryer ducting system. The installation site can only be operated when the must be adequately ventilated.
  • Page 9 Warning and Safety instructions To prevent the risk of fire, the To prevent the risk of fire, the following textiles must not be dried in following textiles or products must not this tumble dryer: be dried in this tumble dryer: –...
  • Page 10 Warning and Safety instructions Accessories Benzine, petrol, paraffin or any easily flammable liquid must not be Only use genuine Miele spare parts stored or used near the tumble dryer. and accessories with this machine. If Fire and explosion risk! spare parts or accessories from other...
  • Page 11: Operating The Tumble Dryer

    Operating the tumble dryer Control panel a Display See the following pages for more information. b Short cut buttons For selecting an individual programme quickly. These buttons can be programmed to select your own favourite drying programmes. c Start button d PC / Optical interface This is used by service technicians to run diagnostic checks on your machine and can also be used to update programming data in the future.
  • Page 12: Displays

    Operating the tumble dryer Displays Entry menu Cottons Programme selection ... Minimum iron Settings F ... Woollens handcare 10:00 Smoothing When the machine is switched on, the entry menu with 4 favourite programmes (factory default settings which can be changed) will appear with Programme selection highlighted. Multi-function selector Turning the multi-function selector moves the highlighting to the next option.
  • Page 13 Operating the tumble dryer Programme selection menu Programme Back A selection Cottons Minimum iron Woollens handcare ^ By turning the multi-function selector you can select any programme. The highlighting will move up or down depending on the direction the multi-function selector is turned in.
  • Page 14: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Before using the machine for the first time ensure that it is correctly installed and connected. See "Installation and connection". Welcome screen When the tumble dryer is switched on for the first time, the welcome screen will appear.
  • Page 15: Notes On Laundry Care

    Notes on laundry care Care symbols – Down-filled garments have linings which have a tendency to shrink, Before drying check the drying symbol depending on the quality of the item. on the care label. If there are no They can be partially dried using the symbols, dry at your own risk! Smoothing programme.
  • Page 16: How To Dry Correctly

    How to dry correctly Brief instructions B Load the tumble dryer ^ Press the a button to open the The headings numbered (A, B, C ...) show the operating sequence and can door. be used as a brief guide to using your ^ Load the laundry loosely into the machine.
  • Page 17 How to dry correctly D Select a programme E Start the programme ^ You can select a programme either ^ Press the Start button. The Start button will light up. – using the appropriate short cut – Programme running will appear in button to select one of the four most the display, followed by Drying and frequently used programmes...
  • Page 18 How to dry correctly Estimated time remaining At the end of a programme When a programme is selected the Anti-crease (if selected) and Finish will estimated drying time will appear in the appear in the display at the end of the display.
  • Page 19: Favourite Programmes

    Favourite programmes If you wish to programme the short cut buttons to call up your four most frequently used drying programmes the Save to short cut option must be activated by a Miele service technician. Selecting/changing a favourite ^ Close the door.
  • Page 20 Favourite programmes Important: If you do not make a selection in the sub-menu within approx. 20 seconds, the display will revert to the main menu. – Drying levels programme Cottons Normal+ Drying levels from Machine iron - Extra dry ^ Use the multi-function selector to select the drying level you want and confirm your selection.
  • Page 21: Low Temperature

    Favourite programmes Low temperature Cottons Normal+ Low temp. Duration: 1:47 h Low temp. B Timer Y Save Back A ^ Press short cut button D. ^ Select Low temperature for all delicate or minimum iron fabrics with the r care label (e.g. acrylic garments). –...
  • Page 22: Timer

    Timer The timer can be used to select when you want the programme to end (if this option has been activated by a Miele service technician). The programme start can be delayed to start automatically in 30 minute intervals up to a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Page 23: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Cottons Max. load: 6.5 kg* Extra dry, Normal+, Normal** Fabric Single and multi-layered cotton fabrics such as towelling, jerseywear, type underwear, flannelette bed linen. – Select Low temperature for fabrics with the r symbol. Notes – Select Extra dry for multi-layered and very thick fabrics. –...
  • Page 24 Programme chart Woollens hand care Max. load: 2.5 kg* Fabric Woollen fabrics. type Notes – To refresh and fluff up woollen garments quickly. Woollen fabrics are not dried completely by this programme. – Remove garments as soon as the programme has finished and leave to finish drying at room temperature.
  • Page 25 Programme chart Denim Max. load: 3.5 kg* Normal, Hand iron r Fabric Denim fabrics, e.g. jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts. type Shirts Max. load: 2.5 kg* Normal, Hand iron r Fabric Shirts and blouses. type Outerwear Max. load: 3.5 kg* Normal, Hand iron r Fabric Outerwear which is suitable for drying in a tumble dryer.
  • Page 26: Changing The Programme Sequence

    Do not touch the back of the drum when adding or removing * A Miele service technician can re-set items. The drum could be very hot - the payment system so that danger of burning.
  • Page 27: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the fluff filter The fluff filter should be checked and cleaned regularly, but always clean immediately if the Clean filter or Clean out airway message shows in the display. Fluff from items being dried is collected by a two-part cartridge fluff filter which needs to be removed and taken apart for cleaning.
  • Page 28: Cleaning The Filter Whilst Dry

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the filter whilst dry ^ Open the door. ^ Turn the catches a on the left and right covers until you hear them click. ^ Use your fingers or a vacuum cleaner to remove the fluff from the two sections of the filter.
  • Page 29: Replacing The Filter

    ^ Slowly turn the inner section of the filter clockwise until it you hear it A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available from click. the Miele UK Spare Parts Department, which is suitable for cleaning surfaces wuch as stainless steel, glass, plastic and chrome without the use of...
  • Page 30: Problem Solving Guide

    – Confirm with OK. the display There is a fault, if despite doing Contact the Miele Service this, the programme is Department, and quote cancelled and the fault any fault code where message appears again.
  • Page 31 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause Remedy The following The dryer is reminding – Remove and clean the filter. appears at the you that the filter needs To delete the fault message: end of the cleaning. – Confirm with OK. programme: –...
  • Page 32: Other Problems

    Problem solving guide Other problems Problem Possible cause Remedy The drying In some circumstances the following message also appears: process goes on Clean out airways. too long or even Please check all possible causes, and open and shut the switches off. dryer door.
  • Page 33 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause Remedy There is The dryer has been – The dryer must only be condensed water in connected to a joint ducting connected to a joint the drum. system, and the non-return ducting system if a flap is not working properly.
  • Page 34 The lighting is defective if Contact the Miele Service The Start button is it does not come on when Department. flashing slowly. one of the buttons is...
  • Page 35: Changing The Lamp

    ^ Apply a little pressure and whilst doing so turn your wrist in the direction of the arrow to open the cover. The cover will open downwards. The temperature resistant lamp should only be ordered from your Miele dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department.
  • Page 36: After Sales Service

    Service Department, please quote the Optional accessories for this dryer are model and serial number of your available from your Miele Dealer or from machine, both of which are shown on the Miele Spare Parts Department. the data plate situated on the right hand side below the drum aperture.
  • Page 37: Installation And Connection

    Installation and connection View from the front a Vent ducting h Clamps (for installing the machine on a concrete plinth) b Mains connection cable c Control panel d Door e Access panel to fluff filter f Four height adjustable screw feet g Plinth...
  • Page 38: View From The Side

    A stacking kit is b Steel plinth base (optional required which can be purchased from accessory, available open or closed) your Miele Dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department. The stacking kit must be fitted by a Miele authorised service technician.
  • Page 39: Installation On A Concrete Plinth

    Payment system The dryer can be fitted with a payment system (optional accessory). This must be connected and programmed by a Miele Service technician. Coins / tokens must be removed from the payment system regularly, otherwise it will become blocked.
  • Page 40: Installation Site

    Installation and connection Installation site Make sure the dryer door can be opened without hindrance after installation. Transporting the machine to its installation site When moving the machine, you can hold it by the lid where it protrudes to the rear of the dryer. To manoeuvre the dryer out of its packing case to its installation site, you ^ The screw feet can be adjusted to...
  • Page 41: Electrical Connection U.k

    Installation and connection Electrical connection U.K. Important All electrical work should be carried out The wires in the mains lead are only by a suitably qualified and coloured in accordance with the competent person, in strict accordance following code: with current national and local safety Green/yellow = earth regulations (BS 7671 in the UK).
  • Page 42: Installation - Extraction Ducting

    Installation - extraction ducting General Avoid: – very long ducting systems. Before operating the tumble dryer, a suitable ducting system – too many tight bends or corners. must be installed to carry the moist Otherwise the drying result will be less air from the dryer to the outside.
  • Page 43: To Calculate The Effective Duct Length

    Installation - extraction ducting To calculate the effective duct 3. Add all the additional length factors to give the effective duct length. length 4. Refer to Table II for the appropriate Friction against the inner walls of the duct diameter required. vent ducting will slow down the expelled air as it passes through the Table I...
  • Page 44: Calculation Example

    Installation - extraction ducting Installation to the rear, left or Calculation example right hand side of the machine To the rear The connection is opened at the factory. ^ Fit one of the venting systems described on the following pages. To the left or right side of the machine.
  • Page 45: Overview Of The Different Venting Systems

    100 mm, an adapter is necessary (e.g. 100 to 125 mm) to connect the pipe to the dryer. 1. Wall vent kit (separate fitting instructions are supplied with the Miele wall vent kit) 2. Adpater 3. Plastic piping, diameter DN 100...
  • Page 46: Venting System With Flexible Ducting

    (* optional extras) 1. Window vent kit (fitted in a "plexiglass" pane) (separate fitting instructions are supplied with the Miele window vent kit) 2. Adapter for flexible ducting hose ^ The ducting (2) is connected to adapter (1) which is fitted into the...
  • Page 47 Installation - extraction ducting Connection to an exhaust flue 1. Pipe with connection piece (= supplied with wall vent kit) 2. Adapter for flexible ducting hose 3. Exhaust flue insulated against damp The exhaust air must not be vented into a chimney or vent flue which is in use, nor should it be connnected to ducting which ventilates rooms with fireplaces.
  • Page 48: Connecting Directly To A Wall Vent

    (* optional extras). A Before drilling into the wall: . . . please read the installation 1. Wall pipe instructions supplied with the Miele 2. Flexible foam gasket wall pipe, . . . and study the following diagrams.
  • Page 49: Technical Data

    Technical data Height 850 mm (adjustable +/- 7 mm) Width 595 mm Depth 700 mm Depth with door open 1,188 mm Weight 56 kg Drum volume 130 litres Maximum capacity 6.5 kg dry weight Length of connection cable 1,600 mm Voltage See data plate Connected load...
  • Page 50 – Some settings are visible and can be changed by all operators via the Settings menu. – All settings can be locked to prevent unauthorised access. They are then only accessible under Settings/Supervisor level by entering an access code. Please contact the Miele Service Department for details.
  • Page 51: Settings Menu J

    Settings menu J To open the Settings menu Cottons Programme selection ... Minimum iron Settings F ... Woollens handcare 10:00 Smoothing ^ Select Settings J from the entry menu and confirm your selection with the multi-function selector. Selecting settings Settings Back A Language F ...
  • Page 52: Language J

    Settings menu J Language J The machine is delivered with the The display can be set to appear in buzzer deactivated. one of several different languages. The buzzer will still sound if there is a fault even if it has been deactivated. To select the language you want, go to Normal the Languages J sub-menu.
  • Page 53: Contrast

    Settings menu J Contrast Extended cool down The cooling down phase which takes Brightness place before the end of a programme can be lengthened if required. This There are ten different display makes the garments easier to handle. contrast and display brightness settings.
  • Page 54: Settings/Supervisor Level Menu

    Settings/Supervisor level menu The Settings/Supervisor level is locked with a code to prevent it being accessed by non-authorised personnel (the Language J setting can still be altered. See "Supervisor level".). Settings Back A Supervisor level Access via code ^ Select Access via code and confirm your selection. To enter the code Enter the code 0 0 0 (factory default setting).
  • Page 55 Supervisor level You cannot then get back into Supervisor level. If you need to You can alter the access code to the access it please contact the Miele supervisor level. Service Department. ^ Enter the old code. – The entry menu for a programme is ^ Enter a new code.
  • Page 56 Settings/Supervisor level menu Save to shortcut Delay start You can choose whether you want Using the timer you can set the time the Save option to appear in the main you wish a programme to finish at menu. The save function is required (see the Timer section).
  • Page 57 Settings/Supervisor level menu Clean out airways Clean the filter Fluff should be removed after drying. The filter should be cleaned The Clean out airways message will regularly. The Clean the filter remind you to do this when a certain message will remind you to do this. amount of fluff has collected.
  • Page 60 Alteration rights reserved/1308 M.-Nr. 06 975 150 / 01...

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