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AEG HG654320NM User Manual page 5

Aeg blower user manual
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• Pots must not enter the control zone.
• Do not use not stable cookware to prevent from tilt and accident.
• Do not put flammable products or items that are wet with flammable products, and/or
fusible objects (made of plastic or aluminium) and/or fabrics in, near or on the appliance.
There is the risk of explosion or fire.
• Use only the accessories supplied with appliance.
• Be careful when you connect the appliance to the near sockets. Do not let electricity
bonds touch the appliance or hot cookware. Do not let electricity bonds tangle.
• You must read these instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injury
to persons and pets or damage to property caused by failure to obey these require-
• To prevent the risks of structural damage or physical injury, installation, connection
of the appliance to the power supply and gas system, setting up and maintenance
must only be done by qualified personnel in compliance with standards and local
regulation force.
• Make sure that the appliance is not damaged because of transport. Do not connect a
damaged appliance. If it is necessary, speak to the supplier.
• Only use built-in appliances after you assemble the appliance into correct built-in units
and work surfaces that obey the standards.
• Do not install the hob over a domestic appliances if the installation instructions do not
allow it.
• Install the appliance only on a worktop with flat surface.
• Do not change the specifications or modify this product. There is the risk of injury and
damage to the appliance.
• Fully obey the laws, ordinances, directives and standards in force in the country where
you use the appliance (safety regulations, recycling regulations, electrical safety rules
• Keep the minimum distances to other appliances and units.
• Install anti-shock protection, for example install the drawers only with a protective panel
directly below the appliance.
• Prevent damage of the cut surfaces of the worktop against moisture with a correct seal-
• Seal the appliance to the worktop with no space left with a correct sealant.
• Prevent damage to the bottom of the appliance from steam and moisture, e.g. from a
dishwasher or oven.
• Do not install the appliance adjacent to doors and below windows. Hot cookware can be
hit off the hob when you open the doors or windows.
• Before installation, make sure that the local supply conditions (gas type and pressure)
agree with the adjustment of appliance. The adjustment conditions for the appliance are
on the rating plate, which you can find near the gas supply pipe.
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