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Care And Cleaning - AEG HG654320NM User Manual

Aeg blower user manual
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Switch the appliance off and let it cool down before you clean it. Disconnect the appliance
from the electrical supply, before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance work.
For safety reasons, do not clean the appliance with steam cleaners or high-pressure clean-
Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool pads or acids, they can cause damage to the appli-
Scratches or dark stains on the glass have no effect on how the appliance operates.
• You can remove the pan supports to easily clean the hob.
• To clean the enamelled parts, cap and crown, wash it with warm soapy water and dry it
carefully before you put them back.
• Stainless steel parts wash with water, and then dry with a soft cloth.
• The pan supports are not dishwasher proof; they must be washed by hand.
• When you wash the pan supports by hand, take care when you dry them as the enamel-
ling process occasionally leaves rough edges. If necessary, remove stubborn stains using a
paste cleaner.
• Make sure you position the pan supports correctly after cleaning.
• To make burners work correctly, make sure that the arms of the pan supports are in the
centre of the burner.
• Be very careful when you replace the pan supports to prevent the hob top from
After cleaning, dry the appliance with a soft cloth.
The stainless steel can become tarnished if it is too much heated. Refer to this you must not
cook with potstones, earthenware pans or cast iron plates. Do not use aluminium foil to
prevent damage the top during operation.
Removing the dirt:
1. – Remove immediately: melting plastic, plastic foil, and food containing sugar.
– Stop the appliance and let it cool down before you clean: limescale rings, water
rings, fat stains, shiny metallic discolorations. Use a special cleaner applicable for
surface of hob.
2. Clean the appliance with a damp cloth and some detergent.
3. At the end rub the appliance dry with a clean cloth.
To make burners work properly, make sure that pan supports are placed in the way that the
arms are centred upon the burner.
In order to avoid damaging the hob top pay attention when replacing the pan support.
Care and cleaning



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