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Eagle FishEasy ST Installation And Operation Instructions Manual: Fish Id

Eagle fisheasy st sonar: operation instruction.
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is adjustable. Since it shows the
difference between strong and weak echoes,
changing the level may require a different
sensitivity setting.
To change the Grayline level, first press the
MENU key until the Grayline menu appears.
Now press the up arrow key to increase the
level, the down arrow to decrease it. The
percentage of Grayline now in use shows in
this menu. Echoes scrolling onto the screen
will also show the effects of the Grayline
change. If you reach the maximum or minimum level, a tone sounds
alerting you to the limits.
The level chosen by the unit when it's first turned on is usually adequate
for most conditions. Experiment with your unit to find the Grayline setting
that's best.
The Fish ID feature identifies targets that meet certain conditions as fish.
The microcomputer analyses all echoes and eliminates surface clutter,
thermoclines, and other undesirable signals. In most instances, remaining
targets are fish. The Fish ID feature displays symbols on the screen in
place of the actual fish echoes. There are three symbol sizes: small,
medium, and large. These show the relative size between targets. In other
words, it displays a small fish symbol when it thinks a target is a small fish,
a medium fish symbol on a larger target, etc.
The microcomputer is sophisticated, but it can be fooled. It can't distin-
guish between fish and other suspended objects such as turtles, sub-
merged floats, air bubbles, etc. Individual tree limbs extending outwards
from a group of limbs are the hardest objects
for the Fish ID feature to distinguish from fish.
You may see Fish ID symbols on the screen
when, in fact, there are no fish. Practice with
the unit when the Fish ID feature is on and off
to become more familiar with Fish ID. When
the unit is first turned on, the Fish ID feature
is automatically turned on, also. To turn it off,
press the menu key until the Fish ID feature's
menu appears as shown at right, then press
the down arrow key. To turn it back on, repeat
the above steps, but press the up arrow key


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