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Eagle II Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Eagle magna ii sonar: operation instruction.
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II Plus
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  • Page 1

    Magna II Plus Magna INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS EAGI 988-0106-56 LITHO IN U.S.A. PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor...

  • Page 2

    CONE ANGLES SIGNAL INTERPRETATION FISHARCHES WATER TEMPERATURE THERMOCUNES SURVEYINGA LAKE BAIT FISH SONAR TROUBLESHOOTING © Copyright 1991, 1990 reserved. rights All features and specifications subject screens this manual PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor Eagle Electronics without notice. Change simulated.

  • Page 3

    The face all boat speeds. water the best mounting position. INTRODUCTION an Eagle sonar. Your Magna II Thank you purchasing both is a high sonar designed professional quality feature that finds and displays the These units have an automatic men.

  • Page 4: Power Connections

    POWER CONNECTIONS The Magna II works from 12 volt DC system the power cable directly the boat's away from other boat wiring, especially best from isolation electrical noise.

  • Page 5

    No damage will occur These units have reverse polarity protection. unit will not work until the wires are reversed. However, power ached correctly. INSTALLATION SPEED/TEMPERATURE SENSOR Magna II Plus Only transom Mount speed/temp sensor boat's water is There should be flow smoothest.

  • Page 6

    Magna Start of the lake, with relation landmarks spots promising your Magna II will tell you the about your survey, It will also bottom. reveal suspended fish. in the marker toss buoys...

  • Page 7

    Many will or just below suspend The Magna II can detect this invisible layer ity will probably have turned PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor SURFACE LAYER ABSORBS HEAT FROM EPILIMNION...

  • Page 8

    45 to water. For from segment example, better screen will resolution segment, on the this Magna II is with the Zoom feature. easier echoes, making detail. up as high as without sensitivity possible getting water, this screen. medium...

  • Page 9

    The Magna II and II Plus have following ranges: and 900 240, 20, 40, 60, 120, 480, 40, 60, 10, 20, 100, 200,...

  • Page 10

    Magna II and II have the Plus following 30, 60,120,240, and 480 20, 30, 50, 100, When unit is into the switched zoom the letters "ZM" appear at the top of mode, zoom window size screen. displays the top of the right corner screen.

  • Page 11

    Typically, has a 20 degree cone grayline. ideal cone The Magna II adjusts degree feet of feet The 8 it the across. foot circle. where Typically, this fresh increase...

  • Page 12

    Practicewiththe unit when the fish. ID feature is on and become more familiar with Fish When Magna II is first turned on, the turned on, also. To turn this feature press off, ID feature's appears as menu shown below.

  • Page 13

    "'1" transducer attaches cable. adjustable metal strap. motorwith trolling both the The "'1" cable ScanPac connects transducer and the Magna II's normal Magna II's transducer transducer See the ScanPac's installation connector. more detail. instructions the side scan To use...

  • Page 14

    MACNA ONLY (Chart This is default used when mode Magna II is first turned on. It has fol- lowing features: Automatic On 2. Fish ID Feature 3. Digital Depth Display (Chart #2) This is Scroll mode.

  • Page 15

    LAMP II and Magna II Plus' display Magna for night use. To turn back- backlighted off, press the menu repeat- lights LAMP menu appears. Now until edly lights on turn arrow press down turn them off. menu will arrow seconds...

  • Page 16

    The log starts when counting Magna II Plus is first turned When Magna II turned off, log is Plus reset zero. ALARMS FISH ALARM tone when...

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  • dave pack Jun 24, 2017 11:39:
    my depth finder comes on. but it dont show water temp/fish or stumps
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    P​ouvez-vous me transmettr​e des info sur sondeur EAGLE MAGNA 3 car je n'ai pas de notice utilisatio​n.