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Troubleshooting - Electrolux EWT 1376EVS User Manual


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12.7 Emergency drain
Because of a malfunction, the appliance
cannot drain the water.
If this occurs, do steps (1) through (5) of
'Cleaning the drain filter'. If necessary,
clean the pump.
12.8 Frost precautions
If the appliance is installed in an area
where the temperature can be less than
0° C, remove the remaining water from
the inlet hose and the drain pump.
1. Disconnect the mains plug from the
mains socket.


Refer to Safety chapters.
13.1 Introduction
The appliance does not start or it stops
during operation.
First try to find a solution to the problem
(refer to the table). If the problem
persists, contact the Authorised Service
With some problems, the acoustic
signals operate and the display shows
an alarm code:
- The appliance does not fill with
water properly.
2. Close the water tap.
3. Put the two ends of the inlet hose in
a container and let the water flow out
of the hose.
4. Empty the drain pump. Refer to the
emergency drain procedure.
5. When the drain pump is empty,
install the inlet hose again.
Make sure that the
temperature is higher than 0
°C before you use the
appliance again.
The manufacturer is not
responsible for damages
caused by low temperatures.
- The appliance does not drain
the water.
- The appliance lid or drum
doors are open or not closed
correctly. Please check both!
- The mains supply is unstable.
Wait until the mains supply is stable.
- The appliance drum doors are
open or not closed correctly. Please
close drum doors !
Deactivate the appliance
before you do the checks.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents