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Hints And Tips - Electrolux EWT 1376EVS User Manual


Table of Contents
10.12 At the end of the
• The appliance stops automatically.
• The acoustic signal operates (if it is
• In the display
• The indicator of the
• The lid lock indicator
• You can open the lid.
• Remove the laundry from the
appliance. Make sure that the drum is
• Close the water tap.
• Press the button
to deactivate the appliance.
• Keep the lid open, to prevent the
mildew and odours.
The washing programme is
completed, but there is water in the
• The drum turns regularly to prevent
the creases in the laundry.


11.1 The laundry load
• Divide the laundry in: white, coloured,
synthetics, delicates and wool.
• Obey the washing instructions that
are on the laundry care labels.
• Do not wash white and coloured items
• Some coloured items can discolour
with the first wash. We recommend
that you wash them separately for the
first times.
• Button up pillowcases, close zippers,
hooks and poppers. Tie up belts.
• Empty the pockets and unfold the
• Turn multilayered fabrics, wool and
items with painted illustrations inside
• Remove hard stains with a special
• Wash and pre-treat heavy soil stains
before putting items in drum
• Be careful with the curtains. Remove
the hooks and put the curtains in a
washing bag or pillowcase.
• Do not wash laundry without hems or
with cuts. Use a washing bag to wash
comes on.
goes off.
goes off.
for some seconds
• The lid lock indicator
lid stays locked.
• You must drain the water to open the
To drain the water:
1. Press
. The appliance drains the
water and spins.
2. To make the appliance drain only, set
. If necessary, decrease the
spin speed.
3. When the programme is completed
and the lid lock indicator
off, you can open the lid.
4. Press the button
seconds to deactivate the appliance.
The appliance drains and
spins automatically after
approximately 18 hours
(except for Wool
small and/or delicate items (e.g.
underwired bras, belts, tights, etc. ).
• A very small load can cause balance
problems with the spin phase. If this
occurs, adjust manually the items in
the tub and start the spin phase
11.2 Stubborn stains
For some stains, water and detergent is
not sufficient.
We recommend that you pre-treat these
stains before you put the items in the
Special stain removers are available.
Use the special stain remover that is
applicable to the type of stain and fabric.
11.3 Detergents and additives
• Only use detergents and additives
specially made for washing machines:
– powder detergents for all types of
– powder detergents for delicate
fabrics (40 °C max) and woollens,
is on. The
for some


Table of Contents

Table of Contents