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Electrolux EWT 1376EVS User Manual page 9


Table of Contents
Temperature range
Steam programmes
Steam can be used for dried, washed or worn once laundry. These programmes can
reduce creases and odours and make your laundry softer.
Do not use any detergent. If necessary, remove stains by washing or using localized
stain removal.
Steam programmes do not perform any hygienic cycle.
Do not set a Steam programme with these types of items:
• Items to be washed at a temperature lower than 40°C.
• Items where it is not specified on the care label as being suitable for tumble dry‐
• All items with plastic, metal, wooden parts or alike.
Steam Refresh
Steam Synthetics
Steam Cottons
1) Standard programmes for the Energy Label consumption values. According to regu‐
lation 1061/2010, these programmes are respectively the «Standard 60°C cotton pro‐
gramme» and the «Standard 40°C cotton programme». They are the most efficient pro‐
grammes in terms of combined energy and water consumption for washing normally soiled
cotton laundry.
The water temperature of the washing phase may differ from the temperature
declared for the selected programme.
2) During this cycle the drum rotates slowly to ensure a gentle wash. It can seem that the
drum doesn't rotate or doesn't rotate properly, but this is normal for this programme.
3) Set the spin speed. Make sure it is suitable for the type of fabric being washed. If you set
the No Spin option then only the drain phase is available.
4) If you set a Steam programme with dried laundry, at the end of the cycle the laundry
could be humid. It is better to expose the items to the fresh air for about 10 minutes to let
the humidity dry. When the programme is completed, quickly remove the laundry from the
drum. After a steam cycle, items may be ironed however with less effort.
5) Steam does not remove animal odours.
Programme description
(Type of load and soil level)
1 kg
Steam programme for cotton and synthetic
items. This cycle removes odours from the
1 kg
Steam programme for synthetic items. This
cycle helps to dewrinkle the laundry.
1 kg
Steam programme for cottons. This cycle
helps to dewrinkle the laundry.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents