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Electrolux EWF10771 W User Manual


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  • Page 1 user manual Washing Machine EWF 10771 W...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 electrolux Electrolux. Thinking of you. Share more of our thinking at Contents Safety information Care and cleaning Product description What to do if… Control panel Technical data First use Consumption values Personalisation Installation Daily use Electrical connection Helpful hints and tips...
  • Page 3 3 Installation • Never pull the power supply cable to re- move the plug from the socket; always • This appliance is heavy. Care should be take hold of the plug itself. taken when moving it. • Never use the appliance if the power sup- •...
  • Page 4: Product Description

    4 electrolux Product description Your new appliance meets all modern requirements for effective treatment of laundry with low water, energy and detergent consumption. Its new washing system allows total use of detergent and reduces water consumption so saving energy. Detergent dispenser drawer...
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    5 Detergent dispenser drawer Compartment for detergent used for pre- wash and soak phase or for stain remover used during the stain action phase (if availa- ble). The prewash and soak detergent is added at the beginning of the wash pro- gramme.
  • Page 6 6 electrolux Spin Reduction performed. This option is recommended for people who are allergic to detergents, and in By pressing this button you can change the areas where the water is very soft. spin speed of the selected programme. Delay Start...
  • Page 7: First Use

    7 To empty out the water, please read the • Delay Time value paragraph «At the end of the programme». 7.9: Clock icon 7.5: Option icons. After the programme has started, the dura- • Extra Rinse tion is displayed and the clock icon is anima- •...
  • Page 8: Personalisation

    8 electrolux Personalisation the appliance. This function remains enabled Acoustic signals also when the washing machine is not work- The machine is provided with an acoustic ing. device, which sounds in the following cases: There are two different ways to set this op- •...
  • Page 9 9 Reduce the spin speed by pressing button 3 By selecting a programme, the appliance proposes automatically the maximum spin speed provided for that programme. Press button 3 repeatedly to change the spin speed, if you want your laundry to be spun at a different speed.
  • Page 10 10 electrolux 1. Set the washing machine to PAUSE by Important! The Time Manager cannot be pressing button 8. selected with the Economy programmes. 2. Press button 6 once until the symbol 0’ is The availability of these soil level icons...
  • Page 11: Helpful Hints And Tips

    11 You can select now a new programme. the water must be emptied out before open- ing the door. Opening the door Follow the below instructions to empty out After the programme has started (or during the water: the delay time) the door is locked, if you need 1.
  • Page 12 12 electrolux Maximum loads Ball point pen and glue: moisten with ace- tone , lay the garment on a soft cloth and Recommended loads are indicated in the dab the stain. washing programme charts. Lipstick: moisten with acetone as above, General rules: then treat stains with methylated spirits.
  • Page 13: Washing Programmes

    13 Degrees of water hardness Degrees of water Water hardness is classified in so-called “de- hardness Charac- Level grees” of hardness. Information on hardness teristic German French of the water in your area can be obtained °dH °T.H. from the relevant water supply company, or...
  • Page 14 14 electrolux Programme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Cycle Description Detergent Options Maximum Spin Speed Compartment Maximum Fabrics Load Type of Laundry SYNTHETICS SPIN, NO SPIN, 60°-Cold RINSE HOLD, NIGHT Main wash - Rinses CYCLE, EASY IRON, Maximum spin speed 900 rpm...
  • Page 15 15 Programme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Cycle Description Detergent Options Maximum Spin Speed Compartment Maximum Fabrics Load Type of Laundry Max. load 2 kg Washing programme for machine washable wool as well as for hand washable woollens and delicate fabrics.
  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    16 electrolux Programme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Cycle Description Detergent Options Maximum Spin Speed Compartment Maximum Fabrics Load Type of Laundry • Draining and spinning: turn the programme selec- tor dial to programme Spin, reduce the spin speed by means of button 2, and then press button 8.
  • Page 17 17 Descaling The water we use normally contains lime. It is a good idea to periodically use a water softening powder in the machine. Do this separately from any laundry washing, and according to the softening powder manufac- turer's instructions. This will help to prevent the formation of lime deposits.
  • Page 18 18 electrolux Drain pump The pump should be inspected regularly and particularly if: • the machine does not empty and/or spin • the machine makes an unusual noise dur- ing draining due to objects such as safety pins, coins etc. blocking the pump.
  • Page 19 19 7. Remove any objects from the pump im- Cleaning the water inlet filter peller by rotating it. If you notice that the machine is taking longer to fill, check that the filter in the water inlet hose is not blocked.
  • Page 20: What To Do If

    20 electrolux What to do if… Certain problems are due to lack of simple ery 20 seconds to indicate that the machine maintenance or oversights, which can be is not working: solved easily without calling out an engineer. • E10 : problem with the water supply.
  • Page 21 21 Problem Possible cause/Solution The cap on the emergency emptying hose has not been replaced or the filter has not been properly screwed in after cleaning action. • Refit the cap on the emergency emptying hose or screw the filter fully in.
  • Page 22: Technical Data

    22 electrolux Mod..Prod. No..Ser. No..Technical data Dimensions Width 60 cm Height 85 cm Depth (door included) 63 cm Electrical connection Information on the electrical connection is given on the rating plate, on the inner edge of the appliance door.
  • Page 23: Installation

    23 Installation Unpacking All transit bolts and packing must be re- moved before using the appliance. You are advised to keep all transit devices so that they can be refitted if the machine ever has to be transported again.
  • Page 24 24 electrolux 5. Open the porthole and remove the poly- Positioning styrene block fitted on the door seal. Install the machine on a flat hard floor. Make sure that air circulation around the machine is not impeded by carpets, rugs etc. Check that the machine does not touch the wall or other kitchen units.
  • Page 25 25 Water inlet The inlet hose must not be lengthened. If it is too short and you do not wish to move the Warning! This appliance must be tap, you will have to purchase a new, longer connected to a cold water supply.
  • Page 26: Electrical Connection

    26 electrolux The drain hose may be extended to a maximum of 4 metres. An additional drain hose and joining piece is available from your local Service Centre. Electrical connection Information on the electrical connection is injury through failure to comply with given on the rating plate on the inner edge of the above safety precaution.
  • Page 27 27 • Measure out detergent according to the water hardness, the degree of soiling and the quantity of laundry being washed.
  • Page 28 1 web portal 2 132961750-00-372008...

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