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Electrolux EWT 1376EVS User Manual page 5


Table of Contents
• Do not pull the mains cable to
disconnect the appliance. Always pull
the mains plug.
• This appliance complies with the
E.E.C. Directives.
2.3 Water connection
• Do not cause damage to the water
• Before connection to new pipes, pipes
not used for a long time, where repair
work has been carried out or new
devices fitted (water meters, etc.), let
the water flow until it is clean and
• Ensure that there are no visible water
leaks during and after the first use of
the appliance.
2.4 Use
Risk of injury, electrical
shock, fire, burns or damage
to the appliance.
• This appliance is for household use
• Follow the safety instructions on the
detergent packaging.
• Do not put flammable products or
items that are wet with flammable
products in, near or on the appliance.
• Make sure that all metal objects are
removed from the laundry.
• Do not wash fabrics which are heavily
soiled with oil, grease or other greasy
substances. It can damage rubber
parts of the washing machine.
Prewash such fabrics by hand before
loading them into the washing
2.5 Service
• To repair the appliance contact an
Authorised Service Centre.
• Use original spare parts only.
2.6 Disposal
Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
mains electrical and water supplies.
• Cut off the mains electrical cable
close to the appliance and dispose of
• Remove the door catch to prevent
children or pets from becoming
trapped in the drum.
• Dispose of the appliance in
accordance with local requirements
for the disposal of Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents