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Placement Of Front Tower Speakers; Placement Of Center Speaker; Placement Of Surround Speakers; Placement Of Thx Dipole Surround Speakers - Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE Owner's Manual

Thx ultra 2 certified speakers
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3.1.1 Placement of Front Tower Speakers

Try to follow these set-up suggestions as illustrated in Figure 1. Use our online Room Acoustics
Designer® ( to find other placement suggestions.
1. Place your speakers equidistantly from your TV/projector's screen
2. Measure the distance between your left and right speakers
3. Measure the distance between the listening position and the midpoint between your left and
right speakers
4. The difference in length between them should be no greater than 15%
5. Angle your speakers inwards towards the listening position and find the optimum angle for
best sound
6. Adjust your speakers so that the tweeters are about ear-height at the listening position if
7. Move the speakers towards room boundaries (walls or corners) to reinforce low frequencies.
Do the opposite to reduce lower frequencies
8. Sometimes small changes can have a big result, so it's worth experimenting
9. Do not place the speakers too far apart or a hole develops in the centre image
10. Do not place the speakers too close together or the soundstage collapses into a fuzzy mono
centre -only image.

3.2 Placement of Center Speaker

TV screen: Place your center speaker directly above or below the screen depending on which is
closer to ear level
Projector screen: Place your center behind or in front of the centre of the screen whether it is
acoustically transparent or not

3.3 Placement of Surround Speakers

Surround speaker placement depends on the audio format (5.1,7.1, etc.) and the speakers in use.
Dipoles create a diffused sound field ideal for surround effects. It's preferred for best performance
from THX Select or Ultra2 Certified systems.
1. Place the surround speakers slightly behind the primary listening position
2. Adjust the speakers to fire towards each other behind the seating area
3.3.1 Placement of THX Ultra2 Certified Dipole Surround Speakers
Your THX Ultra2 Certified Dipole Surround Speaker provides Movie Theater sound as immersive
and dynamically impressive as THX standards can make them. A dipole speaker "paints" the walls
and ceiling with sound. There's very little direct output toward the listener. The reflected sound off
the room's walls and ceiling creates an inviting, enveloping, experiential soundfield, immersing you
directly into the movie experience. Once you heard a properly set up system, it's hard to go back to
anything else as it improves the entire experience no matter what you're watching... or listening to.
The total of a speaker's radiated energy in all directions is called its power response. Your THX
Ultra2 Certified Dipole Surround Speaker exhibits a THX-mandated flat power response. The total
energy radiated by a speaker--to the front, above, below, behind, and to the sides--must together
average a flat response. Listeners anywhere in the soundfield will enjoy surround effects

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