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Installation Of Thx Ultra2 Certified Subwoofers; Inputs; Volume Control; Phase Adjustment 0°/180 - Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE Owner's Manual

Thx ultra 2 certified speakers
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IMPORTANT: All connections must be made with the equipment switched off. Refer to your AV
receiver manual before proceeding with connections.
Connections to the speakers are made at the binding post terminals located on the rear panel of
the receiver. These terminals permit a variety of connection methods.
1. Single-wire: Ensure the positive binding post on the speaker (marked in red) is connected to
the positive output terminal of the amplifier or receiver. Similarly, the negative speaker terminal
(marked in black) is connected to the negative amplifier or receiver output terminal. Incorrect
connections can result in poor imaging and reduced bass output.
2. Biwire (not supported on all speakers): Remove the jumper links by loosening the speaker ter
minal caps and use a separate pair of speaker cables from the amplifier or receiver to each pair
of speaker binding posts. Biwiring can improve resolution of low-level detail. Always observe
correct polarity. Incorrect connections can also degrade bass, focus and imaging.
Be sure to choose the correct output terminals on your amplifier or receiver to properly connect
your speakers (figure 3).
• For front left and right speakers: use the front left and right speaker output terminals on your
amplifier or receiver and connect two speakers
• For centre speaker: use the centre channel speaker output terminals on your amplifier or
receiver to connect your speaker
• For surround (rear) speakers: use the two surround (rear) speaker output terminals on your
amplifier or receiver to connect two speakers

5. Installation of THX Ultra2 Certified Subwoofers

5.1 Inputs

Your new subwoofer is equipped with line-level (RCA Audio In) input for connection with a pre-
amp, signal processor or receiver with pre-amp level outputs. Some receivers may not provide
enough signal to have the unit's Auto On/Off feature operate properly. Additionally this lack of
signal may cause the subwoofer to produce less output than it is capable of.
• If using a receiver with LFE out, be sure the LFE channel is sending adequate signal to the
subwoofer. We recommend setting the subwoofer's level to the 9 o'clock setting (1/4 volume
setting) and then adjust the LFE channel on your receiver or processor to achieve the desired
bass output. *See your receiver or processor's owner manual for more information.

5.2 Volume control

The volume control allows you to balance the output from the subwoofer to the main speakers/
amplifier in your system. This control should be set to achieve similar output levels from both
the main speakers and subwoofer when listening to music. A good starting point for the volume
control is two or three levels above minimum (Volume control is not active when Var/THX switch is
set at THX position)
5.3 Phase adjustment 0°/180°
Phase control allows you to "reverse" the phase of the subwoofer's output signal 180
to correct for

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