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Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE Owner's Manual

Thx ultra 2 certified speakers
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THX Ultra 2 Certified Speakers
TX-T3 SE THX Ultra2 Certified Towers
TX-T2 SE THX Ultra2 Certified Towers
TX-12SUB THX Ultra2 Certified Subwoofer



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  Summary of Contents for Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE

  • Page 1 THX Ultra 2 Certified Speakers OWNER’S MANUAL TX-T3 SE THX Ultra2 Certified Towers TX-T2 SE THX Ultra2 Certified Towers TX-12SUB THX Ultra2 Certified Subwoofer...
  • Page 2 four THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which may be registered in some jurisdictions. All rights reserved...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    THX Subwoofer installation guide Troubleshooting No sound from any of the speakers No sound coming from one speaker The system plays at low volumes but shuts off as volume increases There is no sound from the surround speakers No sound from THX Subwoofers...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    • AV amplifier: Ensure that your AV amplifier is switched off before connecting the subwoofer • Make sure you have connected the plus (+) and minus (-) binding posts of each speaker to the corresponding plus (+) and minus (-) terminals on the amplifier or receiver •...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    > Free Air Rotating Spherical Tweeter avoids diffraction effects improving high frequency performance > Avoids having to move the whole speaker to set the tweeters for the right balance between a big coherent soundstage and image focus • Electronic protection for the tweeters •...
  • Page 6: Positioning Your Speakers

    • We recommend positioning your TX-12SUB close to the listening position (Figure 1). ***Additionally, using the Crystal Acoustics Wireless Transmitter-Receiver you can easily connect your subwoofer with the minimum of fuss and free from the clutter of speaker wires • Avoid positioning the subwoofer equidistantly from room boundaries like walls •...
  • Page 7 • Your TX-12SUB subwoofer is magnetically shielded to reduce the amount of stray magnetic energy emitted from the speaker’s motor structure. This greatly increases flexibility when placing the unit close to video monitors, as there is very little stray magnetism.
  • Page 8: Placement Of Front Tower Speakers

    The total of a speaker’s radiated energy in all directions is called its power response. Your THX Ultra2 Certified Dipole Surround Speaker exhibits a THX-mandated flat power response. The total energy radiated by a speaker--to the front, above, below, behind, and to the sides--must together average a flat response.
  • Page 9: Placement Of Thx Ultra2 Surround Speakers

    CRYSTAL ACOUSTICS THX ULTRA2 CERTIFIED SPEAKERS ξί • Mount your THX Ultra2 Certified Dipole Surround Speaker on the side walls adjacent to the listening position about 2ft (66cm) above ear height • The THX Ultra2 Certified Dipole Surround Speaker includes an invisible wall mounting system at the rear of the cabinet for on wall placement.
  • Page 10: Multiple Subwoofers

    • Avoid positioning it near corners where walls are not of solid construction • Corner placement may excite room resonance resulting in boomy, muddy bass • Further experiment with speaker positioning; place the subwoofer near your listening position and play jazz with acoustic bass and move around the room •...
  • Page 11: Installation Of Thx Ultra2 Certified Subwoofers

    2. Biwire (not supported on all speakers): Remove the jumper links by loosening the speaker ter minal caps and use a separate pair of speaker cables from the amplifier or receiver to each pair of speaker binding posts. Biwiring can improve resolution of low-level detail. Always observe correct polarity.
  • Page 12: Var / Thx

    any possible mismatch and resulting cancellation between the subwoofer and your main speak- ers/ amplifier. To adjust, simply listen to the system with music playing then depress the phase switch from one position to the other and listen for a change in low frequency output. The correct position will have a greater amount of apparent low frequency output.
  • Page 13: Thx Subwoofer Installation Guide

    • Check all wires and connections between receiver/amplifier and speakers • Make sure all wires are connected properly • Make sure none of the speaker wires are frayed, cut or punctured, or touching each other • Review proper operation of your receiver/amplifier 6.2 No sound coming from one speaker...
  • Page 14: The System Plays At Low Volumes But Shuts Off As Volume Increases

    • Make sure your subwoofer is plugged into an AC outlet • Make sure the subwoofer Y/N option is set to Yes in your receiver or processor’s speaker setup menu Make sure the volume control is not set to Minimum Make sure your subwoofer interconnect is functioning properly and replace any defective cables 6.6 Boomy, dull, out of focus low frequencies...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    CRYSTAL ACOUSTICS THX ULTRA2 CERTIFIED SPEAKERS component power supplies to avoid induced hum • Cross interconnects at 90 degrees to AC power cords and keep them separated by at least an inch. Also connect the power cord of your THX subwoofer and receiver/processor and multi-channel amplifier to the same AC outlet to keep the grounds all at the same potential avoiding hum 7.
  • Page 16 THX and the THX logo are trade- marks of THX Ltd. which may be registered in some jurisdictions. All rights reserved...