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Precautions - Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE Owner's Manual

Thx ultra 2 certified speakers
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1. Precautions

• Operating voltage: Before powering the subwoofer make sure the operating voltage of the local
power supply is identical to that specified for the subwoofer
• AV amplifier: Ensure that your AV amplifier is switched off before connecting the subwoofer
• Make sure you have connected the plus (+) and minus (-) binding posts of each speaker to the
corresponding plus (+) and minus (-) terminals on the amplifier or receiver
• Connection with AV amplifier: Turn off the subwoofer before connecting the input signal cable
to its internal amplifier
• Binding Posts: Make sure all binding posts are tight, especially if using bare speaker wires
> Contact between + and - wire strands may cause a short-circuit and potentially damage your
• Ventilation: The product should be situated so that its location or position does not interfere with
its proper ventilation. The product should not be placed in such a way that may block the
ventilation openings
• Follow instructions: All operating and usage instructions should be followed
• Operation: Avoid using your ΑV amplifier at its power limit especially if it is a low-power design
> Continuous high power levels can cause distortion
> Amplifier clipping may cause severe damage to your speakers
> High-power amplifiers are preferable
• Power: Do not drive your new speakers with a continuous power output exceeding its
maximum power rating as indicated in this instruction manual for each speaker model
• Cables: Use the best speaker and interconnect cables possible
• Non-use periods: The power cord of the subwoofer should be unplugged from the outlet when
left unused for a long period of time
• Heat: This product should be placed away from heat sources such as radiators, stoves, or other
products that produce heat
• Humidity: Do not place loudspeakers in dusty or humid environments
• Sunlight: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
CAUTION: To prevent electrical shock, ensure the subwoofer's plug is fully inserted into the socket

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