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Positioning Your Speakers - Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE Owner's Manual

Thx ultra 2 certified speakers
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> High sensitivity means even a relatively low-power A/V receiver or multichannel amplifier can
drive them as long as they can support multiple 4 ohm loads
> High power handling means they're safe to use with powerful A/V receivers or big multichannel
• Dipole speakers: THX recommend dipole surround speakers to more faithfully reproduce the
surround effects of movie theaters
> Wide dispersion characteristics accurately reproduces the sound of two rows of side-mounted
• Timbre matching: Your speakers have similar tonal characteristics because of similar or
identical crossover topology, smooth frequency response, and quality drivers
• Full magnetic shielding: Your speakers are fully shielded for safe placement as near the TV/
video display as needed
THX Ultra2 Certified Subwoofers Feature:
• Flat anechoic response from 20Hz to 200Hz and accurate in-room response from 16Hz to 350Hz
• Sturdy cabinet construction with internal bracing
• High quality, powerful built-in amplifiers
• Long throw woofers with huge magnets for a deep and powerful bottom-end
• Accurate bass performance to THX standards when using four TX-12SUB subwoofers
• Power savings when subwoofer automatically switches to stand-by mode after 10 minutes of no input
• Power consumption is very low In stand-by
• The LED on the subwoofer's rear panel lights red for stand-by, orange for operational
• Note: Power should be turned off when the subwoofer is unused for long periods of time
• Automatic power on in stand-by when signal appears at the subwoofer's input
• Switching the subwoofer off then on again also restores it to operation

3. Positioning your Speakers

Your speakers are designed for high performance multichannel sound in a variety of listening
environments. They deliver powerful, engaging, you-are-there movie soundtracks, plus a nuanced,
detailed and dynamic musical presentation.
The sound field reproduced by a multi-channel audio system envelops listeners to create a very
three-dimensional image. To achieve the best results follow these set-up procedures.
• Ideally, all five speakers should be equidistant from the listener and develop identical sound
levels when fed identical signals
• It may not be practical for your speakers to be set equidistantly in your room, but electronic time delay
circuits easily compensate for this and can be found in any processor or receiver's set-up menu
• We recommend positioning your TX-12SUB close to the listening position (Figure 1).
***Additionally, using the Crystal Acoustics Wireless Transmitter-Receiver you can easily connect
your subwoofer with the minimum of fuss and free from the clutter of speaker wires
• Avoid positioning the subwoofer equidistantly from room boundaries like walls
• Avoid positioning it near corners where walls are not of solid construction
• Corner placement may exacerbate room resonance, resulting in boomy, muddy bass
• Further experiment with speaker positioning; place the subwoofer near your listening position

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