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Introduction; Prior To Installation; Thx Ultra2 Certified Products; Product Features - Crystal Acoustics TX-T2SE Owner's Manual

Thx ultra 2 certified speakers
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2. Introduction

Congratulations on your purchase of the Crystal Acoustics THX Ultra2 Certified speakers!
Your new THX® Ultra2 Certified loudspeakers and subwoofers are designed and built to the highest
standards for powerful and vivid high performance.
Crystal Acoustics home cinema systems deliver powerful, engaging, you-are-there video and a pro-
found yet nuanced, detailed and dynamic musical presentation. Immerse yourself in an action film
and be-in-the-scene while thunderous dynamics and huge soundscapes take your breath away!

2.1 Prior to installation

• Please unpack the system carefully as the units are heavy
• Use caution when lifting or moving to avoid injury
• Please retain the carton and all packaging materials for future use; units may be damaged
during transportation if packed in non-suitable cartons
• Please observe all warnings in the instruction manual and on the unit itself and refer all
questions to your Crystal Acoustics representative

2.2 THX Ultra2 Certified Products

THX, the trademark of THX Ltd., is the ultimate set of standards for home theater sound. It incor-
porates a series of patented electronic and loudspeaker specifications designed to bring the big
theater experience right into your home.
THX was indeed the first standard, but Lucasfilm THX realized their specification must adjust for
differently sized home entertainment environments. THX Ultra2 is the reference standard for big-
ger rooms, calibrated to define reference level performance in rooms of about 3000 square feet.

2.3 Product features

Crystal Acoustics speaker systems, optimized for a stupendous, powerful and dynamic surround
sound presentation, still delivers nuanced, high performance multichannel music when required.
They feature:
• Absolutely flat frequency response
• Easy placement:
> THX Bass Management specifications minimize interaction between speakers and the room
boundaries--i.e., walls, corners, etc.
> Free Air Rotating Spherical Tweeter avoids diffraction effects improving high frequency
> Avoids having to move the whole speaker to set the tweeters for the right balance between a
big coherent soundstage and image focus
• Electronic protection for the tweeters
• Wide horizontal dispersion characteristics for wideband flat frequency response throughout the room
• Controlled vertical dispersion diminishes ceiling and floor reflections for superior air, sound
stage, and imaging focus
• High sound levels and dynamics capability

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