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Care And Cleaning - Electrolux ENT8TE18S User Manual

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• Butter and cheese: place in an airtight
container or wrap in an aluminium foil
or a polythene bag to exclude as
much air as possible.
• Bottles: close them with a cap and
place them on the door bottle shelf, or
(if available) on the bottle rack.
• In order to accelerate cooling down of
the goods, it is advisable to turn on


Refer to Safety chapters.
7.1 Cleaning the interior
Before using the appliance for the first
time, the interior and all internal
accessories should be washed with
lukewarm water and some neutral soap
to remove the typical smell of a brand-
new product, then dried thoroughly.
Do not use detergents,
abrasive powders, chlorine
or oil-based cleaners as they
will damage the finish.
The accessories and parts of
the appliance are not
suitable for washing in a
7.2 Periodic cleaning
The equipment has to be cleaned
1. Clean the inside and accessories
with lukewarm water and some
neutral soap.
2. Regularly check the door seals and
wipe them clean to ensure they are
clean and free from debris.
3. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
7.3 Defrosting of the
Frost is automatically eliminated from the
evaporator of the refrigerator
compartment during normal use. The
defrost water drains out through a trough
the fan. The activation of
DYNAMICAIR allows greater
homogenization of internal
• Always refer to the expiry date of the
products to know how long to keep
into a special container at the back of the
appliance, over the motor compressor,
where it evaporates.
It is important to periodically clean the
defrost water drain hole in the middle of
the refrigerator compartment channel to
prevent the water overflowing and
dripping onto the food inside.
For this purpose use the tube cleaner
provided with the appliance.
7.4 Defrosting of the freezer
The freezer compartment is frost free.
This means that there is no build up of
frost when it is in operation, neither on
the internal walls, nor on the foods.
7.5 Replacing the CleanAir filter
The CleanAir filter is an active carbon
filter which absorbs bad odours and
permits to maintain the best flavour and
aroma for all foodstuffs without risk of
odour cross contamination.
The air filter should be
handled carefully to prevent
its surface from being


Table of Contents

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