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Brother Sewing Machines Operation Manual Page 26

Computerized sewing machine.
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Pass the end of the thread through the slit in
the bobbin winder seat, and then pull the
thread to the right to cut it.
a Slit in bobbin winder seat (with built-in cutter)
The thread is cut to a suitable length.
● Be sure to cut the thread as described. If
the bobbin is wound without cutting the
thread using the cutter built into the slit in
the bobbin winder seat, the bobbin may
not be wound correctly. In addition, the
thread may become tangled in the bobbin
or the needle may bend or break when
the bobbin thread starts to run out.
Slide the sewing speed controller to the right
(for a faster sewing speed).
a Sewing speed controller
The bobbin starts spinning and the thread is
wound around the bobbin.
a start/stop button
(start/stop button) once.
When the bobbin winding becomes slow, press
(start/stop button) once to stop the
● When the bobbin winding becomes slow,
stop the machine, otherwise the sewing
machine may be damaged.
Cut the thread, slide the bobbin winder shaft
to the left, and then remove the bobbin from
the shaft.
Slide the sewing speed controller back to its
original position.
When the sewing machine is started or the
handwheel is turned after winding the
bobbin, the machine will make a clicking
sound; this is not a malfunction.
Winding/Installing the Bobbin 25


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    I have unfortunat​ely moved several times in the last 5 years and cannot find the manual for my brother GX37 sewing machine. I actually have never unboxed it. Recently I needed to make something and when I sew the seams they are not catching from the bottom, I think. I finish a seam, pull it out of the machine, and the thread just comes right out. This is my first brother product, and I have to say I am not impressed. Why is this happening?
  • john merchant Nov 26, 2017 09:11:
    could you please tell me if there is a instructio​n manual for a Brother BC 2100 computer sewing machine many thanks
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    Can you please send me the link to show a picture of how the bottom of the bobbin need to look something has come loose behind the bobbin casing it could be for moving the fabric it was clicking there now the fabric won't move vlewis181@​gmail is my email address