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Sewing The Various Built-in Decorative Patterns; Sewing Beautiful Patterns; Sewing Patterns - Brother Sewing Machines Operation Manual

Computerized sewing machine.
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Sewing the Various Built-In Decorative Patterns

Satin stitches, cross-stitches and decorative satin stitches can be sewn. All are sewn with monogramming
foot "N".

Sewing beautiful patterns

In order to sew the patterns correctly, the following
must be considered.
■ Fabric
Before sewing stretch or thin fabrics or fabrics
with a coarse weave, affix the optional stabilizer
material to the wrong side of the fabric or place a
thin sheet of paper, such as tracing paper, under
the fabric. Since material puckering or bunched
stitches may occur when satin stitches are sewn,
be sure to affix stabilizer material to the fabric.
■ Needles and threads
When sewing thin, medium weight or stretch
fabrics, use the ball point needle. When sewing
thick fabrics, use a 90/14 home sewing machine
needle. In addition, #50-#60 thread should be
■ Trial sewing
Depending on the type and thickness of the fabric
being sewn and whether or not stabilizer material
is used, the desired result may not be achieved.
Be sure to sew a trial piece of fabric before
sewing your project. In addition, while sewing, be
sure to guide the fabric with your hands in order
to prevent the fabric from slipping.

Sewing patterns

Turn on the sewing machine.
Select a stitch.
• For details, refer to steps
"Selecting stitching" (page 67).
Attach monogramming foot "N".
• For details, refer to "Replacing the presser
foot" (page 41).
Start sewing.
• The stitching is sewn in the direction
indicated by the arrow.
Sew reinforcement stitches.
When sewing with a character stitch,
reinforcement stitches are automatically sewn
after each character.
• When sewing a pattern with a stitch other
than a character stitch, it is useful to first set
the automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching
setting. For details, refer to "Automatically
sewing reverse/reinforcement stitches" (page
When you are finished sewing, use scissors to
trim off any excess threads at the beginning of
the stitching and between the patterns.


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