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Operation; Loading Your Laundry; Loading Detergent - Haier HWT07AN1 User Manual

Top load full-automatic washing machine
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Loading your laundry

Before washing, please make sure that the water level covers the clothes. Adjust
the number of clothes according to the actual situation. The clothes load should
not exceed the height of the metal drum surface.
Usage of detergent
Liquid tray
Washing powder
Softener inlet
before using powder detergent, please remove
"blue" liquid tray which serve only for liquid detergent.
How to use liquid detergent
Before washing, put the detergent liquid into the
detergent tray, situated on the left hand side of the
drawer, as per the figure above.
The usage and dosage of the detergent should be
as per the manufacturer's instructions.
How to use softener
The usage and dosage of the softener should be
as per the manufacturer's instructions.
Before washing put the softener into the softener
inlet tray. See the above figure. The softener will
be dispensed during the last rinse cycle.
Do not leave softener in the softener tray for a long
time before washing or it could solidify and not
dispense correctly.
The rated washing capacity refers to the largest dry
weight of a load that can be washed.
The thickness, size and type of clothes will influence
the actual capacity.
Do not select more than water level "Mid" for clothes
less than 2.0kg, to avoid splashing of water.
It is recommended that low suds/high efficiency
washing powder is used.
How to use washing powder
Remove the blue liquid tray and place the powder
detergent directly into the detergent cavity.
If you select "Express" program, it is recommended
to use liquid detergent instead of washing powder
to ensure the most effective wash results.
Old or poor quality washing powder may causing
caking in detergent dispenser.
Clean the detergent box periodically to ensure
washing power is evenly distributed and remove
any detergent build up.



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